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There's nothing more I love about the Summer than holidays! From splashing in the sea to soaking up the sun. I love being able to float around in maxi dresses and slip into sandals. The most exciting Summer purchases for me are of course sunglasses. I've always been one of those girls who adores accessories and sunglasses are my ultimate Summer essential. Although I usually go and try sunglasses in stores, I find that you can find designer sunglasses at a fraction of the price online. I am one of those people who loves to search the Internet for the best price. I don't do much online shopping but once I know I like a pair of sunglasses I always have a thorough search online. Finding sites with great savings can become quite difficult and confusing, because there's so many sites. However I've found a website 'Optical Bassol' which has a fabulous online selection of the best brands and I was delighted when I saw they stocked the sunglasses I had lusted over and at such a great price.


When my sunglasses arrived they were even more beautiful than I had remembered. I opted for a Chanel pair as my last ones were stolen. I find the Gold hardware and the tinted lenses are just perfect for the summer. I really love lighter lenses as I find they compliment my skin tone and my new lighter hair. I also love the discreet, small and sophisticated CC logo on the sides. I love the vintage feel of these sunglasses they remind me of pair my mum would have probably worn in the 80's. OK so they're slightly OVER sized, but you know what they say the Bigger the Better! 



I was so impressed with the customer service, I had concerns about international delivery (as I said I don't shop online much!) the communication was great. I was initially worried, that being Barcelona based they may not speak English but it was not a problem at all. The speedy International delivery was amazing, I had ordered my sunglasses on a Thursday and got them on Friday, just in time for the rare UK sunshine (which has now gone!) and my holiday to Dubai. 

Check out 'Optical Bassol's' great selection of sunnies HERE


What do you guys think? The lenses are Ombre like my hair! You should definitely check them out. 

Lots of Love 

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There's nothing more I love about the Summer than holidays! From splashing in the sea to soaking up the sun. I love being able to floa...

I am absolutely loving ankle cuffs at the moment, I think they are my ultimate accessory right now. 
If you have seen my Summer haul on YouTube you will know how excited I was about these. I think they are perfect, I love how they can change a shoe or transform an outfit. The other day I was playing around with them and realised how versatile they are. I had been searching online for a pair for ages, then last month I literally jumped to joy when I spotted them in H&M. I paired them with my Louboutin Open Lips and My Sam Edelman Roza's because they compliment the gold detailing so well. I love these ankle cuffs on flats and sandals too- Will show you soon! 


Pictures with Instagram @Mouldyfruit.

Available at H&M £4.99 Each. 

Lots of Love

(142) Cuff Me Up!


I have come to realise that I am quite obsessed with face mists, I seem to collect them and only the other day when going through my collection I realised I had quite a few. With it being Summer and increasingly hot, humid and just a little uncomfortable I find these are essentials in my make up bag. 

It's no surprise that both of the mists I am talking about today are by French brands and these are two that I am really loving at the moment. 

L'occitane - Angelica Hydration Face Mist 

This is relatively new one for me and I have to say it's been lovely - I used it a lot whilst I was away and sat by the pool it really help to cool me down and keep my skin hydrated. What I like the most about the Angelica Hydration Face Mist is that it's very fine when you spritz it, therefore it lightly refreshes your skin. This is great to use throughout the day no matter where you are - whether you are on a plane, walking around a city or simply after the gym this is a perfect multi purpose mist. 
Available - HERE 

Caudalie - Beauty Elixir

I have been using the Beauty Elixir on and off for around three years now, this is a favourite product with a lot of people I know, especially my make up artist friends. It's a peppermint scented face mist which can be used as a toner prior to make up or throughout the day to freshen up. I love how it instantly wakes me up, leaving my skin rejuvenated and radiant. I particularly like using this one when I have make up on as it leaves a great dewy and brightening finish on the skin. 
Available - HERE

Both Good 

  • On the Go 
  • To Pro long the wear of make up 
  • To use throughout the day 
  • To refresh and revive your skin 

These are my two favourites at the moment? Have any of you tried these? 
Lots of Love 

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I had such a great time in Seville and I thought I would share some of my pictures. Seville is in the Andalusian region of Spain (the South) and is a beautiful place for a short break. To be honest I almost felt I was in Morocco instead of Spain, it felt so inspired by North Africa and I think that's why I really loved it. The weather was incredible at 40 C, too hot for some but not me, I love being in the warmth of the sun. We spent most of the days relaxing by the pool, visiting the centre and shopping. Afternoons were chilled, some were spent siesta-ing a Spanish tradition one we were in much agreement with especially in the heat! In the evenings we found some amazing restaurants and we indulged on fresh sea food, tapas and paella. We also went to some lovely terrace bars in the park which were uber cool, great music, good vibes and shisha - Bilindo and Alfonso were my favourite, but they don't really get going till about 2AM! 

Seville is definitely somewhere I could see myself revisiting it is such a beautiful city and I was amazed by all amazing architecture that surrounds you. I really didn't take too many pictures because it was far too hot to carry around my DSLR, as much as I love it - it really is so inconvenient at times! 

I'm so glad the last week in London has been sunny, it makes the whole holiday blues a lot easier! Only two weeks till I'm off again! 

How has your Summer been? Are you guys holidaying anywhere nice? 

Adios Amigos.. 
Lots of Love 

(140) Si Si Sevilla!


I'm not a morning person at all and it takes a lot for me to feel upbeat about the day, I'm alright once I've had my tea and crumpet but generally waking up is such an effort. This was until I discovered Aromatherapy Associates 'Revive Morning'. I love the range of Aromatherapy Associates bath and shower oils, they are so relaxing and great to unwind with so I was a little unsure whether this would  make me feel invigorated or would have me wanting to crawl back into bed. I am such a shower person, so what I do is apply the oil directly to my body and wow this is the most uplifting and refreshing way to start my day. Revive morning is a blend of grapefruit, rosemary and juniper berry it's so fresh and really gets me going for the day. This one is particularly detoxifying so great if you've had a night out and you're feeling a little sluggish. Although one cap full is recommended I find these oils are so effective, that I tend to use half a cap and it works wonders. Revive Morning really leaves me feeling so refreshed and ready for whatever the day brings, it's the perfect pick me up! 

Revive Morning available HERE

Have any of you tried the Aromatherapy Associates range? What are your favourites? Do you like bath/shower oils? 

Lots of Love

(140) Aromatherapy Associates - Revive Morning

When I was in Paris and Seville a stop at Sephora was essential! I have to admit I think I like the idea of Sephora more than I  do actually shopping there, I think it must be because it's a store we don't  have in the UK therefore the novelty to buy something is always there. 

All the products were by  Sephora Collection and I really rate the quality of their own brand products. 

Sephora Cream Lip Stain 6 - 'Forever Fuchsia'


I nearly squealed at excitement when I saw this colour in the creamy lip stains. If you are a frequent reader of my blog or have seen any of my videos, you will know I am obsessed with these. They come in an array of colours and for me they are my ideal form of lip product. The product goes on like a lip gloss creamy and semi wet within seconds it dries to a perfect matte colour and quite literally doesn't budge. This colour 'Forever Fuchsia' is amazing, it's bright, it's neon and it's pink!


I love it.. Thanks to Chloe for helping me spot this baby! We literally had minutes to shop and I'm so glad I got my hands on this, I'm pretty sure this is a new colour as I've never seen it before, I know if I had it would have already been mine.


Available HERE

Sephora Coconut Body Creamy Wash and Body Scrub 


I absolutely love coconut based products but I sometimes find that the scent can be over powering. I must say though these products are softly scented and feel so great on the skin. I think from what one of my readers was telling me is that this range is being discontinued or reformulated, therefore these were really cheap at like 3 Euros so if you can get your hands on the range do so! The scrub I purchased in Seville after using the Body Creamy Wash, I had used a similar scrub at my girl Flo's place and loved the texture. I find the body scrubs I tend to use are really deeply exfoliating whereas this one has small beads therefore a lot lighter in exfoliation but still really effective. After being on holiday in 40 C heat my skin was so dry and dehydrated and after using these my skin felt moisturised and super soft. 

Sephora Hand Candy 


The main reason I picked up this hand cream was because I loved the name 'Hand Candy'. This hand cream is the perfect size to pop in your handbag and is ideal for travelling around. It's really light weight and really moisturising without being overly greasy - Something that's so important to me when it comes to hand creams. 

What have you buying lately? 

Lots of Love

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Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is one of my all time favourite fragrances, it's floral, it's sweet and so feminine- Pretty much everything I look for in a fragrance. A few years ago when I went to Dubai I picked up 'La Vie En Rose' the Limited edition Summer scent. This is a gorgeous rose based, variation of the much loved original Flowerbomb. When I was travelling to Seville I noticed it in Duty Free and had to have it again. Smelling it now takes me back to wonderful memories of when I was last in Dubai. To me this is the scent of Summer, a lighter, fresher and even more floral version of 'Flowerbomb'. I am such a sucker when it comes to rose based cosmetics and this fragrance quite literally gets me every time. I have really been enjoying wearing this fragrance and as it's back (For Summer at least) you guys should definitely check it out! This is an EDT therefore not as heavy as an EDP making it perfect for Summer days. As I write this I'm sat outside enjoying the rare British sunshine so I felt this post was well suited to this lovely (Unsual, For London) weather! 

Flowerbomb La Vie En Rose is available HERE

What are your favourite Summer Scents? 

Lots of Love 

(138) Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb La Vie En Rose



1. Packing Blinging Benefit! 2. Longchamp in a Longchamp! 3. French Pharmacies in Paris 4. Starbucks in Paris 5. Best helmet in Paris! 6. My LOVER @Chloehollywood 7. It's Chloe and me! lol.. 8.Erasing FUCKs 9. Cocktails and Creeps lol.. CHLOOEE 10. We eat our macaroons with chopsticks! 11.  La Duree in Paris Orly airport 12. Breakfast before flying! 13. My beat up passport en route to Seville! 14. Eiffel Tower from the clouds 15. Sky High 16. Landing in Seville 17. Dinner by the river in Seville 18. YUM 19. Fanning! 20.The end of 50! 21. Best cab ever!! 22. Spain has 50 fever! 23. Bilindo Sevilla! 24. Poolside 25. Back in Paris at Planet Sushi! 26. Planet Sushi Pariiiss 27. Nutella Sushi 28. Sunny days in Paris 29. Goodbye Frenchy 30.Reunited with Bestie 31. SNOG-ing! 32. Inception moment on Tower Bridge.

Hello my loves.. It has honestly been agesss since I've sat at my laptop to blog, a lot has been happening and it's been a whirlwind of a week. For those who don't follow me on Twitter/Instagram then you may not know that I've been away. I went to Paris last week and spent few days there, I honestly had the best time with my friends and of course Chloe who you may know at The Hollywood Heels. We spent hours laughing, eating and sitting outdoors in Paris the sun even briefly came out it was just PERFECT! After Paris I spent 5 days in Seville which was just magical, everything was amazing! The weather, the food, laying poolside and relaxing it was such a great break, I will do a more in-depth post on Seville shortly. We then headed back to Paris, it's home from home for me and I have some exciting news regarding that to share soon. I got back to London this week and it was nice to be home to catch up with my bestie although I'm not as appreciative of this weather.. Ughh! 

How has everyone been? What's new.. I am slowly, slowly catching up with my mass amount of posts I have to upload EEEk! Have a good weekend.. 

Lots of Love 

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