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Well seeing as I've begun speaking about my travelling thought I'd include some of my favourite finds whilst visiting different countries. This is going to be a broad contribution to this blog and the city I want to focus on today is..


as I write this i'm listening to a little bit of J.. Empire state of mind and thought ahh why not go all out and just blog about it! I am going to follow a similar pattern when talking about other cities. I'm thinking to do

Favourite Restaurant

Favourite Sites

Favourite Shops

Favourite Finds!

So here we go..

Favourite Restaurant : Park Avenue [Winter] This is an amazing restaurant that changes it's decor with seasons. When I went earlier this year it was Park Avenue winter and was gorgeous - with flowers, colours, ornaments and a seasonal menu really helps captures the atmosphere. The food was fantastic unfortuantley I was unwell so I couldnt taste all the wonderful flavours but what I had was lovely! Presentation was superb and I can't wait to go back in a different season. I got more excited when I was watching gossip girl and character Chuck Bass a 17 year old billionaire dined there, thats how I know it must be good ;)! It was quite pricey but perfect for that special occasion!





Also for yummy Ice cream head to the Ice Cream Parlour inside the Trump Tower.



Favourite Sites : Having been to New York a few times the 'Top of the Rock' never fails to amaze me, the views of Manhattan are crazy! I love being there and have spent hours just taking it all in! I prefer it to Empire State because I like that from the top of the roc you can see the Empire state along with Statue of Liberty on the horizon. Liberty Island is also great, I know its cliché but hey its NEW YORK! This statue of Liberty is huge and even though smaller ones are all over the globe this one just reminds me of being a kid and growing up and watching Michael Jackson dancing on it!





Favourite Shops : My favouirte shop in New York is Forever 21 because we don't have one here in London its the American take on Topshop and I love it, they have supercute accessories and everyone knows i'm a total accessory junkie! Obivously MAC is my other favourite store but I thought that one was a bit obvious! My favourite area to shop in New York is in Soho and definetley Broadway/Spring Street! With stores like Forever 21, Kid Robot, Topshop, BBC/Ice cream, Zara, Urban Outfitters, MAC (The list goes on) this is definetley a great area!!

Favourite Finds : As my trip to New York was a while back i'm going to leave this blank because I don't remember what I bought lol.. I know I raided MAC and Forever 21.. so I shall leave the rest up to imagination until I snap some pics!


Hidden GEMS

Well seeing as I've begun speaking about my travelling thought I'd include some of my favourite finds whilst visiting different coun...

I love Paris. The food. The sites. The fashion. The shopping. The language. The romance.


AHHH everything..


My other half is a Parisien and we are going back soon.. YAY :)

I will be celebrating my 22nd in Paris one of my favouirte cities!

Je t'aime PARIS



[Ginza, reminded me soo much of Times Sq.]

I decided to write a post that I mentioned a while back when the blog first started and well here I am indoors on a friday night and decided to share with you one of the most amazzzinng trips I have ever been on and that was to Tokyo! A friend of mine and myself went for 10 days and it was great apart from being totally lost in translation we had an awesome time! We stayed in an appartment in Roppongi and well our view was amazing.. We spent most of our evenings chatting on the balcony overlooking the Tokyo tower and loads of skyscrapers on the horizon! Heres a pic!!


Anyways I dont know where to start but just going to mention a few of my favourite places and what sort of treasures were picked up there! Firstly to anyone going to Tokyo you HAAAAAVEE to check out the 100 yen store, they are like the £ shops we have in the UK and places like Dollar tree in the US! So when we went in august 100 yen was working out to around 60p or something like that.. I bought SOME GREAATTT bits there I BOUGHT LOADSSS of Fake lashes and lotsa little bits mainly hello kitty and mainly the sort of stuff u dont need but want anyway! so that was defo a shop to check out! I think my favourite area had to be HARAJUKU as I thought it would be.. AND WOAHH.. this area is amazing full of great shops and really affordable unique one off pieces. Wether its clothes, accessories or shoes they have it!! Here you will find Tokyos most trendies cool kids, wether they are dolly like or punk like they look totally amazing! It was such an enjoyable experience and great place to be in... we actually went back there around 3/4 times! lol.. ALSO theres a MAHUSIVEEEEEE FOREVER 21.. which is always my favourite shop when in NY/ORLANDO.. AHH its 5 floors full of all things fabulous.. With that said I don't actually think i bought any clothes I just ended up buying accessories. Oh well good enough.! How could I forget.. Whilst in Harajuku we ended up spotting a few vintage stores and I got some great pieces which were 350 YEN each which was around £2.50.. most of these pieces need to be altered slightly but hey ho!

I think my second favourite area in Tokyo had to be ODAIBA.. this is man made island and I lovedddd this area.. its basically full of shopping centres.. I ended up buying a lot of stuff here. The area itself is lovely especially on a sunny day the views of the rainbow bridge, the skyline of tokyo and the statue of liberty are seriously amazing! Its even better at night.. Im trying real hard to remember what I bought here and my mind has gone blank anyways I'm going to let the pics do the rest of the talking because I think im close to rambling!!


[Harajuku Takeshita Street]


[Purchases from the first day lol!]


[Some of my fave jewelry finds!]


[Hello Kitty bus in ODAIBA.. ONLY TOKYO!]


[Statue of Liberty ODAIBA]




[Venus fort, beautiful mall in Odaiba]


[Shrie in Omotesando]

I actually have so many pics I want to upload.. BUT I will stop here for now..

Hope you like..



This is the first colour I used from my nails inc mini collection. 'Jermyn Street' It was such a gorgeous colour, I usually love bright/dark nails but this one was muted but very sophisticated! It lasted VERY well.. considering I have done decorating and serious cleaning this week.. I took this pic on my iPhone so excuse the quality! I will keep you posted on the others!

Jermyn Street


Firstly woahhh its been ages and i've been wanting to come back but cannot believe how busy I have been.. last week was crazy.. from grad fairs, to partys, to funerals :(.. I managed to get back my beloved camera lead which obviously proved to me how much i cannot live without it lol!! anyways.. How have you all been?! Well I manged to get down to MAC of course the style black collection came out!! =] and although it took ages to actually come on the website, I managed to track down all that I wanted from the collection.. with a few extras! I haven't tried all of what I bought but I will fill ya in! Most of this collection is sold out now.. CRAZY.. but here we go!


I got the Volcanic ash thermal mask, this product is amazing.. I'm sooo glad I managed to get one! It leaves your skin feeling refreshed, smooth and glowing. You need only a little bit and it goes such a long way! I will take a pic of what it looks like on the face because it was so funny! Unlike most face masks that come on white, green, cream this one goes on black! lol.. LOVE LOVE this product though.. definitely worth it! Along with that I bought the Volcanic ash exfoliator which can be used on the face and the body! I haven't tried it yet but know its been given good reviews.. If it's anything like the facemask I know I will love it.. I will try and give you an update soon. I have dry/normal skin but can also be quite sensitive to face products, so hopefully this one will be ok.


Now onto the exciting makeup.. YAY! So I didn't buy that much really I had bought the smolder kohl pencil a few weeks before and I already have the penultimate liner.. BUTT I did get the 'Young Punk' mineralize eyeshadow! Can I just say how impressed I am with this product. I don't usually go for mineralize products as I often feel let down when it comes to the intensity of the colours. I only have one other mineralize eye shadow and that's the odd couple duo! anyway.. back to YOUNG PUNK.. it is an amazing mix of plum, burgundy, black with little frekcles of silver. To me its very similar to 'Beauty Marked' eyeshadow only that the pay off of young punk is more true to it's colour, it has more of the plum tone to it! I LOVE IT.. I wore it to smoke up a brown eye and it looked great I was happily pleased, I can't wait to use this product wet it must look so cool!

I also got the mattene 'Night Violet' lipstick, again I haven't tried it out, I swatched it and its lovely its a really deep violet but can be as intense as you like, you can defo build it up for a really strong, defined look. OR wear it toned down or glossed over It's an extremely pretty colour which I don't have a similar one too. The nearest I have to it is 'Rebel' but that has more of a cranberry tone!

Lastly I had a b2MAC and the lipstick i chose was 'SO CHAUD' this is the perfect bright orange matte lip.. It is so very similar to MORANGE that I already wear at any given opportunity lol.. but this so chaud is different because it has a slightly more reddish tone to it. I am a big fan of the bright lip, especially ORANGE/RED at the moment!


In the Style Black collection I picked up the 214 short shader brush, this is perfect for smudging out that kohl pencil creating maximum depth! I love it because the bristles are soft but stiff, so there is very little movement in the brush so its really great for creating a strong look and densely shading lids. From the Dsquared collection I got the 165 Tapered cheek/Highlight brush and like all MAC brushes this one is great, it feels amazing and is fab for applying blush/highlight softly and effectively.


I am really happy with my new purchases it had been ages since I bought anything.. I will let you know further reviews as I continue with the products. OHH lastly how cute are my cupcake pots.. I had to have these to add to my colourful and crowded dressing table. They are from urban outfitters! How adorable are they? I wanted to get this donut one, but stopped myself.. the more I think of it I might just have to have that one too!

PICS will be up soon.. more to come.. we have all been busy as we are transitioning in to different things in each of our lives so please bare with us.. and remember this is only the begining!
Lots of Love


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