Pink powder for the WIN

If there's been one significant difference in my make up routine over the last few months it has to be this.. 

Some of my OG's (I'm talking circa 2009) may remember that I went through a phase of setting my make up with a pink powder - At the time the powder in question was Benefit's Dandelion - what a throwback.

I will be the first to admit I am highly influenced by TikTok and that is where I first discovered this powder. It's the Vitamin Babe Setting powder by The Beauty Crop - The product itself is comparable to some of my high end loose powders. It's finely milled but just the right amount, it applies beautifully to the skin and best of all it doesn't break the bank. I'm all for splurging on beauty products however some of the price increases over the last 10 years are crazy. 

Despite the powder being a good all rounder the thing that makes this product stand out is the colour. It is the perfect pink, now here's why you need a pink powder in your make up routine - it brightens, counteracts darkness and gives the under eye area a soft focus finish. Also it's brown girl friendly (Very important!)

I have tried using translucent or yellow based powders since discovering this one but honestly it's the only loose powder I find myself gravitating toward. 

I don't own Huda Beauty's Cherry Blossom powder, however I have seen how similar this product is on various comparison videos. I do own the HB powder in 'Pound Cake' and consistency wise they are very similar one thing I prefer about the Vitamin Babe Powder is there is minimal scent which is great as it doesn't irritate the eye area as the HB can sometimes do. 

Anyways all of this to say, I NEED you to try a pink powder and thank me later!

You can check out The Beauty Crop HERE