Is it still worth it? #1

So many of you remind me of products that I used to use and recommended to you back in the DAYYYSS 

I think with the revival of this blog I'd like to have some space for a little fun. I want to try some of the products I used to swear by and see how they hold up today. Would I still ride for them? Or are they better left buried in the past? 

I wanted to kick today off with the ultimate throwback. There is no way you watched any of my old videos or read any of my blogposts without at least hearing me mention this product ONCE. I say that because I was obsessed I literally would travel the world and stock up on them in every shade - Have you guessed it? 

THE SEPHORA CREAM LIP STAIN (Had to use the capitals for dramatics)

Can we just talk about the fact that this product was so unique at the time, hardly any brands had jumped on the liquid lipstick hype. I actually think I need to go through the blog archives to see when I first discovered this.

At the time it was such a fantastic product, it was highly pigmented, it wasn't drying and I also loved the applicator which was firm and offered precision. 

So here we are 2023.. Sephora has finally made it back to the UK so now if you like what you hear at least you don't have to travel across seas (UK peeps). 

I have been legit playing Doja Cat - Paint the town RED on repeat for days now, because of that I wanted to rock a red lip. It's been a LONG time since I've been brave enough to wear red, maybe it's an age thing or a confidence thing but honestly as soon as I put this on my energy completely changed. It made me remember the fierceness a red lip can add to your life - Ok extreme but you catch my drift. 

Sephora Cream Lipstain in 01 

It's a lot brighter than I remember but everything else did NOT disappoint. Highly pigmented, extremely comfortable and incredibly long wearing. I am tanned at the moment so the red wasn't giving to deepen the lip I added another old favourite MAC Nightmoth lip liner. This combo was one I used to rock a lot in the darker/colder days. 

I have to say - Fully approved, totally worth it, 10/10 - would recommend. Even all these years later, I absolutely love this product. 

Did any of you try this when I initially discovered them? Would you try this now or do you think there's too much competition with liquid lipsticks?

If there are any products you bought back in the days because I encouraged you please let me know in the comments. 

You can check it out HERE