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Last Friday myself and a few other bloggers were invited down to the start of London Fashion Weekend. For those who don't know London Fashion Weekend is a shopping event that takes place the weekend after fashion week and I must say it really is a fun day out. There are lots of independent designers as well established brands all showcasing their latest pieces, available to purchase at discounted prices. It's a great opportunity to walk around checking out the stalls, finding amazing unique clothes and accessories. There is also the chance to watch fashion shows as well as getting involved with other things going on. This year LFWE was held at Somerset House, which are gorgeous grounds for such a fabulous event. 


We were invited down on behalf of Elizabeth Arden the official beauty sponsors of London Fashion Weekend and it was an amazing day out, the weather was lovely and the sun was shining. We started off with a yummy breakfast with some of the Elizabeth Arden team. It was a great opportunity to familiarise ourselves with Elizabeth Arden as a brand over coffee and croissants. 



After breakfast we headed over to meet Joseph Hernandez the head make up artist for Elizabeth Arden who demonstrated a 1940s inspired look straight from the catwalk. This look consisted of flawless, dewy skin. Bold, defined brows. Plenty of Mascara. And that signature red lip. The iconic 8 hour cream featured as part of this look and Joseph used the 8 hour cream to accentuate Leigh's cheek bones giving the skin a real luminous, radiant look. Joseph  also used this over the lipstick to gloss it up. The 8 hour cream is probably one of the  most recognisable products when it comes to the Elizabeth Arden make up line and it really is a must have, multi purpose product. If you have never tried this product you need it in your life. It can be purchased HERE.  



The shade of lipstick the catwalk models wore and Joseph used on Leigh was Rouge. This is such a universal shade and suits most complexions. What I love about the rouge lipstick is that it is such a true red that is classy and classic. 


[Image from Beauty and the Dirt]

After spending some time with the Elizabeth Arden team we then had a chance to have a look around. Myself, Suzi, Sabrina and Louise got straight to it! It was fun to walk around and have a browse. I  also got terribly embaraassed by Joseph from EA when he forced us to take a picture with the oh so cute Juicy Couture boy - it definetley gave us something to laugh about throughout the day.


Later in the afternoon we got to attend the fashion show presented by Grace Woodward, we were able to spy some of the fashion trends for the forthcoming AW11. You can see the make up and the use of Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour cream on the cheek bones of the models it really gives the skin an amazing glow. I must also say the 'Rouge' lipstick by EA is FIERCE! 




It was a great day out and I suggest if you've never been to LFWE you should go next season, it's open to public and you can easily buy tickets online. 

We were sent away with a goody bag and one of things inside was this gorgeous Juicy Couture ring (for those of you that don't know Juicy C fragrances are part of the Elizabeth Arden corporation). I must say I love fragrance rings, I sort of feel like they are a secret weapon. Look good, smell great and just so handy for that quick fix. This ring is just so pretty, if you read my blog regularly you will know my love for black and gold and a bit of bling! The fragrance is 'Couture Couture' and it smells divine. Some of the notes are plum, honeysuckle and jasmine they work so well together. Sweet, sexy and womanly just how I like it and what prettier way to wear this perfume! 



Have any of you been to LFWE? Did you guys go this year? If so what did you buy? Do any of you swear by Elozabeth ardens 8 hour cream? My best friend literally does not leave the house without a tube! I will be reviewing some of the other products in the 8 hour family in the near future, so watch out for that! Have any of you smelt any of the Juicy perfumes? 

Lots of love 


[143] LFWE with Elizabeth Arden

Last Friday myself and a few other bloggers were invited down to the start of London Fashion Weekend. For those who don't know London ...



Hey lovelies.. I hope you are all well just want to take this time to apologise for the lack of posts lately, I have been unwell and then so busy that I haven't really had time to stop. It's so frustrating because I have lots of new products and general purchases that I am so desperate to share with you but you will have to be patient with me - I will get there slowly but surely. I hope you are all doing well? Can't believe it's Monday again and that it's October at the end of the week! Time is just going so fast.. where has this year even gone? Anyways enough of a ramble thought I would get back on my blogging flow with a quick mention of two things I am loving right now. By the way the picture above is what I'm eating whilst writing this post, far from MouldyFruit but it looked so pretty and colourful that a picture was required. 

Jergens Naturals Aloe Soothing Body Moisturiser


As some of you may know I am currently using the No!No! hair removal device and I have found the one disadvantage is that my skin is left feeling really dry. I think it's all from the process of the removal and then buffing away at the skin that has caused this. Jergens is a natural skin care brand available from most drugstores and is pretty inexpensive. I have been using the Aloe Soothing moisturiser and this has really been helping not only is it super hydrating, it is also very cooling and as the name suggests soothing. I find that my skin is getting quite itchy as well as dry with using the No!No! and using this afterwards has really helped calm it down. It also has eucalyptus and cucumber which help to revive and protect the skin. I have to say I love the fresh smell of aloe and cucumber together it's so uplifting. This has definitely been a go to product over the last few weeks as the cream itself is very light on the body but the results are great it leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and most importantly in my case hydrated. 
Jergens Aloe Vera Soothing cream is £4.99 and available to buy HERE

Malin and Goetz Dark Rum Candle 


I am such a candle lover and whilst I usually love to burn Diptyque candles this scent by Malin and Goetz is enough to convert me for life. It is so unbelievably sexy! The smell is so divine and it burns beautifully and the smell just lingers. It is a sweet smelling candle yet there is something very dark about it. I think it's perfect for this time of the year when the days are getting a little colder. The top notes are bergamot and plum, the middle notes are rum and leather and the base notes are amber, patchouli and vanilla. It such a gorgeous blend and it seems to balance ever so well. The burn time is approximately 60 hours. This candle is a little bit of a splurge at £37 but so worth it - even if you just have a smell of it, it's enough to satisfy. 
It's available to buy HERE

These are two things that have been keeping me happy lately! There's a lot more especially in cosmetics and I will be sure to share as soon as possible. What have you been loving this week?! How have you all been? 

Happy Monday 

Lots of Love 

[142] MFM - Jergens Naturals & Malin and Goetz



















Thursday night I attended the launch of London's Fashion Week. It was the Toni & Guy show which was super cool. I love the buzz of Fashion Week and to be sitting opposite Naomi Campbell, Matthew Williamson and Olivia Palermo was a total highlight. I got to meet Olivia who I absolutely adore and I must say she is so sweet and not to mention so effortlessly perfect. I went along with one of my closest girlfriends Louise, she is by far one of the BEST make up artists I have EVER met, watch out I predict big things for my girl in the future. ALSO me and her are working on a few exciting things which I can't wait to share with you in good time. It's so funny how much we are alike! Louise is working backstage at London Fashion Week so it was really nice to have her with me enjoying the show from the other side before the madness of the week begun for her! 

Hope you all have a great weekend.. 

Lots of Love


[141] LFW launch Toni&Guy show..



As promised here is an update on my second week of using the No!No! hair removal kit. For those of you who haven't read my first post you can read it HERE. I'm not going to go back in to the way in which this machine works you can read about that in my first post, this is more of an update on how I am finding using it.

This week is the second week I have used the No!No! I have to say I am getting the hang of it a little better. I must say though it's one of those machines you really have to be careful with, I actually ended up burning my face with this. The burns just looked as if they were scratches and while they have almost disapeared it really made me a little more cautious when using it. You have to use the machine quite firmly and work in the opposite direction of hair growth whilst keeping the skin held tight.

In regards to hair growth I have to say I have definetley noticed a reduction in hair growth on my face and arms, the hair appears to be a lot finer which is a good sign. I must say though the hair on my chin area seems to be a lot worse, I'm not quite sure why this is. I don't know if it's because I find the area hard use the No!No! on but I have definitely noticed the hairs to be growing thicker and a lot more coarse in this area. This is pretty disheartening and has made me feel a little apprehensive about using the No!No! I mean the last thing I want is to make my hair growth worse. 

Despite feeling a little uncertain about the No!No! I will continue to use it to see if it gets any better. 


I had my week 2 update written and the post was meant to go live last weekend and I got so busy I didn't have time to post it SORRY! I know a lot of you have been emailing and asking me questions regarding the No!No! and if there is anything you want to ask me, do leave a comment below and I promise to try my best to answer them. This week I think I have only used the machine twice. The battery life is pretty good, I have used this for 3 weeks now on myself and my mum and this week was the first time I needed to charge it since the first initial charge. 

This week I noticed that my hair growth had really slowed down, especially on my face. Hair needs to at least be 1mm before you can use the No!No! on it and I think the reason I used it less this week was because the hair wasn't as long. I still have to say the hair growth on my face around my chin area is definitely a lot worse than before which is a little worrying. I am still going to continue using it, hopefully it's a case of getting worse before it get's better. I really don't know why this is when the rest of my hair seems to be responding well to the No!No!.

On my arms I have also noticed the hair growth has slowed down, I am definetley finding the No!No! a lot easier to use now and it can quite easily be done in 10-15 minutes. Buffing the hairs away is essential and I have also found that buffing the hairs away inbetween  use of the No!No! has worked well. One thing I have found since using the No!No! is that my skin has become quite dry, so I am now using a richer face and body moisturisers.

To find out more about the NoNo you can visit their website HERE which is pretty informative. Alternately click HERE to watch video demonstrationS of the No!No!. 

The machine is priced at £193.50 and can be purchase at QVCSelfridges and Harrods.

 I wonder what the next 3-5 weeks will hold. If you have any questions please leave them below and I shall try my best to answer them. I will keep you posted over the next week. 

Lots of Love 


[140] No!No! update weeks 2 and 3..

1.Nickki Minaj/Anna Wintour NYC FW = EPIC! 2.MouldyFruit's 2yr Birthday 3.Homwgrown Corn 4.Ghostly 5.Snap 6.At the gym hah! 7.September Sunshine 8.Celebrating National Cupcake week! 9. The number that follows me! 10. LFW Launch 11.12. Toni & Guy show 13. Daddy long legs! 14. Babycakes! 15. Sick and eating porridge :( 16.This weeks Stylist LFW edition YAY! 

I am quite enjoying doing these! This week has been really busy and I am pretty run down and worn out. I have been bed ridden over the last two days as I have realised I am NOT Superwoman and I can NOT survive on 3 hours sleep a night. If any of you know me, you will know I hate sitting still I need to be out, I need to be active and so the last two days doing nothing is killing me. So I am here reaching for my Macbook just to feel like I'm doing something. These pics I used the X-Pro II effect, I like the brightness and the contrast! Anyways I will try to get the rest of my posts up, maybe after my afternoon nap. Hope you are all well and enjoying the weekend. 

Lots of Love


[139] Instagramming Part 3..

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