Coeur Fou

Did you know I started my own jewellery brand last year?

Coeur Fou was born out of pure love, for literally adorning my ears and accessorising to brighten up my darkest of days. Jewellery has always been such a crucial part of my appearance. On days where I don't feel my best, my jewellery is the only thing that doesn't let me down, it genuinely brings me joy and its a symbol of journey. I’ve travelled the world, fallen in and out of love, suffered with crippling mental health and felt so broken that I've had to literally rebuild, realign and reinvent myself. One thing that's remained consistent for me, is my jewellery. Sometimes armour, sometimes ornament, Coeur Fou is all about finding the pieces that speak to you and tell your story.

Elevate. Express. Empower 

Is my motto 

The things people don't tell you about starting a small business.. 

It's HARD work - I did everything for my brand myself. The photography, the text, the website, the stock, the packaging, the posting, the social media, the content. 

It can cause a lot of anxiety but the highs will always out run the lows. In March it will be a year and I'm so grateful for all the love and support I've received. 

My advice to anyone thinking of starting, anything - Just do it. You'll only regret the things you didn't do when you look back. What's the worst that can happen? You fail - And what, at least you tried. That requires so much more courage and I'll be here cheering you on. 

If you want to follow my brand on Instagram its @_coeurfou and you check out the website HERE

If you're reading this here's 10% off to say thank you - MERCI10 

Lots of Love