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We all deserve a treat now and then and even though I think I 'treat' myself too often when it comes to jewellery, there really are no boundaries! The other week I was looking around Swarovski and I fell in love with a ring, it was beautiful. Gold, sparkly, mesmerising and intricate - everything I could ask for in a piece of jewellery. I was good and walked away to have a think about it and I genuinely forgot to go back. Yesterday the ring crossed my mind and so I headed over to see if it was still there to my suprise it had been reduced further and was down from £100 to £40 I didn't have to think twice. 


If you know me or have read jewellery posts of mine before you will know I have an obsession with wings. I love them especially when it comes to jewellery I just think they are so pretty. This ring is gorgeous I just want to stare at, I love statement jewellery and this really is a special one. I like that worn on each hand it looks different. 



For those wondering the colour on my nails is 'Poppy' by American Apparel. I have said before how much I love the consistency and the quality of their nail polishes and I think this may be my favourite colour that I have by them. It  is a gorgeous orangey red, so bright and vibrant. I have had this on for a few days and I have also been rocking MAC's Lady Danger lipstick a colour that to me is the exact shade of this nail polish. 





Sorry for the poor quality Photo Booth pics sometimes its easier to just click away! In my hair I am wearing an American Apparel hair tie, I LOVE this so much, It has made me feel less 'Blah' about my hair. It basically a bit of chiffon fabric over a piece of bendable wire which can be tied however. It can be used in the hair, around the neck, on your wrists or wherever else you might want it. I bought this in Miami and altough it took me a while to figure out how to make it work for me, it's now one of my go to accesories. I want to purchase it in more colours now, there are so many and you can check them out HERE. I have been wearing it so much that I've been given the new nick name 'Red Ribbon' haha! This little red combo the nails, lips and hair tie is a look I have been wearing a lot lately. It's very easy to wear, come to think of it now it's a bit Amy Winehouse-esque so I guess I'll dedicate this line to her -  RIP Amy a true talent! 


Another new ring I have is a scrabble letter in 'Z' of course! This was purchased from Sinead's blog HERE and was so cheap at like £2.50. My aunty actually ordered it one for her and one for me.. we are both 'Z's! Love quirky jewellery like this and I had been meaning to buy one for ages. This ring is adjustable which means one size for all - always a good thing! 


The ring on my little finger is actually vintage, it is the tiniest little thing and about the only ring I have ever found that fit my pinky finger! Also check out my friendship bracelet my friend Annalisa gave me this she's an amazing national make up artist for NARS and as soon as I saw it on her I wanted it. It took me back to being a kid when I used to make them.. so lots of love to my BFF Annalisa!

This post turned into a little bit of a ramble but just thought I was in the mood to share. Hope you are all have a great week I'm not sure if I will be posting anything else this week as I'm off to Belgium first thing on Thursday morning to see a friend. No doubt I will be ditching WeightWatchers for the week to indulge in chocolate and waffles! Life's too short and there's always next week. I may be Tweeting so @ me.. If any of you have any suggestions on things to do or see in Brussels/Antwerp then also drop me a line. 

Have a good week my lovelies.. I hope you are well.. 

Lots of Love


[113] Come fly with me..

We all deserve a treat now and then and even though I think I 'treat' myself too often when it comes to jewellery, there really are ...

I have to say I am really unsure as to how I feel about this colour, at first I was excited to use it, then once it was on my nails I was pretty undecided.. so much so, I changed it not long after taking the pics. To me if there was one word that comes to mind when I look at this colour it would be 'Mouldy!' a mix between mustard and a murky lime green.


To me it's one of those colours that Chanel could release and would be a total sell out but for Rococo I don't know. On a positive note I found the application and the brush of this Rococo polish to be amazing! I haven't used Rococo for a while so I was majorly impressed. This colour isn't for everyone (FAR from it) but I can see it looking the best on darker skin. There is something unusual about the colour, that something must have been what drew me in. Will I be rushing to paint my nails this again? I don't think so.. 


But all I can say is 'PEACE OUT!' 


Rococo is exclusive to Space NK and they have an amazing range of colours to see more click HERE

Lots of Love 


[112] Rococo - 'Peace Out'



Happy Monday! I don't know how much of a regular feature this will be and wether I will be consistent enough to post every Monday but I shall use it as my day to fill you in, as and when on what products I am currently loving. I liked being able to allocate a day and post to doing so, so here's to keeping it up! 

Umberto Giannini Sleek & Chic Straight Shampoo and Conditioner


I have to say for the last few months I have been using pretty high end shampoo and I really have to say I noticed such a major difference in the condiiton of my hair. It was only a few weeks ago that I ran out of what I was currently using and raided my cupboards of products to use up. It was then I found minnatures of  Umberto Giannini Sleek and Chich straight shampoo and conditioner. I have had this since around Christmas, I do believe it was part  of their seasonal gift sets. I thought I would give it a try and I have to say I was majorly impressed. A lot of people in recent weeks have commented on how healthy and shiny my hair was looking and to be honest the only major change was that I was using these two. They smell gorgeous, not too artificially sweet but still have such a great scent. I also found that in terms of keeping my hair straight these worked pretty well too, where I usually striaghten my hair once and then go over it the following morning,I found I didn't have to. The only thing I did do was go over my bangs/fringe which seems to be in a world of their own. If you are looking at achieving sleek, shiny straight hair I would definetley recommend checking these two out. You can purchase and see more from the Umberto Giannini straight range HERE they are currently on promotion at Boots (two products for £7.50). 

SEDU Hair straighteners


In conjuction with my hair products I also thought I'd give another shout out to my Sedu hair striaghteners because even though the products help I also believe the tools we use have a lot to contribute. Now I mentioned these in a post on my hair a little while back and you can read about that HERE but I am now noticing how they have improved the condition of my hair. I also didn't realise how easy they felt on the hair and it only hit me when I used a friends pair of GHDs. A few months ago I didn't see what the big fuss was about the Sedu's but since I have been styling my hair straight more and more I can definetley see a change in the condition of my hair. The big difference with the Sedu is that they have a patent and use solid ceramic/tourmaline plates. What this does is infuses moisture into the hair when straightening it, thus eliminating frizz giving off a high shine. They heat up to around 232 C and similarly to the GHDs the shape allows you to use them for straight, wavy and curly styling. If you are on a look out for new straighteners I would definetley reccomend them, I have owned and used many brands but these so far are my favourites. They are priced at £130 which is pretty much the same as GHDs and they can be bought from Space NK HERE

Hope you all have a great week..I am off to Belgium (Brussels/Antwerp) this week to visit a friend, looking forward to  having some fun and getting out of London! 

What have you been loving this week?

Lots of Love 


[111] Mouldyfruit Mondays return..


Today was my mums birthday big shout out to my Mouldy Mama.. who is as fabulous as ever! We had a chilled out day enjoying the sunshine and had lots of friends and family around throughout the day. Me being on WeightWatchers and the major cake addict I am, hated the fact that I'd be celebrating a birthday without any cake! I decided to take matters into my own hands and researched WeightWatcher cake recipes. I ended up finding one for a chocolate and raspberry cake, whilst I don't consider myself to be a baker (AT ALL) I thought I'd give it a go. Despite the funny shape, let's face it I'm far from perfect and I wouldn't expect anything I make to be 'Normal' I have to say I was impressed with the outcome. 


It was pretty easy to make and thought I'd leave the recipe on here for any of you who are on WeightWatchers or just generally want to indulge in cake but with less of the fat! 

This recipe is from the WeightWatchers website and if you want to try this one for yourself then click below. It works out to 6 points per slice, which to be honest isn't bad if you like don't want to feel left out and miss out on cake then give it a go! 

[110] Happy Birthday Mouldyfruit Mama


I do love a good body scrub and for the last few months you may know from previous posts that I have been using a Nuxe body exfoliator. When most products come to an end I am the kind of girl who is always on the look out for something 'Bigger' and 'Better' so instead of re-purchasing I like to try others. I quite enjoy using Ren products, especially their body ranges I feel as if they suit my skin and I like the fact that they are pretty natural and free from the nasties.


This Moroccan rose body scrub is a relatively new product to me but I am already loving using this. I have always preferred sugar scrubs as I feel the exfoliation is much more effective. This feels great on the skin and as soon as you add water it emulsifies and washes away well it leaves the skin feeling gorgeous and smooth. This body polish also contains almond oil so I think that also helps in keeping the skin silky soft. I know rose is one of those love/hate scents but I have to say although the smell is relatively strong I didn't feel that the fragranced lingered too much on the body. I like to use this with my Bliss fat girl slimultor as it helps keeping my skin smooth and semi cellulite free (haha) if you want to read my review about that you can HERE.

The REN Rose body polish is £32 and available to buy HERE.

What are your favourite scrubs? Lots of Love


[109] Ren Morroccan rose otto sugar body polish



I first saw GOSH nail glitters on Holly's blog and I was instantly mesmerised! I was so impressed by how pretty her nails looked. I literally rushed to Superdrug the next day to get my hands on some GOSH glitter. I decided to go for the gold because if you know me I love anything Black and Gold. I was unsure as to how easy this would be and I have to say it all went pretty smoothly. 



I painted my nails all black using Barry M Black. This has to be my favourite black nail polish, it's affordable and with two coats it is super intesne. I then waited for them to dry and painted the tips with a clear coat nail polish, I then dipped them in to the pot of glitter and brushed off with a small paint brush. I then put a top coat over the nail and Voila! I think they are gorgeous and I really haven't been able to stop staring at my nails, so sparkly and eye catching! it was a quick and easy way to achieve glittery ombre nails. At £3.99 I am definitely considering purchasing more colours. GOSH currently have 10 shades which all look fabulous you can see the collection and purchase GOSH nail glitters from Superdrug in the UK. The collection is gorgeous and definitely worth checking out, I love how easy nail art is becoming, especially for those who are less creative but still love the look! 



What do you think of glittery nails? I have to say they were a little tough to remove but it was all totally worth it! 

Lots of Love and sparkles 


[107] 'Oh my' Gosh glitters!

Thank you to everyone who entered my Sleek giveaway, thanks for all of your comments! The winner was chosen at random and is.. 

Abbie from AbbieBabby


Lots of Love.. 

Winner of my Sleek giveaway!


About a month ago I tweeted asking what you guys thought was the best gradual tanning moisturiser. I was attempting to preserve my Miami tan for as long as possible and as summer in London seems to officially be over I needed all the help I could in attempting to keep my 'Summer Glow'. My favourite thing about summer is bronzed makes up, healthy radiant skin and of course that gorgeous glow. The majority tweeted back telling me to try the Dover 'Summer Glow' body lotion and I have to say it was probably the best £3 I have EVER spent! I purchased the one for medium to dark skin and I have to say it works wonders. To be honest although this is meant to be a gradual tan I found within two days I noticed a difference my skin was golden and looking tanned. I love that this body lotion doesn't have that awful fake tan smell and it doesn't feel heavy once applied to the skin. I would say it takes a little while to absorb in to the body but other than that I found it worked very well. The colour was even and to me perfect, I have to say that after a week of using it daily I really didn't feel the need to keep building it up. I am now using it as and when I need a bit more colour, I love nothing more than to be tanned and seeing as I won't be in any sunshine soon this product is my new BFF! 


Excuse the ugly mosquito bitten legs.. I was sitting on a step when I took this pic lol!



Sorry for the poor iPhone pictures, I couldn't be dealing with the hassle of tripod etc. 

I think this product is inexpensive and ideal for any summer skin lovers out there! 

Have any of you tried this? What do you think? What are your other favourite gradual tanning lotions?! Buy the Dove Summer Glow HERE it's currently on offer and I think they have recently changed the packaging. 

Lots of Love


[106] Money well spent..


I went through another phase of rainbow nails, this time I decided to go for teals, greens and Purples. I think these are the bright colours I most like wearing. A lot of people complimented them which actually surprised me. I suppose I still can't help but shake off that childlike feeling of multi coloured nails. After painting them I kept finding things around the house that matched my nails, like my mums flowers! 



Essie - Mint Candy Apple 


GOSH - Wild Lilac 


Orly - Frisky


American Apparel - L'Espirit


Orly - Ancient Jade 


You will have to excuse how chipped my nails are, I didn't get round to taking pics till after wearing this combo for a few days. 


My mum actually knit me this it's an iPhone case/holder (How cute!) and it just so happened to be a combination of teal and purple. Totally coincidental I assure you. I am trying to convince her to open an Etsy store she's really into her knitting and had made laptop cases, iphone cases, kindle cases.. I think I should launch her as Mouldy's Mama! haha..  


So there you have it more rainbow nails for me.. I can see this becoming a regular thing! I like how pretty they look together lots of colours and it definitely makes choosing a colour to paint my nails a lot easier. 

Lots of Love 


[105] Teals and Purples..

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