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When it comes to mascaras I tend try and buy many of the drugstore brands. I always find with high end mascaras you spend X amount on them and they end up drying out within a few weeks. Over years there's only been one that I genuinely believe is worth the price - and that's the Chantecaille Faux Cils mascara.

Chantecaille - Faux Cils Longest Lash

When it comes to mascaras I tend try and buy many of the drugstore brands. I always find with high end mascaras you spend X amount on ...

I love sunglasses and I tend use any trip to somewhere remotely sunny as an excuse to purchase a new pair. This last week I have been here in Oman, soaking up the 42C rays of sunshine and I have to say it's amazing. Since last year I had my eyes on the round Prada Baroque sunglasses and I know just about everyone has them which was the main reason I resisted. I also found that the round frames, were just too big for my face shape and as much as I wanted them to work they didn't! SO this year I decided to give the Prada Baroque square's a chance and VOILA - I adore them!


Prada Baroque Square Sunglasses


When it comes to top coat, you guys probably know by now that Seche Vite is my favourite, event hough I have a love/hate relationship with it it still remains the best - BUT there's always room for another.

Nails inc - Kensington Caviar Top Coat

A while back I wrote a blog post about on a cool website I had discovered - It's a great  website that allows you to answer questions based on females you know and it generates a number of fab gifts from a variety of different price ranges. I've tried the ideas map with friends and family based on females they knew and the results have been pretty spot on, it's so accurate.

Untitled 8

AskHerFriends Blogger Panel - May Gift Guide!


You know me and eyeliner is like bread and butter - I can't live without it, I mean I don't wear it everyday but the days I don't wear it I feel as if I'm missing something! Over the years I've come to realise that my preference in eyeliner is definitely a gel. I love the consistency, the intensity and the control I have when applying with a brush. I have tried many gel liners and so I was pretty excited to try the new precision gel eyeliner from Illamasqua. I love how pigmented Illamasqua products are so I was really interested to see how this eyeliner would compare to some of my other favourites.

Illamasqua - Precision Gel Eyeliner


I decided to have a rummage through my collection of Mavala nail polishes and I was feeling so indecisive that  I posted a picture of a few choices on instagram. The majority of you voted for this colour 'Lemon Cream' and I'm so glad I painted my nails this. There's nothing like a lovely lemon to brighten up your day, I was attempting to get in the holiday mood with this colour and I have to say - it kind of worked.

Mavala - Lemon Cream

There used to be a day when bad boob jobs and overflowing lips would be enough to put any one off cosmetic surgery but today we live in a world where cosmetic surgery has become such a norm. I am not against surgery at all, I do believe it's the individuals choice at the end of the day. The only thing that would personally put me off would be the pain element and of course the after care. I've had friends who have gone through surgery and all the myths aren't as bad as people make out. I also have a cousin going through breast cancer and is considering cosmetic surgery once her treatment finishes. I thought this article from Transform Surgery would be helpful for those of you who may be considering it. 

Cosmetic surgery: The whole truth and nothing but the truth..

Cosmetic Surgery with Transform Clinic


I am such a huge Diptyque fan I adore their candles and their fragrances are phenomenal. I remember being in Paris and frequently walking into the Diptyque store on 34 Bvd St Germain just being overwhelmed by the beautiful smells around me. This Spring sees the launch of some really exciting new products from Diptyque.

Diptyque - Spring Launches


1. Pink Lips 2. MouldyFruit Vest coming soon! 3. #dancelikediversity 4. Ashley Banjo! 5. Hix 6. W Hotel London 7. Getting my hair did with Cloud Nine 8. Waves! 9. Michael Van Clarke salon 10. New short hair 11. Blue skies in Paris 12. With my LOVE Chloe 13. Audrey's beautiful balcony! 14. Breakfast stroll 15. Happy Place! 16. Camo 17. Juicy Sunday Quai Austerlitz 18. Illamasqua Corrupt 19. Glowing with Illamasqua 20. Breakfast with a view, Dubai! 21. Shisha at the Sofitel 22. Midnight on the Marina 23. Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi 24. Yellow 25. Off for Dinner 26. Hakkasan Abu Dhabi 27. Lazy Saturdays 28. Kisses with Roger 29. Ritz Carlton DIFC 30. Habibi Zubaida 31. Me and my girl 32. Sheeshing at Reem 33. One&Only The Palm 34. Dinner at 101 35. Dubai Skyline 36. The Jetty Lounge 37. Farrah Flick 38. Burj Khalifa 39. Shisha at Shades 40. Huda Lashes 41. Roger! 42. Lollipop LOVE! 43. Ne Iced coffee addiction 44. Bliss! 

It has been FOREVER since I've done an Instagram update! I don't know why? But my last one was all the way back at the end of March! So much has been happening since then. Life in London has been busy lately with events, friends and family! It's been good though I missed everyone when I was living in Paris so nice to be around some of my favourite people again! Talking of Paris I re-visited in April just to catch up with a few friends - it was Perfect. Had so much fun with Chloe, then Audrey and Co! I then came back to London for a day and then headed to Dubai. Dubai was beyond amazing me and Laura had so much fun, I honestly haven't laughed that much in ages. Also got to see my Habibi Zubaida, which was so good to catch up. The weather wasn't so great it was pretty overcast and humid but weather aside it was such a great holiday!

I love looking back at my Instagram pictures collectively and most importantly I love making memories that I can cherish for years.

How have you all been? What have you guys been up to? Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for daily updates @Mouldyfruit.

Lots of Love

Instagramming Part 27.. London, Paris & Dubai

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