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Illamasqua have released an exclusive collection with Selfridges to celebrate International Season, so when these goodies landed on my desk I couldn't wait to give them a go, the campaign image is utterly stunning which made me even more eager to have a play! 

Illamasqua International Season Collection Exclusively to Selfridges

Illamasqua have released an exclusive collection with Selfridges to celebrate International Season, so when these goodies landed...


Hello my loves it's been another hectic week so much has been happening that I haven't had a minute to stop - There are so many exciting new launches and I've spent time playing with lots of these fabulous products. 

#FridayFaceOff 21


Another fragrance post so soon? But OH BOY this one deserved a bit of blog loving! Juicy Couture have released their latest addition to the Viva La Juicy family 'Gold Couture' and there was no doubt I'd be all over it!

Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy Gold Couture



Last week Rihanna took to Twitter to announce her second collaboration with MAC and Viva Glam. The campaign shots of her are utterly beautiful and the lipstick and lip glass are edgy, unique and differ from previous Viva Glam collaborations. 

SNEAK PEEK - MAC Rihanna Viva Glam 2


Another month and another stash of favourites! I was contemplating doing a recap on some of my favourites from the first half of this year. I am finding it hard to believe we are already in the second half of 2014 - eek time is flying! Nevertheless this is the lot I've been loving in July. 

July Favourites - The Low Down & The Video



Nothing like new MAC launches to get a girl hyped! I have lots to share with you but today I'm kicking things off with the long awaited, super exciting MAC collaboration with The Simpsons. In Celebration of The Simpsons 25th anniversary this collection is focused around Marge - it's fun, vibrant and I already love it! 

SNEAK PEEK - MAC x The Simpsons #MACandMarge



It's that time of the week and it's been ages since I've done a #FridayFaceOff - To be fair, since getting back from holiday my make up has been pretty standard and I guess todays face off is a variation of that. 

#FridayFaceOff 20



It's been a minute since I've done a fragrance post and these pretty pink bottles are my current favourites for Summer scents, some new, some firm favourites either way It's definitely smelling like Summer! 

Pink Perfume Picks!


So it's no secret I've been a little MIA lately if i'm honest I'm just not feeling too connected to blogging/vlogging at the moment. I've taken a little time out to live more in the real world and less online sitting behind my laptop. With that said I think it's always good to break and recharge -  I think as humans we put too much pressure on ourselves and we forget to live in the moment. Anyways irrelevant ramble aside..

Lots of Lippie Lovin!



Monsieur Louboutin has finally launched his long awaited beauty line and let's just say - C'est incroyable! 

Louboutin Beauté

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