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On Sunday I headed down to the Grand Palais for the final day of the Karl Lagerfeld 'The Little Black Jacket' exhibition here in Paris. I must say there's something that feels so right about going to see a KL Chanel photography exhibition in Paris. For those of you who don't know the exhibition is a collection of KL's personal photography, that showcases portraits of many famous faces (obviously all donning Chanel). 




The collection has been travelling the world since April and is now currently in Seoul and will conclude in Berlin! If any of my readers are in either of these two cities you should definitely pop down and have a look. My favourite picture had to be of SJP, she's so fierce it hurts!


Did any of you visit The Little Black Jacket exhibition in your city?

For more check out the official site HERE.


(203) La Petite Veste Noir

On Sunday I headed down to the Grand Palais for the final day of the Karl Lagerfeld 'The Little Black Jacket' exhibition her...

My newest addition to my fall fragrances is Sisley's Soir de Lune, in my opinion it's such a strong womanly scent and it reminds me of parading around Paris. It's a rich, dark fragrance which is beautifully balanced by soft floral tones. I have to admit I had this scent on a fragrance card and the smell lingered beautifully for days, with that said it lasts so well on the skin and will forever be a fragrance I associate with this time of the year in Paris. I like to think of this perfume as mature and elegant, it's quite different from my typically sweet, girly scents. Some of the main notes are bergamot, orange, nutmeg these are combined with jasmine musk and honey. 

With my constant referral to Paris I thought I'd leave you with a picture from an evening this week - how beautiful is Paris!? it still takes my breath away!


Sisley Soir de Lune is available HERE

What are your fall favourite fragrances?
Lots of Love

(202) Sisley Soir de Lune


With Winter well and truly upon us, I know I can't be the only one suffering for extremely dry skin and in particular chapped lips. As a product junkie I go through products all the time in search of the best of the best! I think I may have found the ultimate solution for dry and chapped lips and this little wonder is by Dr.Lipp. It was originally a balm that was created for women who were breast feeding and suffering from sensitive nipples. 

It has since become a product loved by many for curing dry and chapped lips and I really believe it's one of the best I've used. The consistency is similar to that of Elizabeth Arden's famous 8 hour cream, however the Dr.Lipp balm doesn't feel as heavy or sticky (Nor does it have that medicinal scent instead it's fragrance free). This product is 100% natural and leaves your lips feeling hydrated and soft for hours. It works well under or over lipstick and with it's glossy finish it's the perfect lip companion.  If you know me you will know how much I love products that are multi purpose and this is one of those products with multiple uses, I find it's great on your cuticles!

I am loving this right now and it hasn't left my make up bag lately.

Also how dinky is the size? Great to carry around with. 
Dr.Lipp Original nipple balm for lips is available HERE

What have you been using lately? How are you all? 

I know it's been ages and apologies for the lack of posts I had no card reader so was unable to upload photographs.. Technology Ay! I'll make it up to you this week...PROMISE.

Hope you are all well 
Lots of Love

(201) Dr Lipp Original nipple balm for lips


1. One of my favourite streets in Le Marais 2. St Paul 3. Autumn in Place des Voges 4. Home SWEET Home - London 5. Coffee&Cake&Shopping 6. HomeFace 7. Rainbow cake on my PARIS plate 8. Halloween 9. Shisha on the Go with Tali 10. Halloween date 11. Gizmo 12.Green London EYE 13. Electronic Shishaaaa 14. MMM Itsu 15.Suzi 16. Bodyshop Xmas press event 17. Hot Choc 18. Black and Gold 19. Mon Shu Girl 20. Florida 21. Christmas in London 22. Bincho and Bubble T with Jase 23. Killer Contouring with Jase 24. Oui Oui 25. Rearranged my books 26. Back to Paris 27. Comfort Food 28. In bed with Chuck Bass

Hello my beauties, I haven't done an Instagram post in ages! These are pictures from Paris-London-Paris. It's been a weird few weeks, I have been so tired and a little down if I'm honest. I was so excited to go home and see my family and friends, it was lovely to be home made me realise how much I missed it part of me is considering moving back at the end of the year. Don't get me wrong I love Paris but it's not home, I feel like I'm on a long, extended holiday here.

I also realised being back in London how little effort some friends of mine make with me, do you ever feel like you put in all the effort to make plans? to go out of your way to see people? but it's never quite reciprocated. It's my birthday tomorrow and part of me always gets a bit cynical around this time of the year, but something I've realised is that this forthcoming year I'm going to stop with all the false pretences. I am the kind of person who tries to see the best in everyone and as a result of that I always end up hurt. As hard as it is I'm trying not to prioritise the people that choose to be around solely when it suits them. 

This wasn't meant to turn into a negative rant but more to try and see the flip side and I'm sure if I'm feeling this way then someone out there is too. At the end of the day reason, season, lifetime..Not everyone who comes along in our lives' are meant to be there forever. 

On a more positive note I am getting ready to celebrate my birthday with friends in Paris tonight, think it's going to be a good week and my girl comes from London on the weekend! I need as much distraction to turning 25 as possible, especially as this time last year I was sat on South Beach, Miami! *cries* 

Hope you guys are all well.. 
Lots of Love

(200) Instagramming Part 22.. Paris-London-Paris


Hey guys, hope you are all well! I'm back in Paris and it's FREEZING! I posted my October favourites when I got to London but didn't have time to post it here. I forgot my SD card reader in London so I currently have no way of uploading anything UGH how annoying! I will hopefully buy one in the next few days so I'm hoping my absence isn't too long. Sorry for the whack lighting and chopping video also, I assure you it wasn't like that when I had edited on iMovie I have no idea what happened #epicfail! 

Nevertheless hope you are all keeping well, Speak soon 
Lots of Love 

(199) October Favourites Video


I can't remember how long ago I first posted about Seche Vite top coat but since moving to Paris and not being able to readily locate it, I realised how much I valued it. Seche Vite has to be the quickest drying and glossiest top coat I've ever used. I think this was the first thing I purchased when I got back to London last week - that much of a must have! 

I really don't think any nail polish can look as good as it does when it has a layer of Seche on top. In the past so many people complimented me on my nails and couldn't believe it when I told them that they're weren't gel. 

Ok let's not front, Seche can be a bitch I've experienced the peelage with certain nail polishes which is so annoying and it gets so thick and gloppy quite easily. 


However, with that aside it really is a wonderful product. I think the thing that has me hooked is how quickly drying it is. I am probably the most impatient person at waiting for my nails to dry I always end up smudging or chipping them (why do you think you only see one hand on my nail posts!) Seche seals the nail polish in and within about 2 minutes I can carry on doing whatever I was. I usually paint my nails just before bed AND that's another thing NO BED NAILS - result! 

What I'm trying to say is that not being able to have Seche Vite for the last few months has made me realised how much of a beauty essential is to me - so much so it needed a special blog post dedicated to its greatness (NO, I'm not exaggerating!) 

Are you a Seche Vite fan? Or not? 
I never used to bother with top coats before Seche now it's a must! 

Seche Vite is available HERE 

Lots of Love 

(198) Seche Vite Top Coat


Last week I attended The Body Shops Christmas press event and event though The Body Shop is a brand I associate with being a young, make up experimental teenager a few of the products I really loved and wanted to share with you guys. 


First up is this 4-step smoky eyes palette in 'Smoky Moonstone'. If you have watched any of my favourites videos then you will know that I have been loving using eyeshadow palettes lately. I find them so easy to use, great to travel with and lets face it the colour combinations are endless. The reason I really like these colours are because they are so wearable, my everyday make up almost always consists of golds, bronzes and browns - so this is perfect. These eyeshadows are so pigmented and blend beautiful. I really rate the quality of TBS's eyeshadows. You definitely can't go wrong with this palette it even comes with two mini brushes great for the girl on the go! 


Next up is this Sparkler atomiser which I had much fun spritzing in my kitchen. This is a magical loose pigment that has multi purposes it's ideal for the festive season. I have been using this as a highlighter spraying a small amount on to a fluffly brush and applying it to my cheek bones. It can be used all over the face and body, it has such a gorgeous shimmer when the light catches it. This atomiser softly showers you in sparkle and let's face it everyone needs some festive bling - love it! 


For the rest of my face I used..

MAC Studio Sculpt NC44 
MAC Prolongwear concealer 
Laura Mercier Universal Powder

MAC Refined Golden Bronzer

MAC Sur (LE) Blusher 

The Body Shop Sparkler 



The Body Shop Palette 
Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Liner in Blank Ink 
NARS Volumizing Mascara

MAC Deelight Cremesheen Lipgloss

Lots of Love

Check out The Body Shop's Xmas collections HERE

P.S I know my hair is short it needed a trim :( BOO.. 

(197) The Body Shop Xmas 2012


Like most Sisley products everything about this just screams luxury, to start with I love the slick and simple packaging. I also really enjoy using products with multi purposes, now this is not just an eye cream but also doubles up as a lip contour cream. The consistency is beautiful, it's rich, creamy and leaves your skin feeling hydrated without being too heavy. 


I was sent this cream around a month ago and I have been using this day and night for the last few weeks. I have certainly noticed a difference in my dark circles and puffiness under my eyes. This age defence cream has become an essential item in my everyday skincare, with my birthday soon approaching (Currently feeling OLD!) I am definitely on the hunt for products that keep me looking and feeling that little bit younger, this has worked a treat in doing so.


On the 1st of September Sisley launched a charity collaboration with the Kids Company 'Heart of the Yard foundation' - A tsanctuary for vulnerable children to receive emotional and psychological support. As part of this collaboration Sisley are donating 10% of sales on their best selling eye and lip contour cream up until the 31st December - How great?!

Check out Sisley's eye and lip cream HERE just think you're doing your bit for charity at the same time ;)

Even if you like the sound of the cause and wish to donate then you can text 'KIDSGIVE' to 70700 to make a donation, either way to find out more you can read about Kids Company HERE

Lots of Love

(196) Sisley Eye & Lip Contour Cream/Kids Company Collaboration


Let's face it - Christmas is right around the corner, it has definitely hit the high streets with Christmas gifts, decorations and windows in full flow. Giles Deacon has once again collaborated with professional haircare brand Label.M and created this super fun, colourful Christmas collection. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know how much I love packaging - and this is just so quirky and so ME. 

I have been using both the shampoo and conditioner over the last few weeks and I'm really loving it. For the first time in a long time my hair feels healthy, looks shiny and smells great. I really love the scent of this shampoo instead of being overly sweet and totally artificial scented, it's musky and woody (Fig and eucalyptus to be precise).

If you purchase any two products from the Label.M range you get the cute pouch as a gift. It's such a great size I have been using it as a make up bag- It' amazing how much I can fit in it. 

Check it out HERE

Lots of Love 

(195) Giles Deacon x Label.M Xmas 2012

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