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Hey lovelies I am writing this post as I'm attempting to walk to my gate (I am doing a pretty bad job!) I am off on holiday to Miami really looking forward to relaxing in the sun, getting some shopping in and definitely a little bit of partying! I last visited in september but will be fun going back in the summer.

Have a good week, speak soon my lovelies..catch me on twitter @mouldyfruit



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Hey lovelies I am writing this post as I'm attempting to walk to my gate (I am doing a pretty bad job!) I am off on holiday to Miami rea...

Hello dolls, hope everyone is doing well. I have had one of those never ending weeks and although I have been out all afternoon and evening I had the urge to post these pics now before they get added to my never ending "To Blog" folder. If you remember back when I attended the MAC Bafta event we were given an amazing bag of goodies, two products of which I was literally jumping for joy about as I had almost purchased them a few days prior. 

These two products are of course MAC 'Cherry' lip liner and MAC Pro longwear lip in 'Prolong'. Since I have had the change of hair my make up has been pretty.. HMM.. I don't want to say boring, nor standard BUT more or less.. Consistent. I have on most occasions opted for a bold lip and eyeliner with a bit of colour here and there. Before the bangs it was all about smokey eyes and defined brows in a way I like that I don't have to worry about maintaining the beastly brows. I have to say though they are looking pretty good as I have allowed them to grow and my girls at Blink shaped me up GOOD! I usually do them myself but wow these girls are amazing!

Anyways back to lips.. I THINK I have found my ultimate red lip combination. Cherry lip liner should belong to EVERYONE it is such an amazing red which looks fantastic on it's own or as a base or simply as a guide to that perfect red pout combined with PROLONG is just FABULOUS! 

The pro longer lipsticks are amazing, I have one in a muted nude colour so I guess I could never really tell how long lasting they were. All until I began to use 'Prolong' it is a gorgeous red, so vibrant and sexy! The texture is divine..they go onto the lips almost glossy but then finish matte but don't dry the lips! It seriously lasts all day.. I want to purchase a few more of these especially the orange and corals. 


MAC Studio sculpt NC44 
MAC Studio finish concealer in NW35 
MAC Prep and Prime translucent powder

NARS Casino 

MAC Ripe Peach blush ombre


MAC Ricepaper e/s in the inner corner 
MAC Satin taupe e/s on the lid 
Inglot Gel liner in Black 
L'oreal voluminous lash in Extra black 

MAC Cherry lip liner 
MAC Prolong wear lipstick in Prolong 


Please ignore the fact that my fringe is all over the place, it is honestly such high maintenance and doesn't stop growing! Have any of you tried the pro longwear lipsticks? What are your favourites? What is you must have red lipstick? 

Have a great weekend lovelys.. 
Lots of Love


[080] MAC Cherry+Prolong = LOVE


For ages now I have been asked over and over again to do a post on what products I use for my hair and what my general routine is. To be honest I have put it off for a while but for some reason this evening when I was applying my hair mask I decided I felt like sharing and so I give you my huge hair post.. TA DA! 

Click below to read the rest.. 

[079] Favourite Hair Products

If you know me or follow my blog regularly you will know that I am really a girly girl. I don't really admit it but it's true. I am also no stranger to a bit of a bling bling I love it, call it tacky but I can't help but be drawn to gems and jewels. I thought I would share with you my latest bit of phone blingage that I was kindly sent to me by the lovely people over at Lux Addiction. I have been a fan of their embellished phone cases forever and was delighted to be sent one. I have to admit I wanted to get my phone/camera 'himed' out when I was in Tokyo a couple of years ago but I was too indecisive and ended up not getting it done I really did regret it. So here I am a few years later with the girliest, pinkest, prettiest phone case ever. 



I love the 3d roses, the pearls and the swarovski pink crystals. It is just so ME! My friends and family can't help but laugh as they've whitnessed me pull this baby out of my bag. (I think it's because they are "So Jel" haha) 


The excitement of my phone case arrival saw me paint my nails this gorgeous barbie pink and bring out MAC's Pink Noveau lipstick! Ah I love it.. 


In case you were wondering the nail polish I am wearing is 'Hot Pants' by Rococo, I also wore a baby pink blusher wish is 'Dame' by MAC and over Pink Noveau I wore NARS 'Angelika' lipgloss.


If you are thinking of getting an embellished phone case or just want to have a look at some of their other beautiful cases you should check out Lux Addiction's website HERE
 as they have some of the cases at discounted prices. There are so many gorgeous designs it's super hard to chose one. They cater for most phones and now ipads! I would love to have an embellished ipad would look amazing!

What do you think of phone bling? I love it! 



[078] Lux Addiction.. My new bit of BLING!


The other day I was honestly feeling so blue, the weather was miserable and ugh it was just one of those days. In an attempt to brighten my mood I choose to paint my nails in a ridiculously loud/bright colour. This sunny yellow nail polish is rightfully named 'Glee' and is by Filthy Gorgeous I have to say I am loving their polishes the most at the moment. I have been finding they last really well on my nails and the colours are so unique and require little effort in making them as vibrant as they appear. 


I then got semi adventurous, I say semi because I didn't want to do all of my fingers BUT I did add a little crackle.


I love this effect with my YSL arty ring just thing it works so well, after doing this and seeing that one of my nails was 'Black and Yellow' I literally couldn't stop singing Whiz Khalifa's 'Black and Yellow' even now I am finding it hard to type without singing it in the back of my head. Haha.. I do this this is very New York Taxi-esque! 


Loved it for a bright change but it didn't last long as I changed my nails a day later.. *Sigh*

Lots of lemon love 


[077] Filthy Gorgeous - 'Glee'


To celebrate the launch of the new NARS Make up your mind 'Express yourself' book NARS have brought out some beautiful gift sets. They are amazing value and all come with such a fabulous selection of products which definitely require a closer look. From the NARS event I attended a few weeks ago I chose to take home the 'Eyes' kit as I had a lot of the products in the 'Lips' and 'Cheeks' sets. The eye collection is priced at £65 and comes with 4 products an eye shadow palette, a full size mascara, a mini smudge proof eye shadow base and a mini eye make up remover. 



The colours in this palette are so wearable and so gorgeous. I am such a huge NARS eye shadow fan and have a few of the palettes and thought another one wouldn't hurt. I especially love Galapagos and Brumes perfect for a smokey eye. 

(Top L-R Abyssinia, Silk Road (II), Strada)
(Bottom L-R Galapagos, Fuji, Brumes (II)) 

The Larger than life  volumizing mascara is a product I have used this previously and thought it worked really well for me. It has a chunky brush which is something I really like in volumizing mascaras. I will be sure to upload some pictures once I start using this. 


The NARS eye make up remover is oil based so the liquids separate so you have to shake it to activate it. I think this eye make up remover works wonders again this is a product I have used before and take it from someone who wears A LOT of eye make up that this one is a fantastic remover! I also love the size of it, I am going to be travelling soon so this is just perfect to take with me. 

The NARS pro prime smudge proof eye shadow base is by far one of the best eye primers I have used however whenever I have gone to purchase it, it's always out of stock which is frustrating. The consistency is quite creamy and it goes on to the eyes with no colour and it really allows the pigment of the shadows to perform. I really find my  eye shadow is so much more vibrant and lasts the whole day with no creases. In this kit you get a mini one, again great for popping in your make up bag. 

If you are interested in trying NARS products I think these kits are amazing for getting a taste at how great their products are. If you want to check out the lips and the cheek kits you can do so HERE

What do you think of NARS? What are your favourite products? 

Lots of Love 


[076] NARS Make up your mind 'Express yourself' Eye set!

Hello lovelies.. It has been a while that I haven't blog believe me life has been non stop. I have so many posts that I am trying to get up but I am really finding it hard balancing everything out at the moment. Some of you will know that about 3/4 weeks ago I changed my hair and had a full fringe cut in. I love it and it has really grown on me however it is so time consuming and such high maintenance. I also feel that now I have this new look my hair is better suited straight. I think since the cut I've only had it wavy once but I am now using heat on it a lot more which isn't good. So what better time to trial John Frieda's new '3 Day straight' - If it makes my life easier than why not !?


I have been using John Frieda's 3 day straight for a few weeks now and I have to say I do like the product BUT! I don't feel as if it keeps my hair straight for 3 days. It might just be me as I am so used to washing my hair every other day. 

The product is a spray which you are meant to spritz into wet/damp hair approximately 7-15 times before you proceed to straighten your hair. I really like how light this spray feels in the hair it doesn't weigh it down like some styling products do and doesn't have that sticky finish to it. I have naturally wavy/curly thick hair and I found this product really helped to tame the frizz and made straightening a lot easier. I also found once my hair was blow-dried (before using straighteners) it was noticeably straighter. Once I then used the straighteners over I found my hair looked shiny, glossy and definitely straight! 

When it got to day two I found that my hair was still straight when I woke up. In the mornings  usually go over my hair with the straighteners but  I didn't feel I needed to put as much time or effort in to doing so. This product claims that you can even go to the gym and your hair remains straight. I really am funny about my hair and feel as if I NEED to wash it every other day and especially after  a workout at the gym. For that reason it didn't live up to the 3 days it suggests on the packet. Partly because I am too used to routine and felt my hair had to be washed. 

3 Day straight is a product I would definitely recommend giving a go. I saw a real difference from using it and styling my hair, the straightness held up until I washed it and it remained glossy and shiny. I think if you have frizzy, wavy, curly hair you will notice a huge difference once using this product. For those of you with straighter hair the results will probably be less evident.

For £7 this product makes that Brazilian blow-dry a home made easy, temporary alternative which is definitely worth a try! 

I love John Frieda's products, Frizz Ease has been my number one serum since I  was like 14! Do you like John Frieda's haircare? Would you try this product? How are you currently wearing your hair? 

Thank God it's Friday! I need this weekend.. 
lots of love 

I was sent this product for review purposes however my opinions remain honest and based on my personal experience with the product.

[075] John Frieda 3 Day Straight


This is a colour I honestly dug out of my nail files. I bought this so long ago, I don't remember when but I know it was when I was in New York at some point a few years back. I am suprised it's not all dried up and gone off! Such a gorgeous orange, so vibrant and fun for the summer. I love the application of OPI nail polishes and I think I'd forgotten how much. My hands and feet are looking browner again I have to say it must be from the sunshine in Paris I have the ugliest tan lines on my feet from wearing my Birkenstocks the whole weekend - Oh well the sunshine compensated for it! I have to say I think this colour and my OPI 'Tasmanian devil made me do it' are going to be much loved this summer, I think the fact that I am wearing these colours on my lips also has much to do with it. I like to be quite matchy matchy as times. My big rock ring is from H&M and the size was way too big for me but it was the only one left so I got it anyway. 



What do you think your summer nail staples will be? What have you been wearing this weekend? Hope you all had a good one.. 

Lots of Love


[074] OPI - Don't be koi with me

Bonjour ma cheris, hope you are all well and are having a good weekend so far. This time last week I was enjoying the beautiful sunshine of Paris. Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world and I usually visit quite a few times a year. I have to say this was my first time back this year and wow! it was such a fabulous weekend. I went to visit one of my best friends Nadine who's just moved back to Paris after living here in London for 7 years. She is now getting ready to move to Toronto so I wanted to spend some girly time together before she left. We spent the weekend walking around the city, having picnics in the park, eating ice cream and chit chatting away. The weather was beautiful and I just thought I'd share some of my snaps from the weekend. 

I lived in my Ray Ban for the whole time I was over there, RayBan Wayfarer are definitely a girls best friend! I have to say they are the most comfortable sunglasses I own. Whether the sun is out or not I still love to parade around town in them. TrĂ©s cool! 

If you are in Paris you must have ice cream at Amorino we were obsessed by the end of the weekend, was honestly the most amazing ice cream ever! Also we went to such a cool bar for happy hour cocktails and cheese on the Friday night it was just so relaxed, a great atmosphere and good music it's called 'Barbershop' and is on Rue Oberkampft. Anyways click for the rest of the pics as there's quite a lot! 


[073] Rendezvous avec Paris..

On Tuesday night I was very lucky to be invited down to Harvey Nichols for the NARS blogger event to celebrate the launch of the new NARS book Make up your mind - Express yourself. It was such a fun evening with lots of laughs and familar faces. I have to say I was so happy and suprised to see my friend Annalisa who works for NARS, she's my Italian beauty who always has the most amazing make up on. I also saw the lovely David who is a national make up artist from NARS again. 


Aren't they so gorgeous.. David and Annalisa! 

David talked me through the book and I have to say it's an amazing book, so beautiful. I have the first edition of the book but this second one to me is even more inspiring. I think the reason why is beacause the women featured in this book are all normal women who were chosen off the streets of New York city. I love the realness behind the beauty of these women, I only photographed a few looks which stood out to me. I have to say the make up is FIERCE. The book is split into three sections, young women, middle aged and mature. I really enjoed looking through the mature section as I found it so beautiful that nothing has been airbrushed or retouched. 






The aim of the event was to have a play around with looks and recreate ones from the book. I was already all NARS'd up wearing my sheer matte foundation, casino bronzer, gina blusher and red square velvet matte lip pencil so I just allowed David to do whatever he wished. Over my 'Red Square' he added a touch of pink to the lips using the new pure matte lipstick in Carthage and then continued to add the new bright irange lipgloss in 'Wonder' I loved how the lips turned out. So bright and fun.. if you know me anything goes and I the full on look. 


For the eyes David just added 'Kaliste' eyepencil underneath it's a gorgeous teal green something I probably would never have picked myself. He set this pencil with the e/s duo in 'Misfit' and then added a touch of the e/s in 'Goldfinger' in the inner corners. I really liked this finished look even though the rest of my eye make up was like a day old. 


Here's me with my two favourite NARS's ;) 


Have any of you checked out the new book? Do you have the old one? I think I am going to purchase the new one, I love books on make up and the first 'Make up your mind' was definetley my inspiration to pursuing a career/interest in make up. 

Lots of Love


[072] NARS Make Up Your Mind - Express Yourself EVENT

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