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Yesterday was one of those days that makes you just smile from within inside. The weather was incredible - I am all for the heat, yesterday the sun shone and made London feel ilke a place I loved again. There's nothing more I enjoy doing than going down to Brick Lane on a Sunday. The atmosphere, the markets, the fashion, the people, the music, the food.. ahhh it's everything I love about London. I was out with my brother and a few of his friends, we had fun snapping photos and mooching around. I know this is photo overload but hey.. I'm that kind of girl! Enjoy.. 






















Lots of Love.. Happiness and SUNSHINE! 


[094] Sunny Sundays

Yesterday was one of those days that makes you just smile from within inside. The weather was incredible - I am all for the heat, yesterday...

Summer nails at it's finest! I had featured this as part of my rainbow nails post but this colour was so pretty that it deserved a post of it's own. I have a few peach-esque nail polishes but this has a little more pink to it than the others I own. It is just such a gorgeous, pastel shade for the summer. If I was only allowed one colour this summer I think this would definitely be it! I also love how it looks against a tan. The formula of Essie nail polishes is really to my liking, two coats and I was happy! 



What have you been wearing on your nails this week!? I have changed my nails so many times that I have run out of nail polish remover so if any of you remember TWEET me (@Mouldyfruit) and remind me to pick some up in the morning.. HAHA 

Lots of Love..


[093] Essie - Van D'Go


Hey lovelies.. hope you have all had a great weekend. Today was such amazing weather in London this was probably the first time I feel like I've seen the sun and no rain since I got back from Miami it really was such a gorgeous day. I have taken some pics which will be up soon but wanted to post pictures from last night and talk a little bit about my recent hair cut. 

On Friday I was invited down to RUSH hair to and treated to a complimentary haircut and treatment. I was so glad as it came at the right time, my layers had grown out and my recent holiday had affected the condition of my hair. It felt pretty dry and really dehydrated and so my stylist Omorfi recommended the L'oreal Botox treatment. I have to say I was pretty excited at the sound of this, the main purpose of the treatment is to smooth away split ends and help really correct the damage of heat styling. In a smilar way that bottox smooths away wrinkles this product for the hair is meant to deposit molecules inside damaged hair and as the water evaporates the molecules spread sealing gaps and repairing breakages (I know very technical) The treatment is meant to last on the hair for up to 10 washes and I have to say once my hair was blow-dried I noticed such a huge difference. It felt so thick and fluffy yet at the same time smooth and shiny. To have this treatment done in a RUSH salon is about £25 and is something I would probably recommend if you have the tendency to colour and use heat frequently. I also have to say I had the BEST head massage whilst receiving this treatment I honestly nearly fell asleep, I think I'd pay £25 just for that! 


Since I've been around 15 I have always had the same person cut my hair.. (Big Shout out to you CLAIRE) I very rarely go elsewhere to get my hair cut just because Claire always knows what I'm thinking I can can quite literally sit down and say nothing and love what she's done. I was however quite excited to let someone else touch my hair just because once in a while it's nice to get someone elses input and everyone cuts hair differently. My stylist Omorfi at the branch in One New Change in the city made me feel comfortable and seemed to be on exactly the same page as me. I really didn't have to say much to her as she knew exactly what she wanted to do and everything she said I agreed to.  I was so impressed by the cut and the service at RUSH and would definitely consider going back. 


Haircut : 
Trimmed slightly at the ends
Layers from around the crown 
Blunt fringe which I asked Omorfi to cut deeper in at the sides




Omorfi used some amazing products on my hair before proceeding to blow dry and I thought I would mention these as I am considering purchasing some of them. I felt with all the products she used none of them felt heavy in the hair and they all smelt divine. Omorfi used all products on my hair whilst it was wet, I have to admit I don't tend to use many products when my hair is wet more so when it's dry. 

Shu Uemura Essence Absolue - Nourishing Protective Oil 
I think this was my favourite product that Omorfi used. It is an oil that absorbs really well into the hair reinforcing moisture levels of dry hair. It leaves the hair feeling super soft and I have to the smell is Camellia petal which smells exactly like the Shu Uemura cleansing oil which I have recently started using again. 

Shu Uemura - Tasai Cream 
This product was used to help shape and sculpt the hair but also to create a flawless look. Again this product is really moisturising for the hair but also great for defining layers and movement within the hair. 

Redken - 05 Matte Sponge
Omorfi used this  to again define layers and texture. The consistency of this product is as the name states 'sponge' like it's really bouncy and blue in colour. She used this product by working it through the roots of my hair.

Kerastase - Ciment Thermique 
This is a heat activated reconstructor for weakened hair. This product is designed to be used with heat, it works on the fibres internally and protects the surface of the hair. 

Overall I had a really good experience as RUSH and for someone who doesn't like to venture out of their hairdresser comfort zone I was pleasantly surprised. RUSH have over 56 salons all over the UK and have some amazing offers including 20% student discount and a rebooking discount. Click HERE to visit their website to find a salon near you. 

Lots of Love 


[092] RUSH Hair


I am one that likes to try all when it comes to primers to make sure I am using the best ones. I have tried quite a few and the NARS Pro prime products are two that I have been using for the last month or so thought I would share my views with you and let you know how I've been getting on. 

Oil Free Pore Refining Primer 

I have to say I am such a huge NARS fan but in the past I haven't found NARS foundation primers to be that good. I received this product a few months ago at a press event and as I was coming to the end of my Laura Mercier primer I thought I'd give this one a try. The consistency of this primer is very lightweight, gel based and I find a little bit of the product goes a long way. It's an oil free formula which I wondered how well it would work with my dry skin type. The hydration was sufficient obviously a primer isn't meant to be a moisturiser but just a product that helps pro long the wear of make up. I found that my foundation has been applying really well since using this and I have most definitely noticed a difference as to how long my make up lasts. Like most people I get that shiny  T-zone come lunch O'clock and with this I've noticed it happens a lot later. I started using this in Miami as the size and packaging makes it ideal to travel with. I also thought the Miami heat would be a good test on the primer to see how it works in warmer climates and I have to say I was impressed. A good thing about this primer is that it is paraben free, fragrance free and highly anti oxidant. The primer is meant to be pore refining but I have to say I didn't notice it made any difference to the size of my pores. 

The pore refining primer retails at around £24.

Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

The smudge proof eye shadow base is definitely going to be a firm favourite, this is a miniature version but I will be definitely purchasing the full size product. I have been using various different eye shadow bases and this one that I instantly got on with. It has a sponge applicator but i prefer to use my fingers, it is a colourless primer that at first goes on to the eye lid with a slight whitish colour and creamy consistency. It then dries transparent really grabbing to the colours of the eye shadow it enhances the colours and pro longs the wear. I got NO creases when using this primer and I mean that, I also began using this in Miami and I'd come home in the early hours of the morning and my eye shadow would still be in place. If you read my blog regularly you will know I love to wear heavy eye make up and this was an eye primer that really worked well with that. I can not recommend this product enough, if you are on the look for an eye shadow base this is a great one to check out! 

The smudge proof eye shadow base retails at around £18.

Have any of you tried the NARS prepping products? What are your favourite primers? 

Lots of Love


[091] NARS Pro Prime Products

ORLY - 'Frisky'


I have been loving ORLY nail polishes lately and the brightness just amazes me! They are so long lasting and I find the application is great. I have worn them for a few days in a row at first I wore 'Frisky' which is another gorgeous turquoise I like that this one is quite blue, I feel like it's really Mediterranean if that makes any sense at all. I honestly believe that I will never have enough turquoise/teal nail polishes I really love them and the way in which they compliment my skintone especially my tan! 



ORLY - 'Fancy Fuchsia'

I then changed to this gorgeous neon pink, it is so barbie like it excites me. I love being a girly girl at times and this one is gorgeous. I actually wore this when I flew out to Miami and I noticed how eye catching it was in some of my holiday photos. I knew I had to wear it again and that is exactly what I did! I got so many compliments it really is a 'Fancy Fuchsia'.





I have some very exciting news as I have teamed up with ORLY here in the UK to bring you a great giveaway! It is so simple and anyone can enter and I have to say the prize is AMAZING! 

All you have to do is.. 

1. Head over to the ORLY Beauty UK Facebook Page HERE

 and simply "LIKE" the page and post this message below on their wall. 

“Zara sent me & I LOVE ORLY!”

2. Then head over to my Mouldyfruit Facebook page HERE and like that too! 

3. Please make sure you are a follower of my blog.

4. I will be announcing the winner at random on Friday the 1st July at 10pm GMT. 

5. This giveaway is only open to those within the UK (Sorry!)


Now for the fun part the winner will win £80 worth of ORLY Mini Manis, a total of 16 nail polishes! How amazing.. I wish I could enter! 

Good luck my prettys

Lots of Love.. 



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