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It's been ages since I've worn a dark, deep nail polish - That all changed when this gorgeous nail colour from Orly landed on my desk. 

Smoked Out!

It's been ages since I've worn a dark, deep nail polish - That all changed when this  gorgeous  nail colour from Orly landed ...


Last night when I was cleansing my face at ridiculous o'clock it dawned on me that I have a selection of cleansers I use depending on the situation - So I've compiled a list of my current cleansers!

A girl's guide to cleansing!


It's no secret that I have much love for all things French and it was only when I was closer examining my daily routine that I realised a lot of the products I am currently using happen to be French. I present to you, my French Fancies - The Autumn Edition! 

French Fancies - The Autumn Edition

h1 copy

For as long as I can remember Halloween has been one of my favourite times of the year - I love dressing up and being able to wear even more make up than usual! Last week I went to Daily Mix's #AsDarknessFalls Halloween party, I had such a great night and I decided to recreate my make up look in a video tutorial.

#AsDarknessFalls Dark Kitty Tutorial


By Terry is one of my favourite high end make up brands, the skin care, the make up and the combination of two -  I love how luxurious the products feel on the skin and I simply adore the scent of rose which is consistent throughout the line. 

Worth the splurge? By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Concealer


It's party season and I have so many occasions coming up where I need to break out of my all black ensembles and find a FROCK! (chances are it will still be black!)  

Finding a Frock with Forever Unique


NUXE is one of those brands, I have so much love for it's simple, effective French skin care. I have a few favourites from the brand, one of which is of course the Reve de Miel Lip Balm

The Make Up Bag MUST HAVE!


For the first time this year it feels like Christmas is round the corner, why? Because MAC's 'Heirloom Mix' collection landed on my desk last week. 

SNEAK PEEK - MAC Heirloom Mix Holiday Collection


If you couldn't tell from my constant Tweets/ Instagram Posts referring to it - smoking Shisha is such a large part of my social life and it has been since I was in my late teens. 

Loving/Smoking - EShish!



It's been crazy busy since I got back from Dubai last week, I'm so glad it's Friday I can't wait for the weekend! Today I actually LOVED my make up, my face not so much but the general look is one of my fall favourites

#FridayFaceOff 25


Out of all of the things us women go through, the frustration of having to deal with facial and body hair shouldn't be one of them.. 

Philips Lumea Precision Plus Hair Removal System


As glamorous as it sounds, it's just the name of yet another, new mauve toned lipstick, it's my go-to Autumnal tone and I just can't get enough of it at the moment!

'Ce Soir' avec Chanel



I'm currently obsessed with these little pots from Illamasqua's 'Once' Collection - The Vintage Metallix have become a firm favourite of mine over the last month or so; Why I love them and why you need them is what I'm about to tell you! 

Current Eye Obsession


This is what I describe as an Emma enabled purchase!

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush..Or in this case just Kiss!



It seems that after my daily posting last week my MacBook decided it didn't like Dubai and died on me! Tragic but true. In the last few weeks I have gone from London to Paris, back to London and then to Dubai - I have travelled by train and plane and my skin has gone completely NUTS

The Skin Saviour - Sisley's Black Rose Mask


Food, sites and a few parties.. it's 3days in 3minutes of my recent trip to PARIS - Follow me and my GoPro around my favourite city! Be sure to check out my YouTube channel for video updates.

Lots of Love

PARIS - 3 Days in 3 Minutes!



There's something about understated nails that I'm loving so much right now. My current Autumn pick has to be Rococo's Artful

Autumnal Nails with Rococo's Artful



You know you got #issues when you spend 45 minutes choosing a lipstick. That's exactly what happened to me when I took in my empty containers to the MAC store and had to pick two lipsticks. 

Back to MAC'ing!


What's better than new shoes and being at one of your favourite places in the world?  Le Louvre is definitely my happy place, I love it at night it's just so magical  capturing Paris in it's full beauty.

Loving/Wearing - New Shoes at Le Louvre



Little bit of a #FRIDAYFACEOFFFLOP this was actually meant to go up last Friday, but it never happened OOPS! So as I'm currently sat in Dubai with no camera, I figured I would upload a late one. I created this make up look to celebrate the beginning of Autumn and wore it in my recent 'Favourites Video'. I got so many comments about the make up I was wearing so I figured it was only right I shared, I also filmed a tutorial for this look so you can expect to see that on my channel soon. 

#FridayFaceOff 24



Excitement is an understatement and that is exactly what I felt when this package landed on my desk. What better way to celebrate Halloween than with the MAC x The Rocky Horor Picture Show collection! I love Halloween it's my favourite holiday of the year, I love everything about it and of course any excuse to wear vampy make up - I'm down! 

SNEAK PEEK - MAC x The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Apologies it's been a while, I've been on the go - When I say on the go I mean in the last week I've gone from London - Paris - London and now I'm currently sat in Dubai, it's the 2nd of October but couldn't feel more like the peak of Summer. Anyways enough of that let's recap on September's favourites! 

September Favourites - The Low Down & The Video

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