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Don't be fooled by the name - A misconception of beauty but the reality of my online sanctuary. Much love for the magical moments, makeup and mayhem! Often a jewellery jangling jet setter in search of hidden treasures along my travels. A complete product junkie with a little too much love for lipstick. Follow me through my love of life, beauty, photography and travel.

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All photographs prior to 12/3/2012 have been taken with a Nikon D3000 with 18-55 mm lens and a 1.8 50 mm lens.

All photographs after the 12/3/2012 have been taken with a Canon 600D 18-55mm lens and  a 1.8 50 mm lens. 

I have also use a Pentax Q7 to take photographs as well as a Panasonic Lumix XS1. If used I do state, otherwise the majority are taken with my Canon 600D. 

I often take photographs with my iPhone 4S, these pictures are predominantly used on Instagram. 

I take great pride in my photography, should you wish to publish my images elsewhere please contact me. 
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