How journalling truly changed my life

I'm sure you've hear it all before (Sunshine Anderson Style).. 

but routine and creating habits have a profound impact on improving your mental health. 

I'm no professional although if there was such thing, as a 'self taught psychologist' that's me - I've read just about every self development book, tried every method of processing trauma and pretty much feel like a veteran at healing at this point. However this does not change the fact that I live with depression, anxiety and ADHD - therefore no two days are the same. Ever. 

There's been times in my life when I've had better routine and others not so much. There are certain practices that I try to incorporate into my daily routine in order to allow my day to start off in the best possible way. 

Insert journaling. 

The most intimidating, terrifying, eye opening, growth enabling practice in my life. 

Now I'm not saying this will work for everyone, we all work and process in different ways. However I urge everyone to try it. My friends, family and followers. 

(FYI I hate the word followers because TRUST me I don't know the way! I'm as clueless as any other mid 30 year old trying to navigate their way through this battlefield that is life - We've definitely been sold a dream, or should I say nightmare!) Anyways off topic (That happens a lot btw, it's the ADHD in me)

Journalling allows me to release all the thoughts that create chaos in my mind, I'm a chronic over thinker so what I find best is allowing myself to write freely - Every morning I try to complete 3 pages. I literally put pen to paper and release whatever I need to. 

Important things to consider 

- You are more than your thoughts 

- Not all of your thoughts are valid 

- If you're struggling to write, don't quit literally write anything until your pages are full 

Tips for journalling 

- Buy yourself a pretty notebook and a good pen, trust me finding your flow can come down to tools. 

- Set time aside and create a safe space - There's something about romanticising the process that makes it all the more rewarding. Allow yourself adequate time, self care is priority so incorporating journal into your day is very important. 

- Give yourself a limit, I could write for pages and pages. However when it comes to releasing thoughts in order not to overly ruminate I give myself 3 pages. I got this idea from the book 'The Artist's Way' it's the one thing that has stuck with me from it. 

- It can get quite dark in my 3 pages, not always but sometimes - Therefore I always end with a page of gratitude and a page of affirmations. This shift in energy can honestly transform the trajectory of my day. 


- The reason I like to start my day with journalling is because it clears the energy and stops me ruminating thoughts I've woken up to. Most of the time it feels like lifting a load, removing it and clearing all the space around it. 

- The self awareness and discovery through the art of journalling is paramount to personal growth. I have had some incredible moments where things have just clicked, as if I had finally found the missing piece to the puzzle.

- The whole experience allows you to further embrace self love and self worth - something that's increasingly difficult, whether you suffer with mental health or not. 

Give it a try, you may just surprise yourself..I'll delve deeper into journalling again and possible offer some prompts that can help your expansion

 Good luck, sending you good vibes and healing energy