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I am going to try and do a post every Monday on the product I have most been enjoying from the previous week.I have so much make up and use so many products which I love that at times it's difficult to document, especially when I do lots of quick face of the day posts. Monday is a pretty calm day for me so I thought it would be something that could brighten up everyones week (haha). So this is going to be my new weekly dedication to these great products.

This week has to be NARS Mekong e/s, on a daily basis browns are heavily incorporated in to my make up and this week has been no exception. I have constantly been reaching for this baby all week long.


It's intense, dark, sparkly and honestly blends beautifully. I love how it instantly adds dimension to a smokey eye. Once blended through the shimmer spreads so well that it looks like there's 3/4 colours on your eye when in actual fact I only use two (a matte brown + Mekong).


NARS Mekong is the one this week!

Mine is really battered and almost falling apart as you can see..but it still works wonders.

What's been your favourite product from the last week? Do any of you own Mekong? Do you have as much love for it as I do?

Happy Monday, Have a great week dolls.



I am going to try and do a post every Monday on the product I have most been enjoying from the previous week.I have so much make up and use...


Hey guys hope you have all had a great day, I have been pretty bored today and I am actually quite ready to go back to work tomorrow. It's going to be a real busy week for me so I have scheduled a few posts for later on in the week. I have spent my bank holiday lounging around at home, I am fasting today and I have no energy to do anything. I am hoping to go and break my fast in this yummy thai restaurant close to where I live. I am all dressed up and nowhere to go.. well tell a lie.. I'm wearing a t-shirt and pyjama bottoms! I am just too cold right now and as I post this I am sat under a blanket watching friends. By the way PLEASE don't think that I put make up on to sit around at home haha.. I was meant to go out, but ended up staying in.. that's why I'm eager to go out to eat later!



MAC Studio sculpt foundation NC45

MAC Studio sculpt concealer NC42

MAC Prep and Prime translucent powder

MAC Blush in 'Dame'



MAC Vanilla e/s on the lid.

MAC Club e/s in the crease.

Shu Uemura Painting liner

Max factor false lash effect mascara


Can I just say.. I am soooo in love with MAC's Club e/s it is one I have had for ages, but always forget about. It has such an amazing two tone to it.. It really looks different when you catch it in different lighting. It is really gorgeous - Very Peacock like.




MAC Saint Germain lipstick

MAC lipliner in Hover [Over the lippy]

MAC 2N lipgloss


I had my haircut last week and I know I usually post pictures but this time my hairdresser didn't have time to blowdry my hair and to be honest I really didn't mind because it was pouring down with rain! I'm not sure if I like it.. its a pretty standard cut but just feels a lot shorter. I have to say though in these pics I have done NOTHING to my hair.. I woke up and just left it! I don't know at least it will grow better now its had the bottoms off!

Anyways.. How is your day going? Better than mine? I just want to let you know in advance for one of the posts I have planned, I took photos today so will be wearing the same t-shirt, it's not just because I have no clothes - sorry for that! What have you done this weekend?


// i POUT..and what!?

Hey dolls, hope everyone is having a good bank holiday weekend. I am being super lazy and have spent the weekend indoors, the weather is just to iffy for my liking. I am sat on the sofa all warm and cosy with my cat watching Home Alone one of my all time favourite movies - I am such a kid at heart. Anyways I attempted to organise my Jewelry and accessories yesterday and then thought it might be nice to do a post on some of it. Today I've decided to share with you my growing collection of Galibardy jewelry, I often mention my purchases when I go to Brick Lane, but for those who are new to the blog or just haven't seen my Galibardy jewels here they are!

Mini fuscia rose earings


Large cream/nude rose earings


Here you can see the difference in size


Sheep earings


Golden girl earings


Zebra bangle


Paris Necklace [It's soo cute the windmill spins!]



Global Peace necklace



Flower ring



Angel wing ring



Bow ring



Oversized flower ring



Bones ring



Crown ring



So there you have it!

I love that Galibardy are so unique, I always get compliments on my pieces when I wear them, they are so glitzy and bingy! You can purchase Galibardy online HERE.. or pop down to Brick Lane on a Sunday and have a looksee for yourself.

Have you purchased any Galibardy? What are your favourite items in your jewelry box? Hope your having a great weekend!


// My Galibardy collection



Yesterday I had such a lovely evening with the gorgeous Tali, we always have so much fun together.. and last night was no exception. We ate yummy food, smoked shisha, had a great girly evening with lots of gossip.. not to mention Goodies! Miss glossy really spoilt me with lots of things she'd picked up for me on her recent travels and just in general. One of these babies was the new 'IT' colour from Chanel, Paradoxal.. I have to say in the bottle it's amazing, such a mysterious two toned purple.. I LOVE IT.



HOWEVER.. this is deceiving! On the nails.. it is totally different. I still really like it..but it's not as amazing as it appears. It is more like a murky purple grey. A lot of people have compared it to Models own's 'Purple Grey' and this is definitely a true description. It looks different under different lighting, it can be pretty as it has a gorgeous pinky/purple sparkle when you look close enough.



I do really like it but I just feel slightly let down. It requires two coats as I find Chanel nail polishes are slightly streaky. Sorry for the messy nails in the pictures, I was being to lazy to clean up the edges.


What do you ladies think of Paradoxal is it one you will be purchasing or will you try the Models Own? Or is this colour just not for you?


// Chanel - Paradoxal


I've had love for coral nails pretty much all summer.. actually I've had love for coral everything this summer. I did a post a while back on this no.17 super cheap nail polish in 'Orange Soda', it's pretty but when I painted my nails this colour I just wasn't feeling it. I decided to mix things up and put OPI's Coney Island Cotton Candy over it. This colour as most of you may already know is a super sheer but beautiful Louboutin Nude colour! That's what best describes it. I put one coat of this over the 'Orange Soda' and I love the combo, honestly it looks JUST like Illamsqua's 'Brink' lipstick.



What do you ladies think? Do you often mix colours/layer them? What has been your colour this summer? What are you currently wearing?


// Nails - Mixing it up


Hey everyone, hope your all having a great week. I am so glad its Wednesday! Yay means just today of work then a nice 5 day weekend! This evening we had another corporate event at work and it was such a pleasure, I honestly had so much fun! We had Emma Hardie herself doing a demonstration and talking through the brand which was great. I did make up on about 4 women, they were all so lovely it honestly felt as if I spent the evening doing make up and talking through my favourite products with friends.

I had straight hair today, which is such a rarity.. can't believe how long it's got.. must be thank to my Bumble and Bumble mask which is working wonders. I also wore my favourite Shu Uemura false lashes!



MAC Studio sculpt NC45

MAC Studio sculpt concealer NC42

MAC Ripe Peach ombre blush

MAC Gold Deposit highlighter


MAC Tempting e/s

MAC Black tied e/s

MAC Liquidlast eyeliner in Point Black

Shu Uemura luxe black lashes

MAX FACTOR False lash effect mascara




MAC Soar lipliner

NARS Chelsea girls lipliner


I usually always were skirts/dresses when I'm working but today I decided to wear these new cropped trousers I bought from Zara. I didn't intend on them being work trousers more so for smart evenings out with a pair of heels. However all the girls at work really liked them, so I thought I'd show you a pic. [Apologies for the quality, it was taken on my iPhone] I really like wearing trousers, I just don't think they suit me.. but thanks to my lovely lot at work I feel more confident in wearing them. I love this style of trouser too, slightly high waisted and narrow/a little cropped!


How is everyones week going? Hope you are all well? Just want to say a big thank you to a few people who have taken the time out to e-mail me just to say they enjoy reading.. It honestly means so very much! You guys are the reason I keep writing! Have a good week and I shall speak to you dolls soon..

P.S I know I look moody in the pics.. I was in a rush before work..Nothing but smiles all around :)

Lots of Love


// Face of work

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