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Hello my loves, apologies for the lack of updates. I have been beyond busy with Fashion Week madness. I've gone from London, to Milan and now Paris! This LFW I was backstage with The Body Shop at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. Being backstage is always a mad rush but I love the energy and the creativity - It's so exciting. Instead of breaking down each show (Like I usually do) I just wanted to do a quick round up on the make up trends from some of the shows I was at. 

Runway Collectives 


I loved the make up from this show - The heavy eye make up was sultry, sexy and so perfect for Autumn/Winter. I loved the way in which the models were styled with lace head pieces which blended in so well with the smokey eyes. The skin was kept bare and the lips were blotted with berry lipstick focusing the product on the centre of the lips. 



In regards to the collection the fabrics were perfect, I loved the colour palette which consisted of browns, greys and black. I felt the whole collection was really wearable and I especially loved the chunky knit hoods. 


Nova Chui 


The make up for Nova Chui was minimalistic, natural but really highlighted the contours of the skin.The whole look was inspired by Native America and this was reflected in the hair which was sleek, straight and half tied lowly. 



Nova Chui was a really fun show to watch the collection was colourful, innovative and I adored the different textures used by the designer. 




The hair and make up for this show was a celebration of the bored, American housewife and the whole look screamed glamour - It was very Stepford wives! Of course no glamour is complete without a red lip and a winged liner - I loved it! The hair was volumous and over exaggerated by bejwelled hair rollers. 




I watched the Ekaterina show last season and I loved it so I was excited to see what the designer had in store for AW. This collection was an explosion of colours, prints and eccentric accessories. It was definitely my favourite show. 




Hope you enjoyed my LFW update, hope you are all well! 
Speak Soon 
Lots of Love

LFW Make Up Trends - Runway Collectives, Nova Chui & Ekaterina AW13

Hello my loves, apologies for the lack of updates. I have been beyond busy with Fashion Week madness. I've gone from London, to Milan ...

I love a new mascara and this latest one from GOSH is my current favourite. I had dinner with Shirley, Kavita and Sammi last week and I whipped out this bad boy, confessed my love for it and then couldn't stop singing Mr.Boombastic all evening! I mean what a name Boombastic!? but seriously this mascara is amazing!


I am not usually one who likes a plastic, comb kind of brush but I do love the way that this brush separates my lashes creating major volume. As well as volume this mascara also really lengthens my lashes, it's a great all rounder! Another thing I love about this mascara is how black it is, this is something so important when it comes to mascara for me - Need that FULL impact! 

Boombastic XXL Volume with one coat


Two coats


I am loving this mascara it almost looks as if I'm wearing flash lashes. I do generally have long lashes but I applied this on my cousin who has quite short, curled lashes and it was fabulous! If you are one for a full volume, faux lash effect mascara this is definitely one to check out. To me it's the high street YSL Shocking mascara equivalent! 


GOSH Boombastic XXL Volume mascara is available HERE. Have any of you tried this? I highly recommend it! 

Lots of Love



It's been a very long time since I actually revisited the subject of the No!No! hair removal kit and there are a number of reasons why. A lot of people have been asking me for an update and I figured it would only be fair to share my experiences. I first started using the No!No! about a year ago and I stopped using it about four months later. The No!No! 8800 machine uses Thermicon technology and is essentially meant be a pain free, long lasting hair removal solution. Yes it's not particularly pain free, but NO it's not long lasting - far from it. 

I was using the No!No! on my arms and my face and Initially I was impressed with the way it slowed down my hair growth, however as the weeks progressed I found my hair was growing back a lot coarser than before - very disheartening! I decided to take a break from using the No!No! and when I realised how badly using this machine had affected my hair growth I stopped using it all together. If I'm honest from my personal experience using the No!No! I wouldn't recommend it to anyone considering it.

As a result of my bad experience with the No!No! I have now begun to research professional laser hair removal (leave it to the professionals, I say!) and I have looked in to various different methods of hair removal. I am actually going to book a consultation with sk:n clinics and see what they suggest. 

Have any of you had laser hair removal before? What were the results like?

Lots of Love 

No!No! 8800 - Hair Removal Kit Update


Luxury shampoo that actually prevents hair loss? YES please! For a while now I have noticed my hair seems to be falling out a lot more than usual. This all started last Summer, when I bleached/ombred my hair and I begun to notice patches where my hair had thinned quite a considerable amount. This of course, is a little daunting - In your twenties and worrying about loosing hair. So when LA Science sent me over these products I was a little skeptical as to whether or not they would work, but I have to say it has definitely reduced the amount of fall out I was experiencing. The follicle stimulating shampoo is designed to increase blood flow to the scalp whilst conditioning the hair and follicles.The serum is a product that works in conjunction with the shampooo by encouraging growth and thickening the hair, this again nurtures the hair follicles. The serum is a daily intensive treatment and I have been using both of these products for around three weeks now, I noticed results after the second week, 

I really recommend checking out the range especially if you, like me are loosing hair. It can be a little disheartening and using these products has really re-encouraged growth, I'm feeling a little more confident about the current condition of my hair.

LA Science is available from Boots HERE

Lots of Love

LA Science - Anti Hair Loss Shampoo & Serum


Juicy Couture 'Viva La Juicy' is my signature scent, so when this beauty came in the post I knew it would be a good one! I must admit I don't think anything will replace my love for 'Viva La Juicy' but 'Couture La La' is such lovely, sweet scent for Spring. It's a feminine, floral and fruity fragrance, which is typically to my taste. The top notes are mandarin, green apple and red currant which are blended beautifully with the base note of musk. What I love most about the Juicy fragrances is that they are eau de parfum and they last so wonderfully on the skin. 

I love the pretty soft pink bottle and the rock jewels around the bottle, I can't wait for this to join my other Juicy bottles on my dresser. 

Just in time for Valentines day 'Couture La La' is available now, check it out HERE

Lots of La La Love 

Juicy Couture - Couture La La


My body is one of my main priorities at the moment, what with my current health kick so when I was sent this super toning body oil by balance Me. I knew it would be ideal. I'm such a huge fan of oil whether it's for my hair, my nails, my face or my body - I just love using them. I especially enjoy using oils on my body as I find they work more effectively at hydrating my skin. 

The super toning body oil is one of the cult products from balance Me. and was actually created by the co founder of the brand. I love the texture of this oil, it's lightweight and absorbs so well into the skin without leaving my body feeling greasy. The scent is beautiful and very invigorating some of the key ingredients are bergamot, geranium and lavender. The oil is made up from a combination of jojoba, macadamia and sweet almond oil all of which enrich the skin with vitamins and leave my skin glowing. I tend to use this oil as soon as I've had a shower after the gym, on one hand it relaxes my body and on the other the scent revives me as it's so uplifting. This oil also feels really firming on my body and it encourages circulation I use this all over paying special attention to my hips and thighs.  

I am definitely going to keep using this oil, as I adore the way it feels on my body! I also love how natural the balance Me. range is. The Super Toning body oil is available HERE

I have some other great products to share from the balance Me. range, so be sure to check back soon. 

Do you guys love oils as much as me? 

Lots of Love

balance Me. - Super Toning Body Oil


I'm on a total New Years health kick and I have to say it's going pretty well considering it's February and I'm still at it! I have realised how important health and fitness is to my general well being. I feel like I've come in to 2013 with a very different mindset and to be honest it's down to one person (a very inspiring and motivating friend of mine!) and I am so thankful to them for that. 

This post is generally about fitness and being more active, I will be doing another post on diet and eating habits soon. I've got myself in to a great routine at the gym and for the first time I'm really enjoying working out. I've been going 4 times a week and I think it's important to do a combination of different things to keep yourself motivated and enthusiastic. I usually do a Zumba class, a Boxing class, a cardio workout and then once a week I like to swim or do Aqua Aerobics. 


Cardio I find the most difficult to enjoy and to me it's a bit dull if I'm honest, but I've found working out with my bestie is fun we motivate each other and spend our time catching up whilst working out. If I'm alone I tend to take my iPad and instead of counting down the seconds, I end up getting lost in my favourite TV series! 

Nike Lunarswift Plus 4 


New things always get me motivated and nothing gets me geared for the gym like a new pair of kicks. I adore these Nike Lunarswift Plus 4 they are comfortable, have great support and of course look fab on! I find in particular the mesh material allows your feet to breathe, yet still keeps my feet feeling secure. I can't stress enough how important the right footwear is when working out and these Lunarswift are the perfect workout pair! I got mine from SimplySweat you can check them out HERE

They have a great collection of fitness products and what I love most is that there are many different outlets to SimplySweat, they have SimplySwim, SimplyHike, SimplyBeach and many more. They also have a great sale on at the moment, so why not bag yourself a few bargains. 


Polar FT4 

Another thing that has really got me motivated is my new pink Polar FT4 fitness watch, firstly it's PINK! I'm a complete girly girl - you know that right? So.. not only does it match my new Nikes but it's also a pretty way to monitor your workouts. The watch is so easy to use and allows you to keep track of your 10 most recent work out sessions. The FT4 monitors the duration of your sessions, your heart rate and calories burned etc. Target Zone is a feature which shows improvements in your fitness according to your heart rate - I love it!


I like being able to save the data and use that to keep myself on track. You have to wear a relatively thin transmitter strap just under your chest muscles, so for us women under the breasts and there's a connector that works in conjunction with the watch. Polar watches are widely available from fitness stores check out the FT4 HERE for more information. 


I know I will never be a size zero and to be honest I don't want that! I just want to be fit, healthy and feel comfortable in my own skin. I am currently loving exercise and my two new pink products have really got me geared up to get fit! 

Are any of you into fitness? Or trying to be more active? Would love to know what motivates you?
Speak soon, I'm running late for Zumba!
Lots of Love

Get Ready, Get Fit!


Following the success of Clinique's Chubby Sticks for lips they are now expanding the chubby family by releasing Chubby Stick shadow tint for eyes - These are honestly such EYE CANDY! They are fabulous, easy to use cream shadow sticks launching on February 15th. Last Thursday I headed down to the press event and got a chance to have a play with the new collection. I love the texture of the Chubby Sticks for eyes they are so smooth almost buttery and they glide on effortlessly with great colour pay off. There are 12 shades in the Chubby Stick shadow tint collection and they are all so wearable. I think these are a perfect product to pop in your make up bag - Ideal for that girl on the go! 


Chubby Sticks for eyes can be worn alone, mixed with other Chubby Sticks or even used as a base for eye shadow. I was sent away with two Chubby Stick shadow tints to try and also a big bag of sweets (which I resisted!). 'Massive Midnight' is a gorgeous deep navy which is so rich in colour and has a dark sparkle to it. The other colour 'Lavish Lilac' is a beautiful pewter colour with mauve undertones and a pretty silver shimmer. I think these colours both look gorgeous and I think they work well together - Great colour combo! 


Chubby Stick shadow tint for eyes are available on the 15th of February from

Will you be checking out Chubby Stick for eyes? Were you a fan of the original Chubby Stick for lips?!

Lots of Love

Clinique - Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes


1.A bit of a pattern 2. En route to Paris 3. Empty Eurostar 4.Oberkampf 5.Cafe Pouchkine 6. Galleries Lafayette 7. With my mama at Dali exhibition 8. Winter in Paris 9. Elephants 10. Frassy's Kitty 11. haberdashery shop in St Paul 12. Hotel de Ville 13. Paris 14. My darling Jasmine 15. La Fav 16. Galleries Lafayette exhibition 17. Merry go Round 18. Moi 19. Super Nicoise 20. Le Marais 21. FishKitty 22. Bisous 23. Pretty 24. Le Louvre 25. Home 26. Snow 27. Me n my Bro 28.Penhalligons 29. Nespresso 30. Fruit at Illamasqua 31. I'mperfection 32. Me and Muhsine 33. Instagramming 34. In the Illamasqua magazine 35. Clinique Chubby Eye event 36. Pinkberry with Muhsine 

Hello my loves, I hope you guys are all well!? Can you believe it's February already! Where has the last month gone? The month started in Paris but ended back in London. I had a great time being back in Paris and my mum came for a few days it was perfect! We went to exhibitions, spent the afternoons in coffee shops, went shopping and had fabulous dinners. I was in Paris for a few weeks but then had to come back home as a few things happened here and I couldn't bear to be away from my friends and family (I had some bad news) so I decided to move back. All is fine and I'm ok but I miss Paris terribly nevertheless I had a great time and can't wait to go back and see all my friends when I next get the chance to. One thing about me is that I always act on impulse and I'm glad because it has allowed me to see so much of this wonderful world. I had intended to stay in Paris much longer but it doesn't matter because the world really is so big and amazing that sitting still for me isn't an option. I feel like making the initial move to Paris has changed me and I learnt so much about myself, I kind of can't wait to do it again - somewhere warmer perhaps?

I am really looking forward to 2013, I think it's generally going to be a great year! 

Must dash I'm late for the gym, speak soon! 

Lots of Love

Instagramming Part 25..2013!

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