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I think I blogged about this colour from Rococo before but I felt like 'Hot Pants' looked so pretty on my nails it needed another mention. I also noticed how the colour matches my pink Prada card holder perfectly! I am growing to like Rococo nail polishes again, my only criticism is that the brushes are not perfect which can become a little annoying! 


Despite my messy application it goes on pretty well and two coats is sufficient. It is such a Barbie pink and I love that, it is so girly. Despite me constantly denying it deep down I am such a girly girl. 



What colours have you been rocking lately? I am ready to get some dark colours bank on my nails as summer is so OVER (well it never begun) in London. Bring on the fall berry shades I say!  
Rococo nail polishes can be bought from Space NK HERE.

Lots of PINK love 


[127] Hello Hot Pants!

I think I blogged about this colour from Rococo before but I felt like 'Hot Pants' looked so pretty on my nails it needed another m...
Hello loves.. How are you all!? Feel like I haven't stopped in ages, I am so exhausted lately. You ever get like that where you just feel so blah. I have so many written posts that are just waiting for the relevant pictures. I realise I haven't posted any pics of my face lately, I don't know why? I just seem to take pics and hate them. I also think my make up is pretty boring at the moment I seem to wear the same standard make up. I have to say I am so happy just wearing my black liner which I am still loving and is by Inglot. I am still so impressed with this, I much prefer it to the MAC and Shu Uemura gel liners. It is super black and intense and just seems to stay in place really well. I have had mine for a few months and it hasn't dried up at all which is great.


I also bought this gorgeous necklace which just screams ME! it's by Galibardy and I purchased it last weekend down Brick Lane. You guys know how much of a Galibardy fan I am and they never fail to impress me with their quirky, unique jewellery. Big shout outs to Lisa and Blue who are doing so well, I have so many pieces from them and they are such lovely people. This necklace is so deceivable because it looks as if it's really heavy but in actual fact it's really light and feels so comfortable on the neck. I love love love gold jewellery and I know this piece is perfect for just adding to a plain outfit, it also comes in silver so check out their website HERE.


MAC Studio sculpt foundation NC44
MAC Studio finish concealer NW35
Laura Mercier Secret Camoflauge in SC-6
MAC Prep and Prime transluscent powder


MAC Sunpower

MAC Melba

MAC Belightful



MAC e/s Tempting all over the lid
MAC e/s Retrospeck lower inner corners
Inglot Black gel liner
Chantecaille Faux Cils masara



NARS lipliner Rosebud
MAC Modesty


That's pretty much my daily face, including the tired eyes..

Wanted to wish all my readers celebrating Eid today Eid Mubarak, hope you've all had a great day.

Thank you to you all as I've reached 2300 followers your support amazes me.. sending much love to each and every one of you

lots of love


[126] I get up..

Now I saw a post like this over on my girl Yinka's blog you should check out her post HERE. I decided to do one too, I thought just before I throw out these empties I would share with you some views on some of the products I have finished lately and also let you know wether I would consider repurchasing. I have mentioned some of these products before and you can find more indepth reviews in my archives. 


Rodial Body Sculpture
If you have followed my blog for a while you may have read my review HERE. This is a four week body treatment that is meant to help firm and sculpt your body eliminating cellulite. I really loved this product and have a back up from when this product was reduced due to repackaging. I found it really worked and although people have controversial views on cellulite it worked for me. I don't know if I would purchase it at the full price because it is a lot but was definetley a great purchase at the time. You can check out Rodial body sculpture HERE.

Darphin Intral Soothing Cream 
This is a firm favourite of mine, I love everything about it. It basically does what it says. I find that if my skin is acting up or breaking out I use this cream over night and it only takes a few days for it to sort itself out. The consistency of this cream is gorgeous, very lightweight and it smells amazing. I already another one of this product, the whole intral range by Darphin is great for people who have particularly sensitive skin or suffer from redness. You can check it out HERE.

Dove Summer Glow
I have come to the conclusion that we will never see summer here in London, so Dove's gradual tanning lotion was my sunshine in a bottle over the last few months. It gives you such an amazing glow and really leaves your skin looking really healthy. It is such an inexpensive product that I would re purchase for sure. You can see my full review with pictures HERE

Caudalie Vinosource
Probably my favourite everyday moisturiser. It just works for me and I think when you find something that works it's great to stick to it saying that this is probably my third tube and i think my skin has got used to it so for now I am trying something else. The chances are I will end up going back to this moisturiser because I love it so much. For those of you that don't know Caudalie is a french brand and their products are high in anti oxidants and based on grape vines. The Vinosource range is particularly  for dry skin and I find the hydration is sufficient and it doens't leave my skin feeling greasy which most creams for dry skin types can. During the winter I like to use the richer version (Vinosource Riche) but in the summer this has been great. I also find the Caudalie range to be reasonably priced. Check it out HERE

MAX factor 2000 calorie mascara
Now I was recomended this mascara by one of my close girlfriends Kirsty, her lashes always look amazing and I thought I'd give it a go. However I didn't really find it worked for me, I think mascara is just one of those products - what one person loves another may hate. Not to say I hated it but I just didn't find it WOW'd me! I did find the older it got the better it worked, but still wasn't overly impressed. Here are a few pics.



I don't think I will be rushing to repurchase this, there are so many mascaras out there on the market and especially in drugstores that I'd rather give another one a go. 

Ghost Sweetheart
I don't think I have EVER finished a fragrance, well that's a lie but a fragrance that someone else bought for me. My friend Olivier bought me this back at the end of last year and I absolutley fell in love with it. The smell is just gorgeous, so light and fresh yet so girly and sexy. Some of the top notes include sweet lemon, pineapple and mid. The base is caramel and woody notes which is an usual mix but the blend is so beautiful. I really urge you all to have a smell, I would so buy this again! It is really reasonably priced and can be found HERE.

So there you have it some of the products I have recently come to an end of. 

What have you been loving/loathing lately? What have you come to an end of? Do share.. 

Lots of Love 


[125] Used!


Hello beautiful people..It's another late one again this week, but at least I made it on Monday. I am recovering from a great, eventful weekend! It was a random one but they really are the best! I had a great night on Saturday with the GF and co. On sunday I met up for lunch in Brick Lane with my friend Shantell who is down from New York she is such an amazing artist you guys should check out her site HERE


This weeks favourite product is probably been a favourite for a few weeks in a row now thanks to my friend Anushka. We have such similar taste in make up and she always rocks this eyeshadow on her lower lash line and urged me to do so and I haven't been able to stop! The colour is ME Blue 650 - Metallic Denim, you can check it out  HERE.


It is such a gorgeous blue, I love the intesnsity of it and I really have taken a liking to Shu Uemura eyeshadows. They are gorgeous colours with such depth and stay in place all day long. I always used to wear bright colours on my eyes, more so in my teens and I think I've stayed away because it always takes me back to that. However there is something Cleopatra-esque about this blue and with my fringe it's defientley a winner! I also love the contrast between the blue eyeshadow and the black liner. Somehow the blue makes the colour of my eyes stand out more and I really like that. 



What have you been loving this week? How was your weekend? Have any of you tried Shu Uemura eyeshadows? What are your thoughts? 

Have a good week lots of love 


[124] MFM - Shu Uemura ME Blue 650


This is a little bit of a blast from the past, I purchased this a while back from Marks and Spencer's (A store in the UK) and is one of those colours you forget about. I cut my nails really short because I felt like it and I wanted something pretty but something that would last long. I chose this because I hadn't worn it in ages and I think it is such a lovely lilac, it's not too blue and not to purple if you know what I mean, it has more of a white, pastel base to it which I love.


This is such an inexpensive nail polish and I really like the consistency of the Marks and Spencer polsihes. To be honest I always find it a bit blah when clothing stores release make up lines, I never pay attention to them really but my cousin recommended their nail polishes years ago and I have liked them ever since. They also have a great range of colours, you can check them out HERE.



What colour have you been wearing this weekend? Hope you are all well 
Lots of Love


[123] M&S Lilac

Hello my loves I feel like it's been ages since I've blogged, I've been so busy I haven't had hardly any time to sit down and blog. I hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend. I have a really exciting post for you today, well if you are anything like me (A total make up junkie and storage geek) then you I am sure will appreciate this post. I was contacted a few weeks ago by a company called CoolKubes, they specialise in luxury acrylic make up storage. For the last few years now I have used Muji's clear acrylic drawers to store my make up but I have to be honest and say that I found them pretty difficult to use. I found the concept was perfect but they were just too small for the amount of make up I personally own. I also found that the drawers were diffiicult to pull out without them actually falling out. The Muji drawers I had also had the top which you could lift up which good at times. I liked the fact they were stackable so you could add to them and the fact that they were affordable, other than that they just became harder for me to store my collection. You can check the Muji drawers here HERE.

The inspiration for the design of the CoolKubes comes from the make up storage seen in Keeping up with Kardashians.


(Image from Google)


CoolKubes are designed to store cosmetics but I think they would be fab for anything, especially accesories! The Kubes are hand made from high quality acrylic. The depth is actually double the size of the Muji drawers which is amazing. The CoolKube measures 30x30x30 Cms.The Cool Kube comes in two designs the K5 is 5 drawers with a fixed top. I however opted for the K3 which is ideal for me. It has 3 drawers and double height bottom section, with removal top for larger products. You can see the full selection on the Cool Kubes site HERE

The retail price is for the CoolKubes K3 and K5 is £295, I know it's quite pricey but the quality is amazing. I do have some exciting news if any of you are interested in purchasing any of the CoolKube luxury storage then send them an email on quoting "MOULDYFRUIT REVIEW" and you will be entitled to a special launch price of £195.00 + £18.00 shipping, saving almost £100! If you are after something slightly smaller the CoolKube LITE 24cm (SRP £195 in either Blue or Pink) is constructed to the exact same quality with the same thickness acrylic as the K3, are also available at launch price of £135.00 + £18.00. 

Head over to their website HERE or alternately drop them an email at This is a MouldyFruit exclusive and I am so privileged to be the first one reviewing the CoolKubes make up storage, I honestly love mine! 


I had such a productive day clearing out my make up and reorganising it, this is how I have seperated it. 

In the top section with lift up top I have put al my face products. Primers, foundations, concealers and highlighters.


In the second drawer are some of my lip products, I love the divider in the drawer it makes organising so easy. I have colour coordinated the lip glosses and some of my lipsticks. 


In the third drawer I have my blushers and bronzers (Minus two blush MAC palttes which aren't photographed here)


In the fourth double size drawer I have stored all my eye shadows and primers etc. I love the depth of it, it can store loads I currently have 6 MAC pro palettes in there and there is space for more. 



Although the CoolKube can store most of my make up I am still using a few other things to store the other bits. 


I like to have my lip and eye pencils in a pot so I can see them. 


My MAC lipsticks are all in this little case I have from Sephora. 


My brushes are stored in an acrylic stationary holder from Muji you can check it out HERE


After completing my CoolKube transition I didn't really know what to do with my old Muji storage so I decided to keep it and sort out my nail polishes. Seriously I know this may be geeky but I am so in love with what I accomplished haha. I colour coordinated these also. 

Look how pretty it looks!! 



I love nothing more than being able to see what I have, otherwise I forget and end up neglecting! 

So there you have it my updated make up storage, my LOVE for my new CoolKube K3 and my new use for my Muji storage system! Ahh I love organisation..


What have you been up to today? How do you like to store your make up? 


Lots of Love 


The K3 was sent to me for review purposes, but my review was honest as always! 

[122] Make-up Storage with CoolKubes

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