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Check out my 2013 in photographs.. 

My 2013 in Photographs

Check out my 2013 in photographs.. 

As 2013 comes to a close end I wanted to write a post that was a little different to what I usually cover on Mouldyfruit. I would like to think that as much as this is predominantly a beauty blog, I am still able to share parts of my life with you all. I feel that once you put yourself online the way in which I have over the last four years it's important for me to give, share and hopefully inspire people as much as I can. I mean even if this post inspires one person I feel like I have somewhat successfully accomplished something. 

Saying Goodbye to 2013 and Hello to Happiness in 2014..


Hello my fellow fruits, I wanted to write this blogpost to wish all of my lovely readers a Merry Christmas - Whether you celebrate the holiday season or not it's a great time to be surrounded by family, friends & food! 

I haven't blogged in a while and whilst I intended on blogging everyday up to Christmas it didn't quite happen. To be honest I found myself writing for the sake of it and my blog is such a huge part of me that I never want it to be something I do 'Just because' I have a real passion for writing here on MouldyFruit but sometimes we need to disconnect to reconnect. It has been a great year for me, my blog and I know 2014 will be bigger and better! I want to thank you for your continued support, I appreciate you guys so much and I can't wait to embark on another year of blogging, hopefully still giving you guys the content you like to read! 


In these pictures I'm wearing Sephora's Color Lip Last  in 20 'Wanted Red'. I forgot how much I love their lipsticks, I always reach for thire lip stains and often forget about these but I must just say they are absolutely beautiful. The texture is creamy and hydrating, once they dry they stay put on the lips for hours. This colour is a gorgeous red and was definitely my pick for Christmas day - It's all about rocking red around the Christmas tree! 

Check it out HERE

Hope you have all ate well, laughed lots and had a day filled with love and appreciation.  

Also if any of you have suggestions on what you would like to see more of on MouldyFruit please let me know, I love hearing from you and with the new year round the corner I would love to know what you guys enjoy reading! 

Lots of Love

Merry Christmas, Sephora Color Lip Last & Mouldy Chat!


Today is the final look of Umberto Giannini's #7days7ways challenge and the last style 'Modern Up-do' was the look I had to recreate. To be honest this style reminds me of my 'not-so-cool' secondary school days - it was a style me and my girls would rock on a daily basis. I was eager to try this all these years later and hopefully pull it off a lot better than I used to. 

Umberto Giannini #7Days7Ways - Modern Up-Do


I blogged about my love for the Rimmel Colour Rush Balms a while back (See post HERE) My love for them has recently reached a whole new level when I discovered this amazing colour. 'The Redder the Better' is a gorgeous bright, fiery red and I absolutely adore it. I'm not quite sure what's happened to me but I seem to be slowly drifting to glossy bold lips colours? Say what!? YES I know. Don't get me wrong I ADORE matte lips but when it's so cold outside and my skin is so dry it's nice to wear colour but still feel as if my lips are hydrated. 

Lips of Xmas - Rimmel Colour Rush Balm 'The Redder the Better'


Today I am sharing with you 'Lotus Flower' a Topshop Lip Cream - I was recently sent some of these amazing lip products to try and me being a complete berry fan, I knew this would be the perfect one for my 12 Lips of Xmas. 


Lips of Xmas - Topshop Lip Cream 'Lotus Flower'


Look 6 of my #7days7ways challenge with Umberto Giannini, I bring you the 'Casual Bunch' a cool, effortless and easy to wear hair style. This is a great way to wear your hair, if you want something different but not too complicated to create. I also think this is great if you're having a bad hair day or if you're in-between washes - A little bit of 'Backcomb in a Bottle' and you're good to go. 

Umberto Giannini #7days7ways - Casual Bunch


Firstly I want to apologise as this post was meant to go up yesterday! So as I'm now running a day behind you guys can expect a post on Christmas day. That aside today I am bringing you INGLOT's lip paint in 62. I hadn't visited INGLOT in so   long, so when I came across the store in Times Sq, NYC it only felt right to pick up a few things and this was definitely my favourite!

Lips of Xmas - INGLOT Lip Paint 62


Thank you to everyone who entered my Essie Festive Fingertips giveaway! Sorry it's taken me ages to post the winner, it was selected using the random number generator. 

The winner is 

Cupcake Couture - Judean Hallier. 


Big thank you again to all of you that entered, hope you all have a fabulous Christmas. 

Lots of Love

ESSIE Festive Fingertips Winner!


Hollywood Siren was the fourth look of Umberto Giannini's #7Days7Ways challenge and this was by far my favourite. It was probably the hardest style to recreate but the final look was definitely worth it! It was super glam, sassy and very 1940's. I absolutely adored this look, it's perfect for trying out a short do for the day. 

Umberto Giannini #7Days7Ways - Hollywood Siren


Today is day two of my 12 lips of Christmas and I'm excited to bring you a new fabulous favourite of mine NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in 'Monte Carlo'. I had been wanting to try these Lip Creams for ages, so when I was in NYC I managed to pick a few up and this is definitely a WINNER! 

Lips of Xmas - NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Monte Carlo'


Rockabilly Glam was definitely the edgiest look out of the #7days7ways challenge, it was probably the look that was most out of my comfort zone. However, I did find this was surprisingly easy to recreate and was ideal to continue on from the Runway Ready look. With my hair already bouncing full of volume from the 'Backcomb in a Bottle' I had previously applied, I continued to style this Rock chick look by sleeking back the sides and texturising the tips.

Umberto Giannini #7Days7Ways - Rockabilly Glam


For the next 12 days, in the countdown to Christmas I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my latest lip obsessions - Ok so you know how much I LOVE my lip products and I really enjoyed my 'MAC Week of Reds' and my 'Best of Berry' blogposts that I thought this would be a great time for some more Lippie Loving! For Day 1 I bring to you Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation Extreme in 'Sheer Bare'. 

12 Lips of Xmas - Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme 'Sheer Bare'


I guess it's no surprise that the last of my Christmas gifts is none other than Juicy Coutures - Viva la juicy. For years this fragrance has been my signature scent and I mention it so frequently here on MF. 

Viva La Juicy Christmas Gift Set


As day 3 of my #7Days7Ways hair challenge with Umberto Giannini I bring you 'Runway Ready'. Let's just say 'Backcomb in a Bottle' was my BFF when it came to creating this look. This style definitely proves a little product and some serious backcombing can completely change the texture, volume and look of your hair. I never wear my hair pushed back so creating this was a lot of fun, it's a little out of my comfort zone but it's a style that definitely grew on me. 

Umberto Giannini #7Days7Ways - Runway Ready


November was generally a great month - It was my birthday and it always makes me appreciate my love for life. I also found a lot of love for lots of new products, most of which I purchased when in the States. It's always the fun part of travelling seeing what products I can find along my adventures and on this trip I found some real gems that made it into my favourites this month. For full product info be sure to open the video in YouTube

What have you guys been loving lately?

Lots of Love

November Favourites Video


For day 2 of my #7Days7Ways challenge with Umberto Giannini I recreated this 'Messy Boho' look. It's an easy to create, effortless to wear, chic hairstyle and is the perfect follow on from the 'Free Flowing Texture' look. 

Umberto Giannini #7Days7ways - Messy Boho


My love affair with NARS Sheer Glow was short lived and that's because the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation well and truly stole my heart. If you've seen my NYC haul video or my November favourites you will already know about how much I currently adore this foundation - If not I'm going to tell you why? right now!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation


Today I bring you the first of seven hair posts in collaboration with Umberto Giannini and their #7days7ways campaign. I was invited to recreate the 7 hair styles of Tali Lennox (the face of the campaign) using products from the Glam range by Umberto Giannini. Today I present to you 'Free Flowing Texture'.

Umberto Giannini #7Days7ways - Free Flowing Texture


I am probably the worst person when it comes to sleep! I have a terrible sleeping pattern and unfortunately I can function on minimal sleep which may sound like a good thing, but believe me it's not. More recently I have been finding it harder to sleep, I am still so jetlagged from NYC and I find myself falling asleep around 3am but still waking up at 7am. I decided it was time to give the thisworks - Deep Sleep Night Oil a go and i must say it's successfully sending me into sweet slumber.

ThisWorks - Deep Sleep Night Oil


Maybe she's born with it? 

I can't help but sing the Maybelline jingle as I type this post and then I seem to forget my words because all I can hear in my head is that. Song aside how fabulous is this festive offering from Maybelline. A selection of products that go hand in hand with one another and make perfect everyday essentials. I am so impressed with Christmas beauty gifts in general this year - The products are great, the colours are universal and most importantly the savings are great! 

Maybelline NY Fashion Look Box


Hey guys I wanted to upload this video to my blog, it's my latest HAUL. I picked up some cool bits in New York and wanted to share them with you. I also found loving for lots of new make up products, some of which are featured in this video. I love watching HAULS and seeing what people have purchased so hope you enjoy this one. 

For all my Breaking Bad fans how amazing is the 'Los Pollos Hermanos' T-Shirt I'm wearing in this video? I was sent it by and is available HERE. I love it, it's so iconic (As some of you will know!)

Also a big thank you to all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday on social media. It was an incredible weekend and will be a birthday I cherish forever, being in New York made it even more magical. 

Be sure to open in YouTube for more information and full product listing! 

Lots of Love

NYC/Birthday HAUL Video

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