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Hey ladies.. sorry it's been a while, it has been a hectic week. Today I decided to paint my nails.. I had no idea what colour to paint them so I literally paint every finger a different colour to see which I'd prefer. I decided on lilac, I used my Marks and Spencers Nail colour in lilac. I have posted about this colour before and I think that for just £2.50 it is such great value for money. I really love the pastel lilac that they are.. The colour does need about 2/3 coats, but its lovely! Hope everyone is having a good weekend I will catch up with some more posts later on tonight, so look out for them!


What colour are you ladies wearing this weekend?


// Lilac Love

Hey ladies.. sorry it's been a while, it has been a hectic week. Today I decided to paint my nails.. I had no idea what colour to paint...

Hello my lovelies.. Sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend. It's usually the time of the week I take 5 and catch up with my posts, however this weekend was pretty busy and I wasn't really feeling to blog. I hope that you all had a great weekend, I saw Inception last night and thought that it was AAAAAAMAZING! Have any of you seen it? Anyhoo.. today I was at work and thought I'd share my look.


I did my eye make up at work and was wearing NARS Belissima duo, then I used this gorgeous new Shu Uemura e/s which is a sparkly brown. I have no idea what it's called but it is part of their latest promo.



MAC Studio sculpt foundation NC45

Laura Mercier secret concealer in number 5

NARS blush in Lovejoy

MAC blush in Melba

MAC Light over Dark mineralized blush to highlight


NARS Belissima duo

Shu Uemura brown e/s

MAC Liquidlast eyeliner

Boujours Clubbing mascara



Laura Mercier stick gloss in Brown Sugar

NARS lip lacquer in Chelsea girls

Current Nails - OPI 'Mod About You'


I am JUST about to change my nails but they have been Mod About You, since Friday. I love this colour I think it is my all time favourite nail polish. It's just so pretty.. although I may have to purchase a new one because mine is becoming thick and gunky. Do you guys use the word gunky? my friend laughed when I said that lol.. Oh well you know what I mean. So yeh.. it's my fave.. I never feel disappointed by this colour, I am always satisfied! :)



// Face&Nails



When it comes to red nail polish, I think it's all about finding the right one to suit your skin tone. When Eyeko sent me their 'Saucy' nail polish I was curious to see if I liked it on me. I rarely do RED nails but I am LOVING this colour! Its such a perfect, sexy red, I like it on my short nails. I have a feeling I will be wearing Red lips tomorrow to compliment my red nails! HAHA.. This is the colour with two coats, I am suprised how glossy it is.


What do you ladies make of red nails? What is your favourite red nail polish?


// Eyeko's Saucy Polish



On Thursday, we had a corporate event at work so it meant I started work a lot later in the day, so I got to take some pics before I left home. I did my usual bronze/black smokey eye but then found my MAC Young Punk e/s I don't know how many of you remember this colour. Its like a deep black/purple sparkly e/s I can't remember what collection it was released from OOPS. I used Young Punk wet along my waterline and put a bit of it through the crease! I love finding products I haven't used in a while!

I have also been loving wearing lip liners, I tend to colour in my lips and then gloss over it!



MAC Studio sculpt foundation NC45

Laura Mercier secret concealer in number 5

MAC translucent prep and prime powder

MAC Refined golden bronzer to contour

MAC Peachtwist blusher

MAC Gold deposit to highlight


MAC Ricepaper e/s in the inner corners

MAC Tempting e/s on the lid

NARS Nightbreed e/s on the outer corners

MAC Young Punk e/s on the water liner and in the crease

MAC Liquidlast eyeliner

Lancome hypnose drama mascara



MAC Hover lipliner

NARS Turkish delight lipgloss

Woah when I list it I realise how much I put on haha.. Oh well the more the merrier :)


What have been your daily items? Have you rediscovered any old products that you forgot how much you loved?


// Face for work


I go through phases with nail colours as many of you would already know. I woke up yesterday and decided I wanted to cut my nails short and have them dark! I like having short nails, I like to feel things more if that makes any sense at all. Lucky for me my nails seem to grow quite quickly and very rarely do they chip or break. I have been filing them for what seems like forever.. so every once in a while I like to cut them off, it makes them grow better. Anyhoo.. short nails should defo be celebrated with dark colours... So I dug out my OPI 'My private jet' for some dark loving. I love this colour... but I also hate it, dont ask why? because I don't know. It's a colour that I can never seem to describe, partly because to me it's always changing! Right now it looks black with silver freckles, in the pictures? I'm not so sure? I am already feeling like a colour change? What do you think?


What colour are you wearing today?


// Short&Dark with 'My Private Jet'



For the last month now I have been using this L'oreal sculpt up product and as my tube comes to an end I thought i would fill you in with my experience. I don't REALLY believe in anti cellulite/toning creams or gels - I just don't. So when a lady in boots started talking to me about how much she liked this product I was curious to see why. I understand this is the crucial point of the year when people want to lose weight/tone/sculpt their bodies and I too fall in to this category. Curiosity killed the cat!

This cream is meant to be applied by massaging it in to areas of concern twice a day. It is meant to increase circulation and by doing so, firm the wobbly bits. For me the part of my body which I dislike the most has to be my thighs. They are huge and even though I attempt to tone them by regularly running on the tredmil nothing seems to sort out my beehive legs. I thought I'd give this a go and so I religiously I applied this twice a day consistently..Apparently results become evident from two to three weeks..

Results after two weeks?

I was told by the lady that i would notice results after two weeks and If im entirely honest I failed to see any major changes after the two weeks. However once the cream is applied you immediatley feel a sense of tightening. I'm not sure what it is but it's very refreshing, cooling and almost leaves your legs feeling velvety as if you are wearing a pair of tights/stockings. On the box it explains that 'Protensyl' is the a unique formula that combines firming polymers and algae to create an immediate cosmetic wrap. I do feel that after the month of using this product that the appearance of my cellulite is less. However in order to maintain this I believe this is a product you must continue using and can't just stop once you notice results.

The smell of this cream is weird. At times I liked it and at times I really didn't. To me it smelt like a mix between rubber and baby powder [weird I know]. If your one that is sensitive to smells I'd maybe give this a miss because at times it bothered me.

A good point about this product is that it's quite reasonably priced. Anti cellulite creams can often be expensive, but at £10.99 I'd definetley re purchase. I do really like this but as most of you know exercise is the main key to reducing cellulite, toning up and firming. For the best results these creams work at their best when they are combined with exercise.

Have any of you ladies tried this product? What do you think? I am at the point in my life where I am really embracing my body..flaws and all..


Let me know if you try this one.. I will keep you posted as I move on to tube number 2!


// L'oreal Sculpt Up



Today I was in the mood for pink. Pink make up that is..


MAC Studio sculpt NC45

Laura Mercier secret concealer number 5

MAC Refined golden bronzer as a contour

MAC Dame blush


MAC Sweet lust e/s

MAC Expensive Pink e/s

MAC Knight e/s

Shu Uemura Gel liner in black

Boujours Clubbing mascara


MAC Pink Noveau lipstick

MAC Faux lipstick

Maybeline coral blush gloss 415


What was your Sunday Makeup?


// Face of Sunday


Last Saturday I recieved a package from Eyeko. It really cheered me up and although I have only just got round to trying the nail polishes I have to say that the "rain polish" really is gorgeous and is probably my favourite out of my eyeko collection. The colour is a murky teal, almost grey but not really. It is slightly different to what the colour appears to be in the bottle but I really like it and I think it will become a favourite of mine especially for autumn[Sorry since painting my nails last night I can't find the bottle!] . What do you think of it? I don't often like blue nails but this colour, to me is different.


What have been your current nail colours ladies?


// Eyeko's Rain Polish



This evening I had to go to a wedding. Don't ask me who was getting married because I honestly don't know. I went to keep my nan happy.. I wore this Asian suit which I am sure many of you remember from my previous posts on it. I don't know why but Mauritian weddings are just so.. disorganised. Ugh. Me, my mum, my aunt and my bro ended up leaving at 9.30 because they hadn't even begun serving the food, I mean we had got there at 6. Seriously what a joke. I didn't bother doing very much to the hair, just flipped it over and threw in a few curls.



MAC Studio sculpt foundation NC45

Laura Mercier secret concealer in number 5

MAC Prep and Prime transluscent power

MAC Refined golden bronzer to contour

MAC Peachtwist blush

NARS Lovejoy blush

MAC Gold deposit to highlight


MAC Mulch e/s

MAC Beauty marked e/s

MAC Tempting e/s

MAC Liquidlast eyeliner

Lancome Hypnose drama mascara


Maybelline 633 Desert Bloom lipstick


How was everyones evening? Hope not as wasteful like mine? I am home and ready for a good cuppa now..!


// Face of the evening



This picture was taken a week before I became unwell. This is my typical everyday makeup for the moment. I go through phases with the products I use everyday. At the moment.. It's all about being quick and easy. It was a lot warmer when I got back from holiday and I become lazy with heat and make up.


MAC NC45 Studio sculpt foundation

Laura Mercier secrect concealer number 5

MAC Peachtwist blush

MAC Gleeful blush


MAC Liquidlast eyeliner

Boujours Clubbing mascara


MAC Soar lipliner

By Terry Baume de Rose

What does your everyday face of the day consist of?


// My current everyday face




Don't you just love 3 for 2s. When I was in Boots yesterday I got a little carried away with Maybelline. They do a nude range of lipsticks which I am absolutley in LOVE with. The texture, the colour, the appearance is just divine. I have been using the shade 721 Pinky Beige for is such a great nude for me. It's my really easy to go lipstick, I keep one in my car it tends to just go with any look. The stay on power isn't too great but for £4.99 what can you expect, the finish of the lipsticks is glossy but just the right amount.


I got the 721 and then I tried this peachy gloss over it and its a fabu combination. I think the gloss was something like 5.99. It's just a very versatlie colour and the nice thing about these glosses is that they aren't super sticky and gloopy. They glide on really well and that is something I always look for in a gloss. This colour is called Coral Blush 415.


I then had to chose a 3rd product to have as my free one, after uhming and aahhhing.. I went back to the Nude lipsticks and found the shade..633 Desert Bloom This colour is a little darker but again Gorgeous! I really love this collection from Maybelline. I think the nude line has 6 colours so really ladies check them out.



I tend to use so much MAC that you forget how good drugstore make up can be! Check these lipsticks out ladies! Sorry for the pics, I realise they don't look too clear. I will post more pics as I use these!


// Maybe she's born with it..

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