Hello, AGAIN!


I'm not going to apologise because then, it's as if I've done something wrong 

I can't explain my absence or my lack of updates on this site even though I once again had every intention to make a comeback. My last post was written in Mauritius where I'd just undergone emergency surgery and really it put a lot of life into perspective.Since then I've had numerous health complications and life's really slowed down for me.  

In my defence I have been more active on creating reels and documenting my GRWMs over on Instagram. However there is this something missing, I mean there's always something missing and my love for writing is definitely up there. Also there's so much more to me than make up and the latest beauty product I'm trying/buying. 

So here we are round two, three, four - I forget. 

If you're new here HI - Let this be an introduction to your 30-something year old friend, we keep things real over here. Make up, mental health and whatever other lifestyle content tickles my fancy at any given time. 

Full disclaimer - I have ADHD so things may get a little hectic round here. 

FYI I definitely have pre scheduled a fair few posts so that I don't leave you hanging like last time. 

Speak Soon