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Sometimes I can't help but feel like we over complicate things, I always think about this when it comes to my skin care regime - I often think at times going back to basics is just as good as the next fancy, new product on the market. For ages I've heard people in America go on about the Cetaphil cleanser and while pursuing the isles of Walgreens I decided to pick one up and see what all the fuss was about. I also heard that Pharrell swears by it - Damn if it's good enough for Mr.Williams it's sure as hell good enough for me. 

Cetaphil - Gentle Cleanser

Sometimes I can't help but feel like we over complicate things, I always think about this when it comes to my skin care regime - I...

If you are a regular reader/viewer, you will know by now that I love my curly, wavy, volumous hair. Growing up my hair was naturally curly, really curly - over the years it has sadly dropped out (I blame excessive straightening - we always want what we can't have!) now I'd say my hair is more wavy. On a daily basis I use hair straighteners to curl my hair or if it's a day I have more time I use a Babyliss curling wand. I recently had the chance to try the new Babyliss Curl Secret hair tool and I pretty much jumped at the chance. For those of you who don't about this hair tool, it really is a unique hair styling tool. I'd seen videos online of the Curl Secret and it looked so easy to achieve perfect bouncy curls and I was really eager to see if it was as easy as it looked. 

Babyliss - Curl Secret + Video Demo


I associate smells so strongly with certain moments in life, you know when you smell something and it takes you back to such a specific time and place. In all fairness I usually buy fragrances/body mists when travelling so that scent reminds me of that place. For years I have done this with the Victoria Secret Body Mists so this time when I was in New York I picked up a new one to associate with new memories. 

Victoria Secret - Pure Seduction Body Mist


Naturally one of my favourite parts of being in the States is shopping for cosmetics! I can't help it, I still find myself incorporating a trip to Sephora into my daily plans. I walk around, up and down every isle hoping to find something, somewhat unique and slightly unattainable in the UK - It's rare - trust me! So obviously I revert to Sephora's own collection, which in my opinion is totally underrated. The way I go on about some of their products you would believe I was endorsed by them - I'm not, I wish! 

Sephora - Cream Lip Stain 07 Dark Berry


Greetings from New York City! I just got back after spending a few days in Miami and in the short time I was away I must say I really missed the hustle and bustle of being here. Yesterday I headed down to Times Square to meet a friend from coffee naturally we popped into a few stores along the way and of course a make up purchase was inevitable.


For the first time in a long time I felt super excited by a new MAC launch - The Retro Matte collection. For someone like myself who adores a matte lip the whole collection is filled with gorgeous, bold, bright and staple lip colours.  To be fair a lot of the colours seemed quite similar to MAC lipsticks I already own, all except one - Relentlessly Red.

MAC - Relentlessly Red


It's hard to believe we are heading into Autumn/Winter -  As I write this I'm sat in NYC with the fan on and the window open, it's been unbelievably hot the last few days and I've pretty much lived in shorts and t shirts.. So to think of soon having to switch that for scarves and jumpers makes me kinda sad. Nevertheless one thing that will always excite me is what new offerings brands have with the change of season. 


I wanted to share some special additions to Sally Hansens salon manicure line. These are five of seven shades from the Runway Ready AW 13. These nail polishes are so fabulous and definitely the kind of colours I'd wear in A/W. 

Sally Hansen - Complete Salon Manicure AW13 Launches


Kevyn Aucoin is slowly becoming one of my favourite make up brands. I already absolutely adore the celestial highlighting powder in 'Candlelight' and I wear this product daily. If you've seen any of my make up tutorials you will see how gorgeous this looks on the skin. I recently purchased the Kevyn Aucoin celestial bronzing veil in Tropical Nights and this is another product from Kevyn that I have been using almost everyday. It's a gorgeous gradient bronzer and the shade transitions from a shimmery champagne colour into a deeper bronze - I kid you not it's AMAZING! 

Kevyn Aucoin - Celestial Bronzing Veil 'Tropical Nights'



For those of you who have realised I am a little quiet on the blog front there really is a valid reason behind this! I'm currently in New York and all the blogposts I promised myself I'd upload I just haven't had time to (Epic fail!). I'm just having such a great time in this city with some of my amazing friends out here. In the meantime I thought I would write a quick post to fill you in on my latest lip balm love - Jack Black! 

Jack Black - Black Tea & Blackberry Lip Balm



Nothing like a good ol smokey, sultry eye! I adore navy eyeshadow, I feel that it has more depth and dimension to it - I often favour it over the typically black smokey eye. I was requested by a few people to do an evening make up tutorial and without using my standard winged eyeliner. This was what I came up with, I also teamed the eyes with one of my favourite nude lipsticks 'YASH' by MAC. I feel this is the perfect nude lipstick for warmer complexion it works especially well smoky eyes.  

Navy Smoky Eye Tutorial - Video & Photos!

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