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I purchased this colour the other week I seem to be purchasing and changing my nails a little too often these days! Now when I saw this colour in the bottle I instantly thought wow a gorgeous pastel yellow. By the way this isn't the yellow in the ice cream collection, all I know is that it's called Pale Yellow.

I was excited to give this a go hoping it would be somewhat similar to the Illamasqua one [which I I have to say I still haven't purchased tut tut] Anyways back to the Barry M - I wasn't impressed at all. I really do love my Barry M nail polishes but the consistency of this one was very runny and took me 3 coats to reach a non streaky/semi even colour. By the time I had this colour on it had gone from a delicate lemon in the bottle to New York taxi on my fingers. Don't get me wrong I have a lot of love for New York and most definitley the taxis..however this was not the look I was going for.


At first I was unsure about the colour but thought maybe I should give it a day or two and see if it grows on me. By day two my nails seemed to clash with absolutley everything, at this point I figured maybe me and pale yellow are just not meant to be??

Any recomendations on other light lemon shades ladies?! Oh well it was worth a try :) Have any of you dolls had bad relationships with nail colours haha!?


Barry M PALE Yellow..

I purchased this colour the other week I seem to be purchasing and changing my nails a little too often these days! Now when I saw this...


I have a thing about coral. Lately I have been rediscovering my love for Coral, wether it be through new purchases or old discoveries. And well.. I just LOVE it!

New Purchases

Costa Chic lipstick


This week I finally purchased Costa Chic lipstick, I understand that I am late in discovering this baby.. but better late then never. I love it, it's such a fun coral. This lipstick is a frost, I don't usually like MAC's frost finish lipsticks because of that weird metallic sheen. I just don't think they look right on me for this reason I reckon I'll end up using my pro pencil in 'Pinkie' underneath just to make the costa chic a little less FROSTY.


Melba blusher


Wow wow wow why am I so late.. GRR. Again such a gorgeous coral it reminds me of 'Peaches' but 'Melba' is slightly brighter and more coral pink than peach. I strongly believe this colour will look great on all skin tones. It's so wearable and I haven't stopped wearing this since Monday. It's a matte blush so there's no shimmer but I really like that because it's the kind of colour that would go great with lots of different highlighters. You must swatch this colour ladies because unfortunately these pictures don't do it much justice!


New shoes


I told you I was mad about Coral. I saw these shoes on Sunday, I was good and didn't purchase them.. I saw them again on Monday and again was good. By Tuesday they were mine ;) I have no will power! I love that they are coral leather. How cute! I have a love/hate relationship with OFFICE, sometimes I love their shoes and sometimes I'm just confused. I am glad I popped in there this time around :)



Old loves

Mac Chatterbox lipstick


This was my official summer lippy last year. Its that gorgeous combination of coral and pink. I stopped wearing it as the days got colder but can't wait to get back to my summer makeup! Again this pic doesn't seem to portray the true colour of chatterbox.


Mac lip gelee in Slicked Pink


I love the lip gelee's by MAC. Although they aren't mega strong in colour they really do leave lips looking glossy without being sticky. This one is again a fab coral. I like wearing these during summer because they are just so effortlessly easy to wear and very lightweight.



A few current favourites..

Rococo 'Starlet'


Rococo 'Baby Punk' and Barry M 'Pink Flamingo' [Both very similar!!]


What colours are you ladies loving at the moment? What does your summer makeup consist of?


Crazy about Coral


Sunday was sunny again..I decided to meet up with one of my closest friends Nadine. She is always so busy and it is honestly so hard to get hold of her, if she's not here she's in Paris, if not Paris she's in Barcelona. I swear me and Nad are connected we both turned up in bright blue sandals and bright blue tops! Honest it wasn't planned!


Hers [L] are from Zara and mine [R] are last year from H+M i love this blue!

We decided to go for coffee and cake at Patisserie Valerie. I thought sod it and had a huge slice of Strawberry gateau. I didn't finish it all haha :P. It was great to sit in the sun and catch up with one another. I love london when it's sunny!


I decided to straighten my hair.. DEAD straight which is very rare for me and I wore a flower in my hair.



MAC studio fix nc44

Nars concealer in 'Ginger'

MAC cremeblush in 'Posey'

MAC MSF in champagne as a highlighter


MAC Graphology all over the eye

MAC Parfait Amour all over the graphology

MAC Contrast blended through the crease

MAC MSF in champagne in the inner corners

MAC liquidlast liner in Navy

Maybelline Falsies mascara




MAC Viva glam GAGA

MAC Soar lipliner


How was everyones weekend.. I realise that at the time I'm posting its the weekend again! oops.. But hope you have all had a good week! I am getting back on track with things.. please bear with me..



Hey girls.. I have so many written posts that I have been meaning to upload but I've been in a real bad way the last few days. My secondary school best friend lost her battle with leukemia two days ago. I am still in major shock and feel so sad by the news. I feel so bad, I feel like a coward because we were so close growing up but before 6form we fell out and although after we were talking we were never close again. When I found out she was unwell I did my best to contact her but feel as if she didn't want to be contacted. I never got to tell her how much I appreciated our friendship and cherished the memories we shared. I saw her a few months ago on oxford street and I tried so hard to talk to her but couldn't. She looked unwell and her body language was so closed, I hovered around her for about 10 minutes in an attempt to make eye contact, wether she saw me or not I will never know. Part of me thinks she did but didn't want to be seen and I sort of wanted to respect that but I know I will live with regret for not even being able to saymy last hello to her. I still remember all the times we shared, from taking it in turns to copy one anothers maths homework to sitting in-front of MTV writing down the lyrics to Puff Daddys 'Satisfy You'. I also remember how crazy she was, we used to walk past this guys house who I fancied and one day she ran round the back and tried to climb the fence to grab a pair of his boxers that were on the clothes line for me! It was so funny.. she ended up falling and twisting her ankle, we laughed all the way home. We had so many great times and you really don't realise it until they are no more. I just know that she is free from all that pain and suffering. I admire her strength and determination through the years of dealing with leukemia. It was a shock to everyone because she was getting better, I hope that she is finally at peace. I hope that she can forgive me for anything I had said or done and wherever she is I want her to know how much I loved her and that she will never be forgotten. She is now sleeping amongst the angels and I wish for her to rest in peace.

Tracey T
1988 - 2010


Rest in Peace.. x

Its tuesday and I am catching up with all my scheduled posts! SATURDAY was lovely and sunny in London, thank god. After moping around all day and realising I was NOT getting on a plane to Cairo, I decided I would just get ready and take the day as it comes!




MAC studio fix foundation in NC44

Nars stick concealer in 'Ginger', I love this concealer such great formulation. I will

post about it soon!

MAC cremeblush in 'Posey'

NARS multiple in 'Orgasm'



MAC 'sweet lust' e/s, this is such a baby sparkly pink, I almost NEVER wear it but I thought hey why not!

MAC 'contrast' e/s in the outer, An intense navy with a slight sparkle.

MAC liquidlast liner in Navy, I am loving this product so much. I have such a lot o love for MAC's liquidlast liner and I don't usually like coloured liner on myself but because this one is quite dark. I love it!

Maybelline falsies mascara, I am still using this mascara. I am suprised this hasn't dried up yet



MAC 'Soar' lipliner

MAC 'Viva glam GAGA' lipstick, this lipstick is slowly growing on me, even though this was the first time I used it haha!

What I wore


Floaty top, from H+M garden collection

Jeggings from Topshop

Shoes from Zara


How was everyones weekend!? what have you been wearing? Doing?


Sun on Saturday


This week has been mad busy with me, I was meant to be flying to Cairo this weekend but because of this wonderful volcano that errupted I am sat at home waiting. So what better to do then blog!

Last week I was sent some lovely goodies by Eyeko. I was really excited as this was my first blogger package yay! :)


I was sent four nail polishes from the current collection and wow what beautiful colours!


'Lilac Polish'.., this colour is really similar to the one I purchased at M&S.

'Nude Polish'.. you guys know how much I'm loving my nude nails.

'Vintage polish' .. similar to the rococo Jaded I tried last week.

And 'Purple polish' a bright purple.


I have tried the lilac and the bright purple so far, but silly me forget to take pictures. As soon as I change the colour on my nails I will take some pics for you.

I have to say the lilac was gorgeous, I expected the consistency to be quite streaky and although it required two coats, I was happy with the finish. Its such a pretty pastel lilac. I only had this on my nails for about 3 days because I didn't apply topcoat and ended up chipping them.

I wasn't as happy with the bright purple as it dried matte and I really don't like that. I am yet to try the other colours so make sure you come back to check them out.


I am currently wearing the nude polish, I had to apply 3 coats till I was happy with the way in which it looked. To me its very similar to OPI's coney island cotton candy although I find this one slightly more pinky. I do really like this colour although I applied it this evening and me being me, it's already chipped! :(

Heres a pic, poor quality I know but from my iphone thats why!


I was also sent the graffiti eye liner pen and I have to say wow. I am always so skeptical when it comes to eye liner pens.. I am going to be straight and say it.. I HATE THEM! they don't work for me.. they aren't ever BLACK enough and they seem to wear away throughout the day. The last one I tried was the MAC penultimate eyeliner and that reinforced my feelings! I much prefer using a gel liner or a liquid liner. For some people pen liners work my girl Tali rocks them all the time and her eye liner always looks flawless and fabulous!

SO when I was sent this to try I forgot about it for a few days and then I thought I would stop being mean and give it a go. Really I am glad I did, I can't believe how impressed I am with this eyeliner pen. Not only do I find it really easy to use, its MEGA black and has lasted me right through the day. I thought maybe it was just a one off so I gave it another go and wow.. it seems to be the real day. I am really loving this right now and have used it everyday since Sunday! At £5 it is so affordable and really worth the money, I would defo repurchase this product.

Here's what it looked like..


I really loved my goodies from Eyeko and so you know this was all my honest opinion. Have you guys ever tried any Eyeko products? Do they appeal to you?

[Just so you guys know I wrote this last week but has taken me this long to post it.. apologies]

Hope you are all well.. sorry for lack of posts..expect a few in the next couple of days!


With love.. from Eyeko

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