Thoughts on MAC’s latest lip product

You know your girl isn’t well when she’s had a new lip product sitting in the box unopened for the last two weeks.

I picked up the MAC ‘Locked Kiss Ink’ in duty free on my way to Mauritius. (Oh yeh! I’m coming at your from Mauritius but this post isn’t about that it’s about a new drop from MAC)

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about a MAC launch and to be honest, other than my holy grails - I haven’t really purchased much from them in ages. I can’t believe I’m about to say this and my 19 year old self wouldn’t believe it but I’m a little underwhelmed with MAC and I have been for a minute - this is coming from someone who would queue outside the MAC store when they used to drop their iconic collaborations. 

Anyways let’s break down this product - a non transferable, liquid lipstick - nothing really, very ground breaking. However every time I fly it’s tradition to pick up a lipstick and this just happened to be the one I chose. I paid about £24 and they retail for £28 which in my opinion is way too steep for a lip product that so many other brands have mastered at a fraction of the price. 

My lips are always dry but that doesn’t change my love for a matte lip. I bought the colour ‘Bodacious’ and teamed it with a standard brown lip liner. It’s described as a ‘Deep Tone Beige’ but on me it leans more to the pink side of the spectrum. 

It’s packed with coconut oil, passion fruit oil and shea butter. The formula is comfortable to wear and feels light on the lips. I didn’t find it particularly hydration nor overly drying. 

I like it but I wasn’t blown away with it. What are your thoughts on MAC in this day and age? If I’m fully honest in my day to day make up routine the only thing I probably still use from MAC are their MSF and Blushers. 

What about you? Will you be checking these out?