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The Moroccanoil treatment oil was probably one of my favourite hair discoveries of 2012, what makes the range unique and effective is that the products contain Argan oil which helps rejuvenate and moisturise. I have been using the original Moroccanoil for quite some time and I noticed the improvements in my hair almost instantly.  There are many ways to use this product but I usually run a small amount through washed hair, pre styling and once dried, my hair is left feeling soft, smooth and looking shiny. Sometimes when I feel my hair needs deeper conditioning I apply a fair amount of the oil to dry hair and I leave it on overnight as an intensive treatment treatment. 

After the mass amount of emails and press releases I got about Moroccanoil over London fashion week I was eager to try more from the range and recently I have been using the 'Moisture Repair' shampoo. My hair is really dry at the moment, totally self inflicted as I'm avoiding the hairdressers! BUT this shampoo has really helped to restore hydration into my hair and is currently working wonders. Prior to this I was using a shampoo that helped with stimulating the hair follicle as I was loosing a fair bit of hair, since that has calmed down I'm now trying to maintain the condition and restore some goodness back into my hair and the Moroccanoil Repair shampoo is really helping me to do so! 

I adore the smell and the texture of these products and I know this won't be the last time I will be checking out the Moroccanoil range. Have any of you tried the Moroccanoil range? Do you love it as much as me?

Just to let you know I have teamed up with fabulous people at a one stop beauty website with a great selection of hair care, skin care and make up brands. They have kindly offered MouldyFruit readers a 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL HAIR CARE products on the site, so be sure to check them out. They stock all the major hair care brands such as Moroccanoil, Aveda, Kerastase, Redken and more! All you have to do is enter MOULDYFRUIT10 at checkout. Also they have FREE DELIVERY and FREE RETURNS how amazing!? The offer is valid for a month, so just in time for payday! Happy shopping honeys.. 

Lots of Love

Moroccanoil Haircare

The Moroccanoil treatment oil was probably one of my favourite hair discoveries of 2012, what makes the range unique and effective is ...

Hey loves, I was requested by a few people to do a video on some of my favourite beauty books. I feel like I have quite a good collection of beauty and fashion books so the ones I chose in this video are five of my favourites. As mentioned in the video some of these books are perfect for learning tips, tricks and techniques, whereas the others are visually beautiful and books that I find really inspiring just to flick through. There are times we can all get a little bit stuck in the same ol and even though we are lucky to have the WorldWideWeb which is full of endless images, there's something so nice about having a cup of tea and a flick through a gorgeous book. 

Books mentioned 
Jemma Kidd Make Up Secrets - LINK
Marie Claire Make Up - LINK 
Make Up Your Mind, Francois NARS - LINK 
Make Up is Art - LINK 
Alex Box by Rankin - LINK 

Also here's a picture of how I store my books, this is one of the parts of my room that inspires me. Beautiful books, Sexy Shoes and Heavenly Candles. 



Take a look at the video and have a peek into some of these books! What are your favourite beauty books? 
Best Beautiful Beauty Books - Haha what a mouthful!?

Lots of Love

Best Beautiful Beauty Books!


When I created MouldyFruit almost 4 years ago, I never thought the name would stick and grow with me as a person the way it has. It's so weird to think that people on the net and even some people in real life know me as MouldyFruit - I think that's kinda cool. i am all for customised products whether it be a necklace, a pair of sneakers or in this case an oversized, (in your face) vest! 


I was contacted by Tshirtprinting.Org to see if I wanted to receive a sample of a vest with a printed logo on it, to be honest I really didn't know what to send over. Then it dawned on me that, my lips with my MF necklace across them has somewhat become my logo. I mean it's practically my avatar for everything and even the face of my business card - So I thought why not! I had completely forgotten about it (as it arrived in the midst of fashion week madness!). So yesterday I came across it, applied some pink lipstick and I loved it. It's the kind of vest I would be drawn to regardless of who's lips they were, I think it's the contrast of colours - Pink & Black, my fave! 


I am so happy with the vest, I kind of don't want to take it off! I posted a few pics on Instagram and I had a few people interested in purchasing one, I even had a few of my guy mates ask me where there's were. I think I'm going to get a few made and see how it goes - Worse comes to worse all my friends and family will be wearing them - HAHA! 

I don't know if you guys know, well you might!? I haven't done a proper launch yet but I have opened an online store. It's filled with quirky, cutesy home accessories. I feel like I'm forever finding things that I want to share with you guys and who knows maybe some of you might like what I have on there so be sure to check it out HERE.


Oh and before you all ask the lipstick, Sephora lip stain - 6 Forever Fuchsia (Need I say more, my favourite lip products EVER) Check out my review HERE and it on the Sephora site HERE

What do you guys think of my MF vests? Would you wear one haha? Have you checked out my store!? 

Lots of Love

MouldyFruit & Me


A couple of weeks ago I was at my girl Tali's place and she had perfectly painted white nails, I knew I couldn't resist and had to get involved. I have always loved white on my nails, I know some people can't stand that tippex-esque look but me on the other hand - I adore it! I love the contrast of white with my skin tone and Essie's 'Blanc' is definitely the ONE! Now let's discuss white nail polish for a minute, I find it so difficult to find that perfect white polish that applies effortlessly  with minimal mess and streaks. From the whites I have used in the past I always find I have to apply one too many coats for it to at least look acceptable. 


I must admit I was so pleasantly surprised by this Essie polish, I think Essie have a great variety of colours but I never really get on with the consistency of them. This 'Blanc' on the other hand is perfection as far as white polishes go. I also used Tali's topcoat the Nails inc. Kensington gel coat and I was so impressed. I didn't think I would find anything that would come close to my beloved Seche Vite but I have to say this one is definitely one to try. 

Oh and lastly, this didn't chip for days! I was so impressed! Love it.. 

What have you been rocking lately?

Lots of Love 

Essie - Blanc


Today was a Pink Friday indeed, I headed down to Selfridges before the doors opened to Minaj's Barbz to check out the UK launch of her debut fragrance 'Pink Friday'. I have to (embarrislingy) admit that I am a little bit of a sucker for a celebrity fragrance and this is another one to add to the collection. Eccentric bottle aside, the fragrance itself is typically something I would wear. In some ways it reminds me very much of Juicy Couture's - Viva La Juicy, which I am sure some of you by now, know is my daily fragrance. Pink Friday is sweet, girly and berry infused but beautifully balanced with tones of musk and a hint of vanilla (which is always a winner for me). I  sprayed this scent on my wrist at 8.30 this morning, now as I write this after 6 pm and I can still smell the scent it's definitely lasted really well on my skin. 


Let's talk a little about the busty bottle, how could this be a Minaj fragrance without the famous pink wig! Couture by Minaj was an extra surprise for Nicki Minaj's UK fans which allows 30 lucky Barbz a day to receive a hand made costume to dress their Pink Friday bottles, these mini Minaj, collectable costumes are exclusive to Selfridges UK and the outfits change over the next four days! 

I must say dressing this bottle with the 'Duchess of Pink' outfit wasn't as easy as it looks, I did feel like a kid dressing her BARBIE doll! haha.. 
Will any of you be trying Pink Friday!? 

Pink Friday EDP is exclusive to Selfridges, check it out HERE

Lots of Love
Have a good weekend BARBZ

Nicki Minaj - The Couture Pink Friday Collection


Hello honeys, hope you guys are all well. I posted my Feb favourites video on YouTube and thought I'd upload it here in case you missed it. I can't believe we are halfway through March time is just flying! I didn't have that many products in this favourites video. I think I'm at the point where I am just enjoying using the products I have. For full info open in YouTube, I have also finally filmed my video on beauty books and that should hopefully be up by the weekend. 

ALSO to everyone who asked about this jumper it is now available HERE on the MaryJane website. 

Speak Soon 
Lots of Love

February Favourites Video


I've been meaning to have a play around with this new Illamasqua lipstick for a while now, but part of me was a little unsure about the colour, I thought maybe it was a little too light/bright for me. There was a time when I would pick up lipsticks like this and wear them without any hesitation in the world! Now I feel like the older I get the more sensible I become with make up. Anyways back to 'Immodest' a beautiful matte barbie pink, with a slight salmon tone to it. This lippy is part of the I'mPerfection collection which you may have read about HERE


I was in a bit of a girly mood on the weekend so I donned this lip with a pinky blusher and I have to say I really liked it. I applied the lipstick with a lip brush and it looked like the perfect powdery pink lip. I can imagine it looking great in the Summer with a tan. Bring it on the sunshine I say! 


I also wore a blusher I haven't in ages! MAC's 'Fleur Power' this used to be my daily blush and I forgot how much I adored it. I find it gives your cheeks that perfect pop of colour and I think it worked really well this lippy. 

Check out Immodest from the I'mPerfection collection HERE. Have any of you tried anything from the new Illamasqua collection?

Lots of Love

Illamasqua - Immodest

I am often asked about what I do to keep my nails healthy and I must admit my secret for the last few years has been something so simple yet so effective - Glass nail files. I only ever use them for a number of reasons. They are much better for your nails and help prevent chipping and breakage. Also they last forever, you don't need to replace glass nail files as they are etched permanently- Amazing! 


I'd been using one I picked up in a pharmacy in Dubai a few years ago, until I was sent over these gorgeous nail files by Design Glassware (Mont Bleu). I can't believe how pretty they are, bejewelled with Swarovski crystals and complete with a velvet protective sleeve these nail files are beautiful. I have no qualms with pulling out these fabulous files of my bag. 


What I love about Design Glassware's collection of nail files is that there are so many gorgeous colours and designs! 


I was also sent two foot files and I absolutely love them,  especially the pink one as the size is perfect and of course, it's pink! A foot file is another must have for keeping my feet soft, smooth and free from hard skin.


Check out Design Glassware by Mont Bleu HERE.

Do any of you use glass nail files? Aren't they just great!

Lots of Love 

Design Glassware by Mont Bleu


It's been a little minute since I've done a nail post and in particular an Inter'NAIL'tional post. For those of you who haven't seen these before then let me quickly fill you in. Last year I somehow won the whole Mavala nail polish collection - Crazy I know! (To see that post check it out HERE). I love Mavala nail polishes and quite a few of them were named after cities I've visited, so I decided to combine my love for travel with my addiction to nail polish. Click the tag 'InternNAILtional' for more of them! 



This week I decided to paint my nails this beautifully berry colour which is called aptly 'Milano' I thought it was well suited after recently visiting. The consistency of Mavala nail polishes are great as I've probably previously mentioned. The mini size is idea and the brush is perfect to fit your nail. I really love wearing burgundy nail polish when it's grey and rainy outside. 



I didn't get to see too much of Milan because the weather was terrible, it was FREEZING and snowing so much. I must admit the snow made visiting the Duomo cathedral that little more magical. I generally prefer other parts of Italy like Rome or Venice, Milan was nice but I didn't fall in love with the city the way I had expected to. I was only visiting for a few fashion week events and the Missoni show was one of them. It was amazing, the styling, the music, the double catwalk, the cool Italian crowd - AHHH! My pictures came out pretty terrible but here's a few! 






What colours are you girls rocking? Have any of you been to Milan? What did you think of it?

Lots of Love

Intern'NAIL'tional - Milano


1.Valentino Exhibition 2.Catwalk of Couture 3. Smiley 4. Feel good Fleurs 5. Mini iPad 6. Pink Prettiness 7. Darling Gizmo 8. Valentines Gift 9. LFW with the girls 10. LFW 11. StreetWalk LFW 12. Backstage at Ekaterina 13. Ekaterina LOVE! 14. Matching Miu 15.Blown Away 16. Flying to Milan 17. Italian Men! 18. Missoni Invite MFW 19. Orange! 20. Duomo, Milan 21. Milano 22. Snowing at Duomo 23. Missoni Show MFW 24. Waking up in PARIS! 25. Lunch in my favourite store 26.Opera par nuit 27. Dreamy 28. Love Bridge 29. Macaroons 30. Notre Dame 31. Inside Notre Dame 32. Partying in Paris with NYC on my mind 33. Post PFW Partying 34. Paris is my everything 35. Eiffel 38. Birdy Kids in Le Marais

Hello my loves haven't done an Instagram post in a little while so thought I would round up the last few hectic weeks of my life. I know I haven't updated as regular as usual - SORRY! Fashion week killed me, from London to Milan to Paris not that I'm complaining! London was great being backstage with The Body Shop and  I actually went to quite a few shows more than usual. I then flew to Milan for the weekend and went to the Missoni show which was just incredible, Italians really are impeccably dressed and they have so much suave. From Milan I flew to Paris and spent a few days hanging out with friends, I stayed with my darling Audrey. I had such a great time being back in the city I love so much. We even partied PFW style! Back now in miserable, grey, London! Let's hope the weather clears up this weekend. 

Have a good one! 

Lots of Love

Instagramming Part 26..London, Milan & Paris!

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