Read this if.. You're too hard on yourself

It has taken me my whole adult life to finally understand what it feels like to be captivated by a book.. 

Prior to 2022 I was unable to finish anything I started to read - It was only when I delved into 'self help' and 'psychology' books that I truly felt like I wasn't able to stop. I've always vocalised my struggles with mental health and how debilitating it has left me feeling. Reading however, has given me greater knowledge, courage and strength to accept the challenges I face on a daily basis. For me it's been rewarding, finding a genre that is very much relatable. 

The book that really changed this for me was - The Mountain is You by Bianca Wiest. 

This was truly transforming and I think it's an incredible read for anyone and everyone, especially as we start a new year. I know too often we self sabotage and we use resistance as a form of protection but in actual fact it's more dangerous than we believe. This book was about finding courage to be unapolagaetically and authentically yourself. It was about taking the risk, feeling the fear and doing it anyway. It actually pushed me to start my jewellery business - Coeur Fou. I really find the way Wiest writes so easy to comprehend, she explains things so simply yet incredibly effectively. It's been over a year since I've picked up this book 

Last year I read 22 complete books and made it halfway through another 8. It's 2023 and I've had a really tough end of the year and start of this year. I've had a few health complications that have left me feeling anxious about the future. I have found great comfort in picking up a book again and within the last two weeks I've nearly finished 2. I would have never thought I'd be someone to stick to reading, my ADHD AKA chaotic mind makes it difficult to focus on and see things through. 

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Sending you lots of love, light and healing for 2023