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I've had the urge to paint my nails red for ages now, but everytime I went to do it I had something new to try. When I finally painted my nails Red last Friday I had so many compliments and I myself fell totally in LOVE with it, that I knew it had to be my favourite product from the week. I think finding your favourite red nail polish is tricky, there are so many variations but by far Models Own 'Red Alert' is the one for me. I love everything about it it just has the right balance of colour for me, if that makes any sense at all, Not too orange and not too deep. I also love the consistency of this nail polish, I've had various other Models Own colours that have been a let down but this one is perfect.


There is something so sexy and sophisticated about red nails and I will definetley be wearing this for a few more days!


What has been your favourite product this week? Hope everyone had a great weekend and here's to a good week..

Lots of Love..

[015] MFM Ft Models Own 'Red Alert'

I've had the urge to paint my nails red for ages now, but everytime I went to do it I had something new to try. When I finally painte...


I haven't done one of these in ages, probably because I've not been in the mood to take photographs and also because my skin and lack of sleep has meant I look pretty rough 99% of the time! Over the weekend me and a friend went out, nothing major but just an excuse to make a bit of an effort. I wore my hair straight as I haven't in absolutely ages I can't believe how long it it, you can't really see in these pics but WOAH! I used a straightening shampoo, conditioner and styling cream from Umberto Giannini considering we were inside a club and it was so so stuffy my hair didn't frizz or anything which was quite impressive. My hair is still super straight this morning which can only be a good thing.

I have also been so pale lately that even my lightest foundations seem a little colourful, however I have settled for MAC studio fix fluid in NC 43.5, it seems to be doing the job! I am also so so still in love with navy blue everything.. especially eye-makeup.

There are two products that I have previously blogged about but really have been such firm favourites and I have been using them daily for what seems like weeks! These are MAC 'Modesty' lipstick and NARS 'Madly' blusher..LOVE LOVE LOVE. Also my eyebrows seem to be pretty thin at the moment, I guess I don't mind because I quite like the shape so many thanks to my girl Dipti at Blink who does my brows when I'm feeling too lazy. Also I get a lot of comments from people about what I use for my brows, well my hair is jet black and my eyebrows are naturally quite dark I do however use MAC's 'Carbon' e/s on an angled brush to fill in the gaps.



MAC Strobe Cream

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC43.5

MAC Prep and Prime Translucent Powder

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW35


NARS 'Casino'


NARS 'Madly'


MAC 'Tan' Pigment



MAC Paint in 'Bare Canvas'

MAC 'Femme Fi' in the inner conrners

MAC 'Graphology' All over the lid

NARS 'Nightflight' in the outer corners

Shu Uemura Painting liner in 'Black'

Avon 'Supershock' gel liner pencil

Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara


NARS lip liner in 'Rosebud'

MAC 'Modesty' lipstick


So there you have it, how has everyones weekend been? What are you current make up favourites that you can't get enough of?

Lots of Love


[014] In case you forgot what I look like..


I actually bought this because I went to Boots in search of a little something new, I came away with this which is hardly new! I know the brown/beige is kind over done in the nail world but this is one I don't have. I have the Chanel Particuliere but let's face it even the quality of Barry M polishes are better than Chanel's! I did like this on my nails, but only wore it for a few days as I had the the urge to paint them RED. I love how sophisticated brown nails looks and I will continue to wear them even when everyone stops.. ha.


What colour are you lovelies wearing at the moment? Do you still digg brown nails?

Lots of Love


[013] Barry M 'Mushroom'


If you have followed my blog for a while you will know that I absolutley love Soap and Glory's foot cream 'Heel Genius' it wasn't until my friend whipped this out of her bag that I became a fan of this baby too! 'Hand Food' is a gorgeous, moisturising hand cream, smells amazing with the key ingredients being; She butter, Macadamia Oil and Marshmallow. I have such dry hands and this is perfect! It is rich enough without being greasy and keeps my hands soft especially through this winter weather. This one is actually the mini size, which is ideal for popping into your handbag. I change my bag so often that this is really easy to carry around. Priced at around £2.50 this is definetley a bargain and a MUST have for all you hand cream lovers out there.

What do you guys think of Soap and Glory, I really am being swayed! At first it was all so gimmicky that I was unsure of the quality of the products but what I have tried so far, I love! What are your favourite products from Soap and Glory?

Happy Friday dolls, So glad it's the weekend - Have a good one!


[012] Soap & Glory 'Hand Food'



Ok so I'm relatively late on blogging about this product! I have however been using it since before Christmas it was one of the products I was meant to include in my countdown to Christmas posts. I honestly keep forgetting to blog about this product..sorry!

This was the first hair product by Umberto Giannini I had tried and to be honest despite the mixed reviews I have enjoyed using it.

I have quite thick, naturally wavy hair and well a lot of it. I must say when I first started using it I loved it, I'd spray it into my hair, notice an instant difference and loved the vavavoom it gave me. I was so excited about it that I never paid much attention to my hair after having sprayed it in. The backcomb effect doesnt last on my hair for very long which is unfortunate, but it does give an instant lift. I think on fine hair this would end up weighing it down to much. I also believe this would be a good product to use if you wear you hair up.

I would reccomend this product, just to give a go. BUT I would say don't expect it to replace your comb! There are so many reviews on it that I think it's best to see how the product works for you, if it doesn't it doubles up as a hair spray ha! So no loss there..

I think Boots are currently running 3 Umberto Giannini products for £7 or something like that. I will try and post some pics later of my hair with/without this product for you guys to check out.

Lots of Love


[011] Umberto Giannini 'Backcomb in a Bottle'



Modesty was one of those lipsticks I just randomly chose after picking up around six lipsticks from the same colour family and realising I have them all. I didn't even really swatch it properly or pay too much attention to it I was just glad I didn't own it. Naughty I know, it was only after a week I realised I still hadn't tried it on, swatched it, blogged it.


So I applied my rosebud lip liner by NARS which I must say is becoming a firm favourite of mine! I then applied modesty on top..(Bear in mind the lipliner slightly darkens the lipstick)

All I can say is Wow!!


I have worn 'Modesty' everyday for 8 days in a row and that is no word a lie. I love everything about it, the colour is spot on to what I had in mind, the texture and the finished look of this lipstick is my current definition of lipstick perfection! I love that it's a cremesheen and usually I am more for the matte lipsticks, it has such a pretty shimmer to it.

The colour? Is again my usual blend of brown meets a slightly pinkish undertone, natural but more than a nude lipstick. It really does create a defined luscious lip and I love it!


I don't think I have ever used a new lipstick everyday for more than a week that's a record and it surprised me even more because I never expected it to be such a hit, don't you just love it when that happens!


[010] MAC's 'Modesty', A Pleasant Surprise!


Uhmm yeh MouldyFruit Monday on Tuesday, I am so sorry I had got ready to write this yesterday and just caught up in a million and one things and didn't get home till 2am so it was already Tuesday! But hey it's here..


I was wondering wether I should blog about these cards and I figured. My blog is for sharing and if this helps me then the chances are it may help someone else. I have had these cards for ages now and seem to always turn to them when things aren't going great or I'm feeling particularly low. They really help in trying to understand issues that affect your thoughts and more importantly really help in understanding your mindset. I feel a whole lot more positive since I've been using them as it allows me to channel my thoughts on the goals these cards set for yourself.


Yesterday I took a picture of my card and it was to 'Live in the Moment' and that it exactly what I did, I spent a day with my good friend Janine, we were spontaneous, positive and just enjoyed going with the flow. Every time I felt myself thinking about something negative I would just remember where I am, what I'm doing, smiled and got on with it! I really feel a whole lot better by them.


I have even been making my friends select one when they come over and they are all enjoying using them too! I don't know where they are from as they were a gift. In case anyone was interested they are by Caroline Myss, it is called 'Wisdom for healing cards' 50 lessons in self empowerment and they retail at £11.99.

As it's now Tuesday I have a different lesson.

Reflect on Price and Ego.

Acknowledge that negative pride causes more harm and suffering to relationships and to your overall life than can be measured. Notice where you're losing power because of "False Pride", and recognize that it's poison to your spirit and thus to your healing.

Your Goal: To reflect on matters of pride and ego.

You know what I'll be doing today!

What have you been enjoying this week?!


[009] MFM Maintaining a Positive Mindset



Hey lovelies.. just thought I'd show you my current nails. I am really loving 'Denim' the Nails inc and Diet coke collaboration. It's such a gorgeous blue, please excuse my messy painted nails! I think you should all rush down to your Boots and pick this one up!



Lots of Love


[008] Nails inc. 'Denim'


So it's back! The Nails inc and Diet Coke collaboration. The Catwalk collection is now available from Boots nationwide. I completely forgot about this and had popped in to my Boots and saw it, I fell in love with Denim a gorgeous blue.. As you may know I am really into navy/blue nails. The other colour I got was Caramel a standard nude nail polish but you know me and my nudes! These nail polishes are free when your purchase two bottles of Diet Coke.


Have any of you picked up any of this collection? I was tempted to pick up the purple in this collection, but hey I'm not really a Diet Coke drinker and already have 4 bottles to get through! That's my way of justifying it.. HA!

Lots of Love


[007] Nails inc. Ft Diet Coke




It's that time of the week again, if you follow me on Twitter you will probably know I spent the whole of last week suffering with the flu, I don't think I left the house for 5 days. It was truly horrible, my skin was really badly affected. It was dry, chapped, peeling ugh it was awful. I'm not an eight hour cream fan, but luckily found this in my mums drawer. I think it's the smell that has always put me off, but the fact I couldn't smell anything meant that it quickly became my best friend. It's such a rich texture that is ideal for repairing and moisturising. It also makes a great intense lip balm for extremely chapped lips. It was definitely my saviour this week.

In other news, I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway. I had a really good time reading through the highlights of your 2010, seems that overall everyone had a good year. I want to take this opportunity to wish you all the for this forthcoming year. I chose the winner by using a random number generator on and the winner is..


I will send you an email.

Thank you again everyone for entering.

Lastly, I'd like to say blogging might be a little quiet on my end as I'm dealing with a few personal problems. Thanks for your constant support, right now I'm going to..

keep calm and make tea

Have a great week, until next time.. Lots of Love


[006] MFM Ft Elizabeth Arden 'Eight Hour Cream' & GIVEAWAY WINNER!


As you may know I havent really purchased much make up in a while, theres the odd bit here and there but no collection or new release has actually got me excited. I was pretty late in hearing about the MAC Mickey Contractor collection, when I did however I was really attracted to the promo pictures. I love the fact the women are olive skin, glowing and gorgeous. As you all know I am all for heavy eye makeup and beautifully bronzed skin and this is what this collection screamed out to me. Although my hopes were high not much was purchased, just a blusher and a lipstick. Let down? Slightly although this wasn't particularly a large collection I still thought I'd be wanting to buy more than what I did and well to be honest I didn't..maybe another lipstick but really that's all. Think I will be saving my makeup allowance on the peacocky collection! Eek!!


So I picked up the blush in 'Sur' I love the depth of this colour and don't think I have anything similar to this. It's a berry/plum toned blusher which is predominantly matte but has a tiny amount of a subtle shimmer to it. Swatched it looks more rosey but it is a very pigmented blush. This colour isn't for everyone, I think it is well suited to olive/darker skin tone. Its gorgeous, I can't wait to wear this!


The lipstick I got was Yash your typical nude/beige matte lipstick. Did I need it? Probably not..but yes I wanted it. I have since tried this on my lips and it is one of those lipsticks that I will have to team with a rosey lip liner and a bit of a pinky gloss, as it appears more beige than pink on the lips. This is a matte lipstick and I like that because you can play around with it.



I will feature these two in a face of the day soon! Have you purchased anything in the new collections? I thought 'Champale' was a let down! What new make up bits have you bought?

Lots of Love


[005] MAC Mickey Contractor Collection

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