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As I write this I'm sat in one of the most comfortable hotel beds I have ever slept in, here in the not so sunny Barcelona (Tragic!). Nevertheless I am sure many of you know by now that I have real difficulty sleeping, over the last year or so I have been using the body and linen mist from Rituals and it's a complete God send - My bed has never been as inviting as when I use these. They have since, become an everyday essential. 

Everyday Essentials #9 - Rituals Bed & Body Mists

As I write this I'm sat in one of the most comfortable hotel beds I have ever slept in, here in the not so sunny Barcelona (Tragi...


For the longest time I can remember I've been obsessed with laced up heels, I don't know what it is about them - I just love them. I picked these booties up from H&M this week, they were such a bargain at £24.99.

Loving/Wearing - Laced Up Booties



It's been a crazy week for me, the kind where I've been so busy I find myself scheduling in sleep - seriously! Apologies for the extremely late upload on this weeks #FridayFaceOff it was one of those days where everything went wrong and a one point I crawled back in to bed attempting to start the day all over again, no lie. I did manage to make myself feel a little more human in the evening, I just went out with my fan for a pre Mothers Day dinner as I'm travelling this weekend. So this is the what I slapped on last minute! Oh and YES, I dyed my hair back to black! 

#FridayFaceOff 9



There's nothing I adore more than pretty pastel nail polishes, not only are they so visually pleasing but they look amazing on. The latest collection from L'Oreal has me going a little gaga! 

L'Oreal - Perfect Colour Riche Nail Polishes 'Les Blancs'


For those of you who use Seche Vite will probably understand why so many people have such a love/hate relationship with it. 

Seche Restore - Save Your Seche!



Let's talk Lip Stain I am somewhat critical when it comes to trying matte lip stains, if you are a frequent reader/viewer you will know for the last three years or so the Sephora Cream Lip Stains have well and truly held a strong place in my heart and it's hard for any other product to come close! When it comes to trying other brands and their versions I am forever comparing them to these, so when I heard Bourjois were soon to be launching a selection of lip stains I had to put them to the test. 

Bourjois - Rouge Edition Velvet



It's so refreshing to finally see a brand brave it and release a bold, bright collection of incredibly pigmented eye shadows. I was a little mesmerised when this landed on my desk last week, I instantly shied away but then I remembered this is exactly what I love about make up. The ability to create, fresh, fun looks and to experiment with my own creativity. 

Urban Decay - Electric Pressed Pigment Palette


It's rare that I buy the same mascara twice, I mean it happens but NOT often! I'm always looking for the next best thing - bigger & better with the perfect balance of lengthening/volumising. I actually can't remember the last time I repurchased a mascara! A few weeks back however, I was flicking through random photos and came across a picture from last year. I couldn't believe how amazing my lashes looked, I was like DAMN what mascara was that! (Trust me I'm not one to blow my own trumpet but I really noticed how much my lashes stood out) - Luckily for me I had blogged all the details.. low and behold - GOSH's Boombastic Mascara

Everyday Essentials #8 - The Must Have Mascara


Sometimes all it takes is a good book and some fresh flowers to make you feel better.

Loving/Reading - 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff'



Finally Friday, it's been a long week and from today it's about to get a whole lot longer (In a good way though!). Spring has officially sprung on us and what better way to celebrate than with a bright, bold and pretty BAD ASS lippy! 

#FridayFaceOff 8


If you've been following my Spring Picks posts then you will already know about my love for some of these products. I wanted to feature the 'Best of the Bunch' in a video! Hope you guys enjoy, sometimes it's so much easier talking through products in a video. 

Lots of Love 

A Spring Make Up Bag Update The Video


Nothing screams Spring more than a bright, bold lipstick. You will know for years I have loved the Illamasqua lipsticks and their latest Glamore launch has me even more eager to rock strong, statement lips this season. 

Illamasqua - Glamore Lipstick Picks



When it gets to the weekends there's something about freshly baked goods that really gets me going! Last week I found a recipe for Raspberry Muffins and knew I had to make them. I try to live a clean diet for the majority of the week but I'll be the first to admit when it comes round to the weekend I find it hard to resist the odd sweet treat

Mouldy Makes - Raspberry Muffins


I'm a girl who loves her tools, give me the right brush and I can conquer the world. Jokes aside I do love me a good set of brushes and this latest collection from Crown Brush has me definitely won me over! 

Crown Brush Pro Brush Set



eBay have recently launched Collections a new, creative way to visually organise things you are loving. I've been shopping on eBay since my early teens which feels like forever ago now. I would add items to watch through my dad's account and sneakily get him to buy them for me. 

eBay Collections



Skin care is one of those things that forever changes with me, it's probably because there's always so much to try! I decided it was about time I gave you lot a run through on my current skin care routine. I've been requested to do this video for a while now and I thought I'd put it off for long enough. 

My Current Skin Care Routine - The Low Down & The Video



Let's talk about liner, actually let's talk about my LOVE for liner. I've been through the lot, different formulas, a multitude of brands and even a questionable selection of colours! Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite BLACK eyeliners that I've grown to love, whatever kind of liner you prefer, I've narrowed it down to my favourites. 

Everyday Essentials #7 - Lots of Liner!



It's a SUPER Sunny Saturday in London, to be fair it has been all week - I've loved being able to rock the sunglasses in this sunshines. I seem to have a slight obsession with sunglasses and while my collection is forever growing, I have been loving one pair a little more than the others. 

Loving/Wearing - Fendi Sunglasses



Another fabulous week on the make up front, I have had so many new arrivals land on my desk that I feel slightly overwhelmed. I also went to a few events and got to celebrate the launches of some new products. My skin has been awful this last week, I suffered from an allergic reaction which left my skin looking and feeling terrible. 

#FridayFaceOff 7



I'm a firm believer in wearing whatever you want whenever you want, but there's something so much more fitting about rocking a bright, bold nail polish when the sun comes out to play. The last few days have been warm, sunny and it's had me reaching for more Spring appropriate tones!

Spring Picks - The Nail Files


I had to interrupt my Spring picks post to bring you the exciting news that one of my favourite US brands Tarte, is launching in the UK exclusively to QVC at the end of this month. 

QVC Brings Tarte Cosmetics to UK Soil



There's nothing like an uplifting scent to change your mood for the better, brighter days. When it comes to Spring I love being spritzed in fresh, light, floral tones. Here's my current line up.

Spring Picks - Scents


As mentioned the second Monday of each month, I wanted to write a motivational style post. There are many reasons why but the most important is because of the positive feedback I have received, since gradually introducing these kind of posts on MF. Today I wanted to keep it lighthearted but still relevant and focusing on an important factor to my overall motivation - Music.

Mouldy's Motivational Monday - My Workout Playlist


Finding the right face mask can often be tricky, we are all so specific with our skin care preferences and our expectations of them. While some people see masks as a special treat to me they are an essential in my skin care routine, I try to incorporate them in to my routine once or twice or week. Whether it be to exfoliate, brighten or simply add hydration to my skin I currently feel as if I've got a good selection of face masks on my side that I'm loving right now

Everyday Essentials #6 - Mighty Masks



The best kind of presents are those that are TO YOU, FROM YOU - I mean let's face it, there's no room to get it wrong! 

Loving/Wearing - Timberland Boots


I know I'm not the only one that walks in to Boots/Superdrug for one thing and end up leaving with bags full of unnecessary, but somehow necessary items! If you want to see what I picked up on my latest trip to the drug store check out the video. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for updated videos.

What have you picked up lately? Always open to suggestions.

Lots of Love

A Drug Store Haul - The Video


I've definitely got that Friday Feeling - London has such an amazing vibe when the sun is shining! It's set to be a gorgeous weekend and I'm more than ready for it. It's been a busy week that's ending on such a high, I'm in such a great mood! I hope you guys have had a fab week too! I decided to celebrate the glorious weather of the week by fishing out some of my favourites for the transition of seasons.  

#FridayFaceOff 6



Lips have to be my favourite category when it comes to make up and it's probably the product I will (without a doubt) change on a daily basis. I am super excited to bring out the brights this season, I've been wearing such deep and dark colours for what seems like forever - I'm more than ready for a change! 

Spring Picks - Lips



It's a Spring Thing, I feel happier, I have more energy, I'm feeling positive - It's definitely a Spring Thing! The last few days of sunshine have made me feel alive! Today I thought what better way to get ready for for the lighter, brighter days than with a Spring clean. By Spring clean (of course) I mean an update of my make up bag! I must a admit I will be sad to say goodbye to the burgundy's and berries that I have loved so much this Winter, but I can't wait to welcome the bright corals, flirty fuchsias and the pretty pinks. Today I have a selection of my CHEEK picks, there's definitely something for everyone! 

Spring Picks - Blushers



Let me be the first to tell you Mouldy ain't NO Masterchef - In actual fact, FAR from it! The last year or so, since embarking on a cleanER diet I really have enjoyed making meals and preparing my own food - I like the idea of knowing exactly what I'm eating! Today being Shrove Tuesday I wanted to join in on all the foody fun, so I found this recipe from The Detox Kitchen 'A Guilt-free, gluten free recipe to perfect pancakes' - YES PLEASE! I have to say for MOI I'm pretty happy with the way in which they turned out! 

MouldyMakes - Guilt-Free, Gluten-Free Pancakes!



Another month comes to an end and March is upon us! I'm really excited because it finally feels like Spring is coming. I found many favourites in the month of February, I feel like there was a lot of new product launches in preparation for brighter days and I must say I welcomed them with open arms. I also changed my hair so I found new products which I've really enjoyed using! 

February Favourites - The Low Down & The Video


Bronzer never used to be an essential in my make up bag - Being kinda naturally bronzed I didn't think I needed it. Fast forward a few years, it's now a product I can't live without and will always be a staple in my everyday make up routine. I've realised how effective using bronzer is to shape my face and I love the extra warmth - It's ALL about that golden glow! I wanted to share some of my favourites and these are ones I've found that work particularly well with darker skin tones. 

Everyday Essentials #5 - Best of Bronzers



You know there's more to me than my love for make up and I want to be able to share them with you on MouldyFruit. Whether this becomes a frequent thing or not I thought I might include the occasional Loving/Wearing post and today I wanted to share my absolute obsession with hats. 

Loving/Wearing - Hats

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