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My absolute favourite thing to do on a Sunday is go down to Brick Lane/Spitafields it has to be one of London's most precious GEMS! this sunday me and my beau were both off from work and decided to head down. LUCKILY the sun also came out to play :).. the atmosphere, the style, the busyness, the music (gutted that i left my camera @home) - AAHH just everything about Brick Lane summarizes what London is all about! There are few markets selling the most amazing hand made products, Fresh food from all over the world and vintage stalls; with sellers all showcasing their finest pieces. Every time I head down I have to visit this jewelry stall the name of the brand is 'GALIBARDY' and their jewelry is BEAUTIFUL.. its so original.. Ahh I lovvve it.. Here are two of the pieces my fruit bought for me :)

My hand looks pretty ugly here lol.. but here's the first piece - An angel wing ring.. It gold with this gold/amberish stones its so beautiful and its also adjustable so I can wear it on which ever finger I like! This is the heavenly piece!


The second piece is totally the opposite! Its a double crossbone ring! I LOVE THIS.. I have been wanting a double ring for some while now and well I decided to wait and I'm glad i Did.. this ring is super fierce and Hell like lol!



SO there you have it Heaven and Hell from my two rings! What do u think..


My absolute favourite thing to do on a Sunday is go down to Brick Lane/Spitafields it has to be one of London's most precious GEMS! this...
SO this post should have been written on Sunday but its now technically Tuesday! I have just been sooo tired.. Sunday was a long day and a post will follow about my adventure! Anyways my mother dearest bought me a present and it arrived sunday! Its such a FABBB collection of 10 mini nails inc. Nail varnishes.. those who know me will know how much I LURVEEE doing my nails and well this collection has a great set of colours.. Check out the pics below.. I will do updates as I try each one :) They are so cute and DINKY! I can't find them on the nails inc website but know that they can be purchased from QVC (UK) This collection is called Marvellous Minis! Love it!!


Victoria (deep red), Dover Street Market (purple), The Serpentine (deep blue), Regents Park (deep pink), Richmond Park (red shimmer), Brook Street (salmon pink), Shoreditch (bright pink), Jermyn Street (taupe), Little Venice (baby pink) and Pall Mall (pale pink).



Thank you mama

Yesterday was one of those days.. one of those days when you just love the city you are in! It started off in Camden.. when the 3 of us (MF that is) went for a wander around the many markets.. it was cool, especially as I haven't been in a little while.. I bought these really lovely hooks that I cant wait to put up in my room..


we ended up stopping for shisha which was quite frankly disgusting!! We then continued our adventure on Oxford St. I left the guys and met up with an old school friend, she had managed to get us on the guestlist to the Swarovski 'Crystalzied' London Fashion Week event. It was really nice free drinks and a DJ that looked a bit like Jack Sparrow. Us girlys sat down and had a good ol catch up we later moved on to dinner at Wagamams which was much needed! Heres some pics from the magazine we were given I totally love the cheekiness of viv west ;)




We then met up with my fruit and all came home together..! NOT before having a belgium waffle with white chocolate.. MMMM that was absolute heaven!!! SO yeh it was a great day in and about London.. for the first time in a long time i felt like my old self!

oooh look at what I picked up today.. Its a winding watch.. I got this for £5.99 from a salvation army charity shop.. I thought this will be my 'holding' watch lol till i can get the fully gold Michael Kors one that I have been wanting for ages..! what do you think??


lotsa loveee xx


So I recently posted about my new 'off the page' eyeshaddow and well today I wore it.. Instead of going for the super bright orange look, I decided to rust it up a little! Here's what I used..


Note: The pic doesn't represent it very well.. the flash bleached it out and it was too dark to take the pic in the natural light.. But at least you get the idea.. :))

E/S base MAC Paint in Bare canvas
E/S Off the page on the lid
E/S Sketch in the outer corners
E/S Shroom on the inner corners
E/S Vanilla as the highlight
Eyeliner fluid line in Blacktrack

I teamed this eye up with

Peaches Blush
High Def Lippy..

All the products used for this look were MAC..

Ohh the lashes I used were shopped in Tokyo and well i decided to give them a go.. I HARDDDLY ever wear lashes because I make such a mess..(Not on clients tho :P) These ones were super light and totally blended in with my own.. No one even noticed that they were falsies!

off the page..



Lately I haven't done as much makeup shopping as I usually do.. partly because there's not much I want and partly because I'm waiting till payday. I also tend to buy buy buy when it comes to MAC..and unfortunately it's not all used.. I forget I have things..and colours get neglected. With that said there were a few bits in MAC.. that recentley caught my eye!

From the MAC in High def collection, I bought the lipstick 'High Def' I really like this colour, its quite similar to those from the permanent collection, 'Twig' and 'Brave' come to mind. It's described online to be mid tone neutral coral, which I don't entirely agree with for me it's neutral dusky brown/pinkish colour. I love it tho because once on, especially my skin-tone it looks nude with a hint of pink. I was trying to steer away for nudey pinks.. and try to get more brown tones.. but this one was just calling me! The finish is amplified so it definitely gives a full lip look! It also has little freckles of shimmer so the lipstick ends up look quite glossy.

The second lipstick I got is from the permanent collection - 'Politely Pink' this lipstick is gorgeous its so sheer and so sparkly its really great on its own, dolled up with gloss or even over another colour. It sort of reminds me of 'Angel' but is much more sheer and the finish is lustre, to me it's a pink version of 'Bubbles'. It's described online as 'Well mannered dirty pink frost' and to me that is a great description..[LOL] I love my pinks and this one is FAB!


The third item I got was from the Make-Up Art Cosmetics (Maria Kalman) collection and it's the eye shadow called 'Off the Page' when I first went to buy this colour, I had forgot my pro card and wanted to wait.. then when I went back it was sold out.. I was lucky because Selfridges still had it in stock! I LOVE bright eyeshadows but when it comes to buying them I always opt for the smokey darks or neutrals, because I use them so much more. HOWEVER.. this orange is amazing its a really bright orange with a rust/gold shimmer.. It's a frost e/s therefore not as pigmented but instead super sparkly! Off the page is lovely and I can't wait to do a look around this eye shaddow! I will be sure to share it with you so watch out!


So there you have it.. 3 of my latest purchases.. If you have any questions about the products or anything else, please comment or email us! Lots of love..

Make-Up.. Makes my day!


It's all about that perfect pink lippy..and here are 3 faves of mine..for me it's all about pinks so this is my

*Bright Pink look*

..NOT fuscia because that's a totally different story now! are 3 of my picks

1. Barry M lip paint in 62 This colour screams fabulous at such an affordable price! (around £5) Barry M products are available online or at superdrug stores (in the UK). This colour is really bright and highly pigmented, the texture is smooth and once on it feels relatively matt, the colour is long lasting and I would highly recomend this colour to someone who's unsure and experimenting with bright colours.

2. MAC 'Pink Nouveau' - This gorgeous pink isn't as bright as the Barry m.. But looks so lovely on almost all skin can be worn alone or really candy'd up with gloss! It's a super sexy satin finish and lasts for hours! It's a little more pricey at £12 but definetley a good investment lippy! It looks gorgeous when the colour is built up but also when its blotted off; it becomes this gorgeous subtle powdery pink!

3. YSL Rouge pur '49' - this was one of the first bright pink lippys I owned, everyone laughed at me when I said I was going to wear it (years ago)..however to this day I still get complimented on it - I love everything about this lipstick the packaging, the colour, the smell, the's amazing! Slightly more pricey than the mac and the priciest out of my chosen three, but believe me this lippy has not failed me!

[From Top to bottom; Barry M, MAC, YSL]

It's sooo hard to chose one favourite when it comes to these 3 I often keep them all with me and mix and match through the day! Sometimes lip colours look the best when they are mixed with others - this definetley applies for these 3 with the different finishes these colours can give you that purrrfect pink pout!

Smooches xxx

My Purrfect PINK

This isn't all about the boys.. I am down with flu and therefore haven't taken any pics of how we ladies run this.. but all in good time.. :) so watch this space for all things girly.. its about to get exciting..!

Ciao for now..

All items shopped in TOKYO! [Article to follow!!]
Lipstick : MAC Snob with MAC High Def [nice combo!]

Just a note to say..


Dress : Topshop
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood Lady dragon shoes <3

Out of the ordinary..
everyone that writes here under the name of 'MouldyFruit' has something to add to the bowl.. We all write in different ways.. we are all inspired differently..
however we are all linked in some..

Let me introduce myself. I'm Zara.. I can't believe I said that.. I owe myself to so many blogs its somewhat ridiculous.. I start how I wish to go on.. however its not as easy to continue.. If i spent as much time writing blogs as i do reading them.. I believe I would have taken over cyberspace already! anyhow lets not dwell.. I'm back with a vengeance.

I love all things girly and glitzy although I find it hard to admit.. I refuse to believe that pink is my favourite colour even though I am automatically drawn to it, I am a total make up whore and if the boys on this blog let me, I will talk about it on here as much as possible..I like unique fashion and love finding little treasures on my travels.. In the 21 years I have lived I have visited a lot of places and traveling is one of the things I love to do most! I will forever be an apple addict.. mac is the way.. macbook+iphone = <3

p.s Happy Birthday Bro

Mouldy Fruit

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