The icing on the cake


You know that final piece of the puzzle..

This is it! 

Another absolute gem that I have TikTok to thank. TBH Made by Mitchell in general is a brand that I have fallen in love with this year. It's a make up artists dream - high pigment, innovative formulas and best of all it's really affordable (especially if you bag a deal on TikTok shop).

I'll get more into MBM in another post today I wanted to talk about Blursh lights in the ever iconic 'DRIP DRIP'. This dazzle on this is otherworldly and if there's one product I urge you to try it HAS to be this. It's the easiest way to elevate your eye make up. 

I didn't think I would love this product as much as I do - it's silver and let's face it I'm through and through a gold girl. However it's so multi dimensional that when it's on the eyes that it really is the finishing touch you've been missing. 

The consistency is fluid but it dries down matte and stays put. I like to take a bit of this on the back of my hand and use a fluffy brush to distribute this on the centre of my eyelids. 

It truly is such a pretty product and it's always sold out - so if you can get your hands on it, I urge you to. He's just launched it in a large size. 

You can check it out HERE

This is going to be a staple in your make up bag when it gets to the festive season