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Hello lovelys.. it's been a little while! Sorry I never got round to posting very much this weekend it's all been a bit manic over the last few days, I've just got in from an amazing evening with my close friends Yinka, Muhsine and Tali..I'm sure most of you read their blogs and if you don't YOU'RE CRAZY! We had such a great laugh and Baby Bubbles is truly the most adorable little girl ever. 

For the last few days.. well pretty much all week I have quite literally whipped my hair back and forth and gone back to my old ways. I have gone back to how my hair used to be pretty much all the time. To say my fringe has been irritating me would be an understatement! I have to say having the fringe off my forehead has been really refreshing and ALSO my brows are back in town! They have grown so much through having a fringe it's really allowed me to get them back to a decent shape which requires little maintenance. I actually threaded my brows myself and don't think they came out too bad at all. I am still undecided as to what I  am going to do with my hair/fringe possible a semi side fringe I'm not sure. I'm just waiting for my fringe to grow out so I can get the bluntness of it softened slightly so it's more of a relaxed look. 


Anyways I tried to snap a few pics the other day but failed as my camera died and as I was on my way out I din't have time to charge it. The first picture was taken without flash and the second without. 

I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but if I keep my fringe at this length I get the best of both worlds.. Oh well we shall see!

Oh and here's that token Instagram pic! I still don't have an iPhone after mine got stolen so haven't been able to IG as much as I love to, had to use my iPod Touch for this one. I also feel like I haven't been able to TWEET as much as I usually do which is probably a good thing (It's mainly nonsense!) BUT Still.. Hopefully I will be getting a new iPhone in the next week or so. 


What do you guys think? How have you all been? By the way the lipgloss on my lips is the MAC Creemsheen Glass in 'Deelight' that I posted about HERE. It's so pretty and this is it with just lip liner underneath, definitely a good buy there. 


P.S Had to be done ;) 

Lots of Love 


(017) I whip my BANGS back and forth!

Hello lovelys.. it's been a little while! Sorry I never got round to posting very much this weekend it's all been a bit...


It's been a rather busy week for me this week, with lots going on hence why I haven't been posting everyday like I have been the last few weeks. Since I last picked my wisdom card I feel like I've gradually been making a difference. I feel so much more organised and have been writing myself 'To Do' lists on a daily basis, I feel like it helps motivate me and keeps my mind focused on what I want to achieve.. daily, weekly, monthly etc. I have to say I have been getting such satisfaction from crossing things of my list once I've completed certain things.

This weeks card is another one that has got me thinking.. 

Today's lesson : 

Determine whether you're someone who's always giving to others but who feels unnoticed or unappreciated. If this applies to you, it may be because you have a private agenda to seek love that's built into your motivation to be of service.

Your goal:

To examine whether your interactions with others leave you empowered of disempowered.

What do you guys think? Have any of you been trying to follow these self empowerment lessons?
These cards definetley get me thinking..
Lots of Love and positive energy


(016) Examine your personal interactions



My lips have been suffering so much lately, they have been so dry and the only thing that seems to be keeping them moisturised and hydrated is the 8 Hour lip protectant stick by Elizabeth Arden. I was given this in part of a gift bag when I attended LFWE (Post HERE) but I have only got round to using this more recently. To be honest, I am not the biggest 8 hour cream fan I know my best friend and my mum swear by it but I have to admit the smell puts me off (Read my review HERE). The scent of this lip balm however isn't as strong in the standard 8 hour cream, to me it is more citrus based something I can deal with. I have been applying this in the mornings and I find it keeps my lips hydrated for hours (not sure about 8!) without me having to constantly apply it. Another thing I like is that this lip balm doesn't have a gloss to it, the formula is definitely more matte therefore I find it absorbs well into the lips. It also has an SPF of 15 which is beneficial and the EA lip balm is highly enriched with vitamin E. 

The only downside to this lip balm is that  it's a little pricey for the amount of product you get. This picture is pretty accurate to how much is in the lipstick bullet. The packaging however is very glam! 

What are your current favourite lip balms? What have you been using to keep your lips soft in these colder months?

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip protectant stick is priced £19 and available HERE

Lots of Love


(015) Lip Saviour - Elizabeth Arden 8hr lip protectant



A couple of weeks ago I was in Westfield with the lovely Yinka and Shirley. We popped into MAC and I have to say it was probably the first time I have been in to a MAC store in ages, I think the last time was when I was in New York. I feel so out of the loop with all the new collections and colours, I tend to just stick to what I know. I somehow feel like my desire to buy something from every newly released collection has burnt out. I have got to that stage where I know what I like and I'm becoming less frivolous when it comes to buying make up. 

So here are my staples that I picked up.. 

MAC Studio Sculpt 


I think this has become my go to foundation for a number of reasons. This foundation is gel based and I love the creamy consistency of it. I find it's one of those foundations you can wear quite lightly or you can really build up for maximum coverage. I like the finish which is semi dewy. I always set mine with the prep and prime translucent powder but sometimes the finish without powder leaves the skin with a glow. I also love the fact that this foundation is water resistant, this means it is ideal for warmer climates. I have worn this foundation all over the world in all kinds of weather and I have to say it really stays put. 

I am currently back to wearing this foundation in NC44. 

£23.00 and available HERE

MAC Paint in 'Bare Canvas' 


I ran out of this product a while back and didn't get round to purchasing it again. I have to say though I haven't found another eye primer that beats this. I absolutely love this as the base for my eyeshadows such a tiny amount goes a small way and even though the tube is tiny it seems to last forever. My eye make up doesn't crease at all when I use this paint by MAC, i apply a small amount and blend it over the eyelid with my fingers. You have to work quite quick with eyeshadow to avoid the paint drying. Again this is a product I have worn in some of the warmest climates and my eyeshadow still manages to stay put. I really feel that this product is not raved about as much as it should be. 

If you are looking for a new eye primer/base the paints by MAC are my favourite. 

£14.50 and available HERE

MAC Cremesheen Glass in 'Deelight' 


As it had been a long time since I'd been in MAC you know there always has to be that one unnecessary purchase. Shirley was using this lipgloss throughout the day and honestly it worked so well with the lip liner and lipstick that she had on(That I also was wearing) so I decided to buy it. I'm not really in to glossy lips, actually I'm hardly in to glossy lips so that's why I felt like I needed 'Deelight' in my life. It's a gorgeous muted pinky toned cremesheen lip glass that just adds to and finishes off the perfect nude lip. I think this colour is fab on its own or accompanied with other colours. It is just gorgeous! I will definitely be sharing this with you in pictures the blogger in me had to photograph it before I could use it haha! 

£16.50 and available HERE

Come to think of it now, MAC's prices have gone up and £16.50 is a LOT for a lip gloss! I didn't even realise.. 

What are your make up staples? Are you a big MAC fan?


(014) MAC Staples


top5 2

I haven't reviewed a mascara in a while to be honest I've been trying to use up the ones I had on the go. All of the ones I've tried more recently haven't really been too impressive and nothing worth blogging about. Friday night as I was getting ready I decided it was time to try one of the new ones I had waiting. It just so happened to be the 'Lash Extender' by Topshop make up. 

Usually I tend to go for a volumising mascara as opposed to a lengthening as my natural lashes are already pretty long. I have to say after using this for the first time I was so impressed. I found that my lashes were longer, more defined and a lot fuller, all this without any major clumping. 


I rarely like mascaras the first time I use them I always find that they need to dry up a bit before I actually see them work at their best. The brush is pretty standard but for some reason it works so well on my lashes and even with one coat I was pretty impressed. 

One Coat

Before and After 



Before I could even apply a second coat I was already Tweeting about how much I loved it! With two coats this mascara is such an intense black and I love that. (Bear in mind these pictures are without eyeliner!) 

Two Coats 
top2 copy

If you want to see what this mascara looks like with complete eye make up check out the previous post/

I am so happy with this mascara - one that does it all!  


For some reason it seems to be out of stock on the Topshop website but you can check it out HERE

What mascaras have you been loving lately? Do let me know as I'm always on the hunt for the best ;) 

Lots of Love 


(013) Topshop - Lash Extender


Last night I went out with my wife to a bar where they honestly played the best old school R n B and Hip Hop.. we had such a laugh dancing and reminiscing our uni days. It was a pretty causal affair but thought this would be a good time to go through my lipstick collection and choose something I haven't worn in a while. 

See this post isn't just good for sharing with you guys but also because it means I'm being a little more adventurous with the lip colours I wear. To be honest I wanted to choose a really bold lipstick this week but I went for quite a heavy smokey eye, peach blush so decided I wanted something peach based on my lips. I have so much love for coral lipsticks/glosses but I still feel like it's too cold outside to be wearing them on my lips (I usually associate them with summer!) So I decided to wear this colour by Shu Uemura I have blogged about this colour before but hey, here it is again! 

Shu Uemura BG954M


The thing I love about this lipstick is that it's more of a brown, muted lipstick but has that hint of peach to it. To me it's kind of a terracotta colour, just perfect without being too bright but something away from that typical brown/pink nude lipstick. I find this colour works really well with the blusher. I don't know why I don't own more Shu lipsticks the texture is beautiful.. so smooth on the lips and really moisturising. 


Yesterday I also used a new mascara yesterday and thought it was AMAZING! I will be doing a separate post on it, but just to let you know it's by Topshop makeup. My skin is really bad at the moment and my diet and sleep patterns are messed up. I've been breaking out so much but have been using a product which is really working I will also be blogging that soon. 


I also have to say I am FED UP of my hair.. and I came to the conclusion that it's time to grow out the fringe/bangs.. It's just becoming so frustrating and it grows so quickly.. UGH! I feel like I did better than I expected I honestly never thought I'd have my hair like this for as long as I did so it's definetley had a good run. 


MAC Studio Sculpt NC44 
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW35
MAC Prep and Prime Transluscent powder

MAC Refined Golden bronzer 

MAC Melba 

MAC Tan pigment 



MAC Ricepaper e/s in the inner corners
MAC Concrete e/s all over the lid
MAC Beauty Marked e/s in the crease 
INGLOT Gel liner 
Topshop Mascara



Shu Uemura BG954 M



French for the first time in a long time! 

What lipstick have you been loving this week? What do you think about me growing out the fringe? It's time right? 

Lots of Love


(012) Lippie Lovin' Ft Shu Uemura BG954M



Me and my bestie spend most of our evenings out and about, drinking tea, smoking shisha and so on. We always tend to visit the same places and do the same things. We both thought it was about time we took advantage of the fact we live in one of the worlds most amazing cities. There are so many places in London that we always say we will visit and never get round to doing so. As a result of this we have decided that at least once a month we are going to visit somewhere random in different areas all over London. That's one of our MANY 2012 plans! I had posted my outfit and make up for this evening a while back HERE. I think nothing beats getting dressed up and spending time with the people you care about the most! 

Back in December just before New Years we went to a restaurant that I have honestly driven past for the last 6/7 years and always said I wanted to eat at. It's a gorgeous Thai restaurant situated on Old Street in East London. When searching online we found the restaurant HERE on Top Table. 


The restaurant itself is spacious, tastefully decorated and the atmosphere was relaxed. As we booked through Top Table we didn't realise but we ended up getting 40% our starters and main courses. Which was a nice surprise!


The food was delicious, I am real fan of Thai food so it doesn't take much to convince me. The portions were huge..We had two staters the Tempura Prawns and some other prawn dish suggested by the waiter. For our mains I had the Massaman curry with Coconut rice and My girl T had the Pad Thai. The mains were so big we ended up taking most of it away. 


It was definitely a place I could see myself eating at again! We are yet to decide where we are going for January date night but I'll be sure to share it with you. 

Check out THAI THAI's website HERE. 

What are your favourite places to eat? Big love to my best friend Tiya.. She puts up with all the dramas, feeds me cake and makes me laugh till I cry! 

Lots of Love 


(011) December Date Night


Back in September when I attended Fashion Week for the Toni&Guy show ( Read about it HERE) we were sent away with some hair products from the newly launched collections. Cleanse and Nourish come in a selection of ranges which are best suited to your hair type. I most often find that my hair is quite dehydrated what with constant heat styling, so I opted for the range for dry hair.

I have been using the pair for just over a month now and I have to say I have noticed such a difference in the condition of my hair. A small amount of the product is sufficient and it smells amazing. My hair has been left feeling hydrated, smooth and generally looking glossy and healthy. Just a note though, LESS = MORE .. Do not make the mistake I did and apply too much shampoo and conditioner like I was in the beginning, it just ended up just weighing down my hair unnecessarily. 

I think the price point for this range is amazing, prices start from £2.19. 

Cleanse the shampoo is available HERE.
Nourish the conditioner is available HERE.

Have any of you tried this range of shampoo? Do you guys get your haircut at Toni&Guy? Believe it or not, I have NEVER had my hair cut with Toni&Guy! What are your favourite hair products at the moment?

Lots of Love 


(010) Toni&Guy Cleanse and Nourish

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