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Caudalie is by far my favourite French skincare brand, I remember when I was living in Paris this time last year and I'd frequent the pharmacies and stock up on all things Caudalie. I was recently sent some of Caudalie's Christmas offerings and I must say they are quite the treat. Whether you are looking for something for yourself or a gift for a loved one - From skincare to body, Caudalie has it covered. 

Christmas with Caudalie

Caudalie is by far my favourite French skincare brand, I remember when I was living in Paris this time last year and I'd frequent ...

 For me eyes are they first thing I notice on someone - It's all about the eyes and I love nothing more than emphasising them. You guys know how much I love to rock eyeliner, whether it's bold and winged or smudged in to my lash line - I don't feel complete without it! I was super excited when the L'oreal 'Eye Artistry Kit' arrived on my desk and couldn't wait to have a play. It's definitely one of my favourite Christmas gifts that I'm featuring this week!  


L'Oreal The Eye Artistry Kit


This is the one time of the year that food really takes over, why not fight the calories and smell of your favourite food instead! I was actually in New York walking past The Body Shop when I first noticed this collection, It was the cute tin that caught my eye and the sweet scent that lured me in.  Ironically when I got home from NYC it was one of the packages waiting for me!

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Shower, Scrub & Moisturise


I'm kicking off Christmas on MouldyFruit - I have a week filled with gorgeous gifts and what better way to start this week than with Essie's Festive Fingertips collection. A gorgeous gift set, complete with four fabulous nail polishes, perfect for the party season if that isn't enough this set also includes some super cool calligraphy nail transfers. It goes without saying that Essie nail polishes are amazing, the colours, the consistency and the brush that fits your nails so perfectly it makes painting your nails a dream! 


Fishnet Stockings - A striking, deep red. 
Eternal Optimist - A pretty subtle, flesh-tone pink.
Beyond Cozy - A stunning gold with silver sparkle (Super festive!)
Sole Mate - An intense, rich burgundy.

The Festive Fingertips gift set is limited edition, so be sure to check it out HERE


Lots of Love & Luck 

Essie Festive Fingertips


Today is the last day of my week in colour with the Pentax Q7! It has been so much fun exploring New York with my Pentax Q7 in hand - we have captured some colourful moments together and it's been so much fun stopping and snapping around the city. 

The camera itself is a nifty piece of technology that hasn't failed me, I love the size of the Q7 it's the perfect partner for popping in your handbag and carrying with you on the go! The image quality is impressive and it's hard to believe such a small camera can produce such high quality images. I have also used this camera for filming snippets of my travels in New York and I must say I was super impressed with the HD quality. 

The Q7 comes with an interchangeable lens and can be operated on many different settings. One of my favourite features of the Q7 is the BC setting which allows you to create artistic photographs by making the subject stand out and slightly distorting the background. Additionally there is a quick dial which allows you to instantly shoot images in a variety of different effects and colour ways. 

It's been a pleasure to take part in the #Q7weeksofcolour with Pentax and hope you have all enjoyed my week of colour with my pictures from New York. 

For more information on the Pentax Q7 be sure to read more HERE

Fancy winning your very own Q7 from Ricoh Imaging UK? Then why not check out the #Q7weeksofcolour competition at

Lots of Love 

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Salmon Pink Sunday #Q7weeksofcolour


Mesmerised by the silver sparkly lights and the random snippets of silver all over the city. Again, this week of colour has got me feeling all festive and ready for the Winter. Photographs from this week have really captured some special moments which I will look at and cherish forever. 

Lots of Love

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Silver Saturday #Q7weeksofcolour


Fiery Red Friday from New York, whether it be the Christmas lights or the colour of the fire trucks, I can't help but feel so unbelievably festive as I stroll through the city. I love this time of year, for me it's all about getting into the holiday spirit and spending time with Loved ones! 

Lots of Love

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Fiery Red Friday #Q7weeksofcolour


(Ok so it's not Sunday BUT better LATE than NEVER!)

A good moisturiser and eye cream are essential to my everyday routine (whether I be lounging at home with no make up or out and about with a full face) ensuring my skin remains hydrated is key. For me this becomes even more important in the colder months. I am someone who suffers from quite dry skin and when it gets to Autumn it goes crazy so finding the right moisturisers is vital . Lately I have found love in two products by HealGel. You may remember I initially posted about HealGel's intensive repair gel HERE, this product was a little more specific to helping with burns, scars, pigmentation and general healing of the skin. I was so impressed by the way in which this product worked that I decided to give the face and eye cream a go and I must say I haven't been left disappointed!

Everyday Essentials #4 - HealGel Face & Eye Cream


Teal is a colour that I found quite difficult to spot around the city and in my daily life, it wasn't always in the most obvious situations - Nevertheless it's still such a gorgeous colour and I hope you enjoy my selection of teal pictures. 

Lots of Love

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Teal Thursday #Q7weeksofcolour


White really gets me feeling festive and what better place to be, than in New York City - I get so excited to see the things like the ice rink at the Rockerfeller centre it reminds me of being a child watching Home Alone 2 'Lost in New York' I also was completely blown away by the white lights around Jane's Carousel which overlooks Brooklyn Bridge, a stunning hidden gem of the city. I also included more couture from the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum which was so breath taking it needed to be part of my White Wednesday! 

See you tomorrow for more colour
Lots of Love 

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White Wednesday #Q7weeksofcolour


Tangerine Tuesday with more pictures from my time here in New York. From the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition, to fountains around the city. It's so pretty this time of the year! 

Lots of Love

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Tangerine Tuesday #Q7weeksofcolour


Today I bring you the first day of my week of colour with the Pentax Q7 - I present to you Mauve Monday, I captured these pictures in and around New York. It's amazing how much colour surrounds us and I was walking around constantly snapping away, from iconic Rockerfeller Centre to the Ice Rink in Bryant Park to something as simple as vegetables in a grocery store in Brooklyn. 

More tomorrow
Lots of Love & Colour 

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Mauve Monday #Q7weeksofcolour


Hey guys it's been a whirlwind weekend for me here in New York celebrating my birthday, I've honestly had such a great time - I apologise for the lack of posts this week. I'd got into the habit of posting daily, then this week fell off the wagon a little, don't worry I have lots of new things to share with you! This week I'm excited to announce that I've teamed up with Pentax the camera brand to bring you a week of colour themed photographs to celebrate the launch of the Pentax Q7 camera. The Q7 is a 12 megapixel camera with an interchangeable lens, if that's not enough for you - You can customise it to look just the way you like with a choice of 120 colour combinations. The camera itself is lightweight, easy to use and delivers high quality images. I was actually strolling around New York and came across this window display of them!

You can read more about the Pentax Q7 HERE.

 I can't wait to share a week of my life in colour, with the Pentax Q7 from New York City! 

Lots of Love 

A week of colour with the Pentax Q7


Hey guys sorry I haven't uploaded in a few days it's been a little hectic here in New York! Today is actually my birthday, so just before I head out the door to spend the day and evening celebrating in this awesome city I wanted to do a quick post. Today I'm bringing you another gorgeous nails inc gel effect nail polish this time in the shade 'Porchester Square'. This colour is so beautiful it's almost like a pewter, grey and on the nails it's so fabulous. Colours like this remind of icy evenings and snow - Did I already tell you that it actually snowed here in New York a couple of days ago - Crazy! 


Nails inc. - 'Porchester Square' Gel Effect Polish


Vamping it up just a little in this new tutorial, I figured with these gloomy, dark days and super cold weather this look would be appropriate - I know it's heavy, smokey eyes and dark lips which a lot of people would shy away from but you know me - Sometimes I like to go all out! It's ridiculously cold here in New York it was actually ZERO degrees Celsius yesterday and even snowed in the morning - How crazy! I really enjoyed creating this look and most of all I loved wearing it. For all product listings be sure to open in YouTube, if any of you try this look out I'd love to see pics or a video response. 

Hope you're all well and wrapping up warm! 

Lots of Love

Vampy, Autumn Make Up Tutorial Video


I don't ALWAYS get around to blogging about some of my make up favourites so when I decided to quite literally shop my stash I always surprise myself with some of the little wonders I find. The Creamy Glow by Kevyn Aucoin are the perfect examples of this, they are cream based product that can be used on the cheek and lips. They are so easy and effortless to wear, I usually use them on days where I'm popping on a bit of Tinted Moisturiser and running out the door. 


Kevyn Aucoin - The Creamy Glow 'Liquifuschia' & 'Patrice'


The end of the year is near, especially here in New York - You can definitely feel the festive cheer in the air! I still can't believe how quickly this year has gone. Today I wanted to upload my October favourites on my blog for those of you who may have missed it. I really enjoyed using products in October, I feel that some months I just include products that I have frequently used but may not necessarily have LOVED them but this month I did. I think October is the first month where you really feel the transition into Autumn/Winter, days get darker and the weather is definitely colder. 

Be sure to open this video in YouTube for full product listings. 

Wrap up warm my fellow fruits! 

Lots of Love

October Favourites Video


Hey guys it's that time of the week again, I apologise that it's coming to you a little late this week. I am currently writing this from New York, because of the time difference it means that  you may not be reading this till Monday morning - In that case I hope you've all had a great weekend! When it comes to Everyday Essentials I really wanted these posts to be about the products that I'm currently enjoying and frequently incorporate in to my beauty routine. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is one of those products that I have been using on and off for years and it was about time it deserved some blog loving. The Elasticizer was initially created for Audrey Hepburn and now, today is HERO hair product for many beauty lovers.

Everyday Essentials #3 - Philip Kingsley


I was super excited to receive the new nails inc. gel effect nail polishes in the post and Bond Street' was a colour that had me at Hello! It's such a gorgeous, vivid purple polish and I thought this post would fit in perfectly in conjunction with my 'Best of Berry' posts this week. Purple is such a fabulous shade for Autumn/Winter it allows you to inject a little colour in your life without being overly bright, too bold and off season.


Nails inc. - 'Bond Street' Gel Effect Polish


Rimmel have recently relaunched their Moisture Renew Lipsticks and I must say everything about these lipsticks is to die for! First thing I must mention is how how extremely conditioning these are on the lips - Rich in Vitamin A,C,E  they are hydrating, moisturising and of course so comforting to wear. They come in an array of colours but today I chose to share this absolute beauty 'Dark Night Water - Oops' as the last in my 'Best of Berry' instalments for the week.


Best of Berry - Day 5 Rimmel 'Dark Night WaterL - Oops'

Hey guys if any of you are in the NEW YORK area this weekend, I am doing a little meet up. Well basically I'm going to be sat in Starbucks with a large coffee, my laptop and I'm hoping some of you will pass by and say HI. 

Location : Starbucks, 41 Union Square W, New York, NY. 
Date : Saturday 9th November 
Time : 2-4pm 

Would love to meet you guys so if you're about come by :) 

Lots of Love



Illamasqua Shard is one of the latest additions to my berry lip collection and I already adore it so much. Like most Illamasqua products what you see is what you get, the colours are true to life and that's one thing I've always loved about the brand. Shard is a gorgeous, intense, purple lipstick. It's matte in texture and really long wearing on the lips - How can you not love that?


Best of Berry - Day 4 Illamasqua 'Shard'


Hello my loves how are we all doing? I'm bringing you this post from a Starbucks somewhere in New York CIty and it's another one of my Best of Berry posts. Today's lip colour is a little more red toned than the other lip products of the week but the reason I wanted to include this one is because the Lip Mix's from MAC are so underrated. They are essentially a lip creme which are super pigmented, smooth and hydrating on the lips - they dry to a beautiful velvet matte finish. This colour is so amazing for Autumn! 


Best of Berry - Day 3 MAC Lipmix 'Crimson'


Not for the faint hearted Volga is one of those lipsticks that was made to stand out. It's a rich, deep and daring shade - It's a colour that I love because it instantly changes your look. Believe it or not it took a lot for me to wear shades like this, at times I'm still a little iffy because it's so obvious! I recently wore this in my October favourites video and instead of teaming this lip with an understated eye I decided to go all out and rock it with a sultry, smokey eye (Tutorial coming soon!)

Best of Berry - Day 2 NARS Pure Matte Lipstick 'Volga'


Happy Monday my loves, hope everyone is getting geared for a great week! By the time this post goes live I'll be somewhere in the sky, most likely over the Atlantic - I'm heading to New York again and can't wait. This week I wanted to bring you five days of some of my favourite berry lip products. I really enjoyed the seven days of MAC red so I decided to do it again - This time with the must have shade of the season and a selection of my favourite brands. Today I wanted to kick things off with MAC's Rebel lipstick. 


Best of Berry - Day 1 MAC 'Rebel'


Hey guys back again with my Everyday Essentials, it's been a long week and I feel like I haven't stopped - Even more so because I'm off to New York tomorrow and I've been running around all day! Anyways this week I thought I would share my nail care secrets. I get so many questions about my nail upkeep and because I paint them so frequently keeping them strong and healthy is essential - HA! Get it!? ;) These two products I have been using lately are both from OPI and I have featured Nail Envy before but it really deserved a revisit on MouldyFruit.

Everyday Essentials #2 - OPI


Today I'm delighted to bring to you another gorgeous nail polish from the Illamasqua #Creators collection and this was created by ANOTHER one of my gorgeous girl friends Suzi.


Perseid is a stunning, sparkly, intense navy nail polish - it really reminds me of space, stars and the galaxy. I adore the shimmer in this nail polish and the larger pieces of hexagonal glitter. It looks incredible when it catches the light as it reflects so many beautiful colours, it's like a rainbow of stars!

Illamasqua - Perseid


Let's face it the change in season always calls for an update - from make up bag to wardrobe, it's definitely the fun part of getting ready for A/W. When it comes to clothes, for me it's simple - it's all about layering, mixing textures (there's always a bit of faux fur involved) and attempting to keep warm. OH and for me my wardrobe is pretty much all black!  am one of those people that loves simplicity when it comes to clothes, I prefer basic items that I can team with statement accessories. If you want to check out what I've been eyeing and buying from the high street then check out my 'Fall Haul!' it's a lot of black - But I wouldn't have it any other way ;) 

Be sure to open in YouTube for full info! 
Lots of Love 

A Fall Haul Video


It's been ages since I've done a giveaway, I keep meaning to do one and then never get round to it - apologies! After my week of MAC red lipsticks I wanted to give away one of my favourite shades 'Russian Red'. It's such a fabulous colour for A/W and one of those gorgeous lipsticks that looks great on everyone. 

If you want to win this lipstick all you have to do is.. 

- Leave me a comment telling me what your favourite red lipstick is?
- Please enter with your name & email address


Good luck and Lots of Love 

GIVEAWAY - MAC Russian Red Lipstick (NOW CLOSED)

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