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I am starting off my blog updates/catch ups.. before my holiday has even started! I am currently flying to Dubai [which is totally irrelevant to when you guys will probably be reading this.] I have just watched the movie precious and am now sitting here on my iPhone writing. Duty free was rather successful this time around and I wasn't as well behaved as I had anticipated. Oops oh well :)


The purchase I am most excited about *drum rolls* is the Chanel nail polish in particuliere..this colour has been pretty much sold out everywhere from the day it was released. Whilst the sales assistant in duty free told me they were out of stock as she opened the drawer to double check..there it was. I quite literally jumped for joy! I am sure this colour isn't as amazing as maybe i'd hoped, but hey there's something about getting these products that become so difficult to get hold of that really excites me. This colour is more chocolate than mushroom, I can not wait to paint my nails by the pool. By the time this post is uploaded I am sure there will be photographic evidence to support this hehe! :)



The second thing I got was the beautiful Viktor and Rolf, flower bomb in la vie en rose. I am unsure if this is limited edition but it's such a beautiful sweet, sexy, summer fragrance. With delicate rose key notes it's just such a soft pretty smelling scent..I really am glad I chose this one. I tend to only like having a slected amount of perfumes at a time, so that I can really enjoy them. I am getting to the point where I have too many for my standards, so this will probably end up being my signature summer smell. The packaging is super cute, I am such a girly girl it's ridiculous, I try not to be but I am such a sucker for anything pink! So I love this gorgeous pink jewel like bottle.

I then purchased two essentials from MAC that I had run out of. One was the transluscent prep and prime setting powder, I have to say this has last me soooo long and I use it everyday! I think it's actually been a year and half, from when it was first relased. So I am super impressed. If any of you are looking for a good translucent powder this has to be my favourite, it feels like velvet and really does give the skin a beautiful flawless finish. It's also great if you are concerned about your pores it does an amazing job at disguising them giving you a smooth finish. I love using this when I'm doing make up on people as it just seals the base perfectly.

The other item I was in need of was the liquidlast eyeliner in black! I love how this is just sooo waterproof and honestly doesn't budge whatsoever. I thought it would be a good one for holiday, wether it be on the beach/in the sea..or just in the heat..this is a great one for your summer makeup bag.


The last thing I purchased from MAC was the mineralized blush in light over dark, I think this was released with one of the recent collections. I have to admit I'm not a real fan of the mineralized blushes but this one was super bronze and mega sparkly and while I'm away I don't mind it as much. Especially as my skin becomes more tanned it will act as a great highlighter. I like the variation in colour, the lighter side is more golden and the darker is more copper which is gorgeous! You can't really tell from this pic as my skin is a lot more darker since coming back from holiday.


Other items I picked up was obviously some good reading..I love Reading Elle magazine, I think it has to be my favourite glossy. I think it has a great mix of fashion and some fab articles..I love the beauty bits and the nosing around in the closets/homes of all these cool people! The other magazine I picked up was glamour, I wasn't hyped to pick up the benefit goodies..I'm sorry ladies I'm just not a benefit fan..I have some things but hardly ever use. I feel that the packaging and the products are too gimmicky and at times overwhelming. I already have the bad girl pencil but don't often use it, so I decided to get the eyebright to give it a whirl. I duno I'm still not convinced, it just doesn't work for me. I will however let you know how me and this pencil go down!

Well ladies that was my little duty free purchases..have any of you girls managed to get the Chanel nail polish? Or have you settled for something close? I like OPI tickle my francy.. How about V&R, la vie en rose? Have you girls smelt that? What are your summer staples in your makeup bags? Any recomendations?


Update: I had a stop over in Bahrain and I picked up this product from Clinique, it's the moisture surge spray. I don't really own anything from clinique I tend to bypass it. However this is a new find for me, I don't use fix plus by MAC but wanted to try it whilst on holiday. Unfortunatley for me they were soldout and I really had my heart set on some kind of liquid spray that would cool me down in the heat without messing up any makeup I had on. This is great because it gives you an additional spray of moisture and is very light on the skin. It works well under makeup or over. I used this throughout my holiday and was a great way for me to refresh myself in the hot temperatures of Dubai. The days I didn't wear makeup I just sprayed this on as I preferred the way in which it felt on my skin than my usual moisturiser. I think its a great addition to my summer makeup bag!

How is everyone? what have you been purchasing? Hope all is well.. Lots of love


I'm back :)


Duty Free shopping on route to DUBAI!

I am starting off my blog updates/catch ups.. before my holiday has even started! I am currently flying to Dubai [which is totally irrele...

I should be packing, well I should have been packing all day. I have unsuccessfully done so after spending the day wandering around Lakeside, spending money on unnecessary things, catching up with 3 friends.. ONE after the Other.. it was all going down today! Its nearly 4 am and I'm still not packed I leave tomorow to Dubai. I'm still not excited as I have the dreaded packing looming over me.. I love to travel..I HATE to pack. I overpack.. I always take too much even though I feel it's not enough. ARGH.

Anyways this post just proves I'm a procastinator because instead of ACTUALLY sorting things out I'm writing myself a to do list and posting this blog. My fiance came home with a present for me today which took me by suprise.. I just wanted to share it with you dolls. If you read this blog you will all know how much I love jewelry and I LOVE Liberty's it is the most amazing store to walk around in..



How pretty..


This is such an unusual piece and I can not wait to wear this on holiday, I think my fella has very good taste! :)

So this was probably a bit of a pointless post but at least it killed 10 minutes.. I'm off to bed now.. so that I can wake up soon enough, pack and leave for Dubai! I hope you all have a fab weekend and week ahead and I will speak to you ladies when I'm back.. much love


I'm a procrastinator..


Yesterday was my cousins 30th. Growing up she was always like my older sister, we have been through so much and experienced so much together. I can't believe how much things have changed, from the days of watching she's all that after school to her becoming a wife and now a mum. So proud of her and I look up to her so much. On the weekend she had an asian wedding to go to and asked me to do her make up so thought I'd share her look with you. I was really happy with the way her make up turned out..



MAC strobe cream

MAC studio fix

Laura Mercier secret concealer number 5

MAC prep and prime translucent powder

MAC Blush in Fleur Power

MAC Springsheen blush as a highlight

MAC Gold deposit to highlight



MAC paint in Bare Canvas

MAC Retrospeck e/s in the inner corners

MAC Tempting e/s on the lid

MAC Humid e/s on the outercorners and under the eye

MAC Smoulder pencil smudged into the lashline



MAC Soar lipliner

MAC lipstick in Chatterbox

What do you ladies think of her look!?


sharing with you..



I dug out an old favourite Mac's 'Peppermint Patti', it was released with the sugarsweet collection last year and while I had forgotten I had this, when I stumbled across it amongst all my nail polishes I was suprised that it hadn't dried up! I've seen aqua/mint green nails all over the place and had the urge to paint mine this colour! [This was 3 days ago] Already I'm bored haha and yes a chipped nail means tomorrow there will be a colour change! I loved it while it lasted..


What was your weekend nail colour? I have been more into colours lately but think I will revert back to nude nails as of tomorrow..


Another nail post



Hey ladies hope all is well..just wanted to do a post on the new Eve Lom morning time cleanser. I have been using the original Eve Lom cleanser for about 6 months now, if you haven't read my review you can check it out Here. I absolutley adore this product although it's pricey I honestly think it's worth every penny. My skin has never felt cleaner, the EL cleanser makes taking off makeup, cleansing and toning an easy, hassle free process. I was just finishing up my 100ml cleanser and was about to repurchase when tada! The new morning cleanser was released. There are a few differences from this cleanser to the original. The morning time cleanser feels a lot lighter and the consistency is much smoother. The main differences in the formulation is the papaya which is a natural exfoliant and carrot oils which is a strong source of vitamin A and boost the skins natural collagen. The idea of this new product is that it's more like a face wash. I know there are some people out there who prefer washing their face then having to use a muselin cloth. I'm not fussed either way as long as I go to bed with a clean face - im happy. I love wearing makeup but hate taking it off therefor it needs to be quick and easy. For me this is.

Things I like

- It does everything the original cleanser does

- It's more economically beneficial at £35 for 125 ml

- The product comes in an easy to use tube, as opposed to a tub.

- It is not necessary to use a muselin cloth (although i still like to)

Things I dislike

- Although it's grown on me I still am not a huge fan of the smell, I tend to forget about it because it does so much good to my skin that the smell is actually a minor issue.

- The fact that it's marketed as the 'Morning time cleanser', but the French translation of it is 'Make up remover balm' (why would you want to remove makeup in the morning?) little bit naughty me thinks.

- I do feel after using this for last couple of weeks that it's less exfoliating than the original, because the original cleanser feels a lot grainier I feel as if it does more of a deeper cleanse.

- Although it's slightly cheaper than the original Eve Lom 100ml cleanser {which retail at £48} it is still an expensive one.

I definitely recommend the Eve Lom cleanser, if you haven't tried it pop along to a Space Nk or Selfridges to get a sample, it really is lovely. Just so you guys know this is an honest review and I bought this cleanser with my own money. What are you ladies using to cleanse/tone?


Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser



You guys know me and my nails..changing every few days. I bought this one this week as a friend recommended it to me. It is such a purdy pink, it has that perfect balance between brightness and pinkiness. I know I don't make much sense but I'm sure some of you know what I mean. I love these Rimmel nail polishes as they are so quick drying and have a lovely brush which makes applying it so much easier. I don't agree that they are 60 seconds worth of quick drying - But pretty quick. They last so well without chipping too, I love wearing colours like this when my skin is slightly tanned. I have found that my skin is really bad around my nails, the manicure I had whilst in Egypt slightly F'd it up, I have been using my body shop almond oil to help soften it. It seems to be working but is taking ages.. GRR.


What colours has everyone been wearing this week?

lots of love


Rimmel's Rose Libertine 405

For the last two days I have been rocking Illamasqua lipsticks. I have so much love for the intense colours and the long stay on power.

On Tuesday I decided I would go for a coral look, corals seem to be complimenting my tan at the moment. The lipstick I wore was Illamasqua's 'Brink' it is such an amazing neon coral, this picture doesn't do the colour justice. Its so perfect and is another one of my coral favourites. My love for coral continues..


Yesterday I went for a brighter look and wore Illamasqua's 'Corrupt' I have been so into nudes and neutrals that I have neglected my fuscia lips and it was nice to wear them for a change. I wore it matte all day and by the evening I put a bit of By Terry's baume de rose over it, just to soften the look. Its super bright and I love it, especially when the weather has been so grey!


What do you guys think of Illamasqua's lipsticks? Have you tried any of these? What colour lips have you ladies been wearing?


Illamasqua Lips



After using this product daily at work I decided enough was enough and treated myself! A slight splurge but honestly the most amazing thing that has touched my lips. Such a beautiful product, just glides on smells amazing [of rose garden] and is so moisturising. It can be used on lips and your cuticles. I bought this about two months ago and have been meaning to review it but I keep forgetting. I apply it to my lips on its own or sometimes over lipstick as it has such a gorgeous lilac/pink glow to it. It's a real treat, I cringe at the price which *drumroll* is £32, HONESTLY.. so worth it.. I'm using the teeniest tiny amount everyday :P. Oh I forgot to mention it has an SPF of 15 which for a lip product is pretty good it is such a luxurious lip treatment.


Have any of you girls tried the baume de rose? In case anyone was wondering I am wearing OPI's 'Mod About You' which I have to say looks even better on tanned hands!


By Terry's Baume De Rose


When I traveled to was still in the month of may, as many of you may know I didn't allow myself to purchase any make up in the last month! YAY I succeeded! I have to say it was very hard, especially in duty free..but I'm going away again in two weeks so there's always next time! I did make two small purchases though.

Burberry Beat


I bought this perfume when it first came out, I really liked it then. To me it was fresh, clean and sweet, mostly what I look for in a spring/summer fragrance. When I smelt this again it brought back so many great memories from the summer that my fiance moved to London. For that reason it had to be purchased!! I really love re discovering old scents.

MAC 131 brush


It's NOT make up it's a BRUSH! I finally managed to get hold of the 131 brush and I wasn't about to allow a no makeup ban to stop me. Seriously I could not believe how many 131 brushes they had at the airport. I'm not going to go into a full review on this brush as I am sure many of you have heard all about it before. I initially wanted the 130 brush but when the lady gave me this one I wasn't about to give it back. [Especially as the 130 is part of the permanent collection!] This brush feels AMAZING on the skin, I am going to be using this as a blush/bronzer brush. It so lightly deposits the product that it's perfect for blush.


See I told you I was good! What are have you dolls been purchasing lately?


I was very good in duty free!

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