It's near impossible to find a product that truly tames my unruly brows 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, your girl is hairy and my brows definitely don't like to co-operate. The hairs grow in different directions, some of which are super straight and others end up curling so far down I swear I can see them in my eyesight. 

I also have naturally very dark hairs so that lamination look is definitely more favourable for breaking up the bulk of my brows. I've tried a lot of these brow glues/gels on the market that aim to give you that feathery, undone look however we don't get on. 

That was until I discovered The Beauty Crop - BFF Brow. Let me clarify, I was looking for a product with a spooky applicator not a pot/brush situ. I used to use the NYX Brow Glue but it almost, always gave my brows that white flakey finish. As my brows are so dark it becomes even more noticeable. This brow gel has literally been a god send, it dries down fast but gives you enough time to manipulate your brows without them sticking too soon. 

I've definitely enjoyed discovering smaller, more independent beauty brands recently and this is my second holy grail product from The Beauty Crop

You can check out this brow product HERE