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Hey dolls..I am writing this as I'm sat in duty free..I ended up getting to the airport and checking in a lot quicker than I thought! I am now awaiting my flight..I really have been so busy I haven't had the time to think about going away..but now that I'm here OMG!!! For those that don't know I am flying to Orlando in approximately 1 hour..I am going to see one of my best friends who has lived there for 6 years now. I've been to see her a few times but this time is different.. I'm so excited!! I arrive in Orlando in the evening.. Am going to get to hers unpack and then repack whilst watching the new ep of gossip girl which aired in the states 2days ago I think! I am repacking because Thursday morning me, her and two of her friends are driving down to Miami..yes ROADTRIP! we will be staying in Miami for about 5days..think we have a boat trip already planned for tomorrow and YES visiting DASH is a priority haha! I really will miss blogging for the next few weeks as I think I've been pretty consistent lately HOWEVER the plus side is that when I do get back on the blog I am sure I will have lots to share with you all! I will occasionally be tweeting and catching up on my blog reading when I get the chance, just hope you don't all forget about

Anyways enough rambling because my tummys to pret for a croissant!

Keep well guys..speak to you soon!
Lots of love
Zara xxx

// Farewell you fabulous lot!

Hey dolls..I am writing this as I'm sat in duty free..I ended up getting to the airport and checking in a lot quicker than I thought! I ...


Hi lovelies.. sorry its another nail post but I was so curious to try out my new Illamasqua nail polish. I have to say it is as amazing as it looks in the bottle as it is on the nails.. It's almost hypnotizing especially when it hits the light. I think this is the perfect colour for fall and I'm really beginning to like metallic nails. I was going to keep this on my nails but decided to go with a lighter colour for the sunshine of Florida!


What do you dolls think of it?


// Illamasqua - Viridian


I would firstly like to thank everyone who entered my giveaway.. I had so much fun reading through your comments.. It seems as if overall, everyone had a great summer.. a lot of you were getting engaged/married.. moving in with bfs.. travelling.. having babies.. and wow some of your highlights of your summer really made me smile.

I thought before I announced the winner.. (which was randomly selected on I'd share a few of my favourite memories from the summer..

My summer started as soon as I saw sunshine! LOL..

* Going to Cairo (For my sixth time!)


* Going to Dubai and staying at the Atlantis and getting upgraded to a beautiful suite..


* Going to Paris


* Meeting up with lost friends

* Getting close to new ones :)

* Shisha in the evenings

It was a good summer.. :)

SO now for the winner..

Jane @ Modesty Brown congratulations lovely, if you could email me your lipstick choice and your address that would be great! You probably won't receive it till I'm back at the end of the month.. sorry!!

Thanks again guys lots of love


// Blog Birthday - Giveaway winner announced!

NO.. Tali made me do it!


This is one of the colours my girl Tali gave me.. I love it, I always tend to go for an orangey/red nail polish or a redish/orange nail polish.. either way red and orange always meet. This is definitely the case with this colour. It is so bright and bold and I think its fab for my holiday. I think red nails are just so classic, sexy and timeless.. I think they look great on every complexion - You gotta love red nails!


Please tell me I'm not the only one with the OPI iPhone app, I think it's super fun scrolling through the colours, I've even made myself a little favourites folder on the app.. SAD I know!



What do you ladies think of this? What are you favourite kind of reds? Do any of you have the OPI app? What are your current nail colours?



// OPI - Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It


This week I have two products that I have been LOVING. The main reason is because these are products that I have rediscovered as both of these were purchased a while ago. I also figured I'd put two favourites up this week as I'm going to be away for a bit..and would like to make up for that!

MAC Quite natural paintpot


I have no idea why it's called quite natural!? It's quite a deep's dark on me and I am brown! I had put this up in my last make up blog sale and I honestly have no idea why I hadn't used it very much. As you all are fully aware I love and live for a smokey eye, whatever colour - I just love the drama of it. In the most part of my week I tend to wear rich, chocolate browns and this is an amazing base. I haven't used paintpots in ages as my Painterly paint pot dried up. I forgot how they really help intensify and prolong the wear of your e/s. I am really glad I decided to try it out as I've used it as my smokey base everyday in the last week.

Shu Uemura A/o cleansing oil


Now I used to swear by this cleansing oil, till I discovered Eve Lom. I am still very much an Eve Lom lady and you can read my posts on why Here and Here. However the Eve Lom cleanser can be a little more effort and on days when I'm feeling lazy..(which is pretty much all the time lately) this is the quickest, hassle free way of cleansing. It's literally PUMP, RUB IN, WASH OFF. It takes off everything, don't get me wrong if you are wearing heaps of mascara then you need to gently massage it in to the lashes. It really does the job and the anti oxidants in it is an added advanatage to protecting and maintaining youthful skin. I have really loved using this, this week..I have to admit my skin doesn't feel AS clean as it does when I cleanse with Eve Lom, but the Shu Uemura definetley does the job when I can't be bothered to.

There you have it dolls.. Two of my favourites.. Until the next Monday we meet..

Lots of Love




Today is my blog's one year birthday..

Wow.. I can't believe it's been a year! So much has happened in the last year, in life and in the blog - I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all. Thank you for reading, thank you for following and most importantly thank you for the support. I would never have thought a year later, I'd have so many people interested in what I ramble on about!

I really appreciate all my readers and all the feedback I receive. For this reason am doing a mini give away just to say thank you as I'm really bad at giving back to you guys. [Sorry!]

All you have to do is comment below saying 'Enter Me' and ALSO telling me what the highlight of your summer has been! [You HAVE to do both parts, otherwise your comment will be deleted and not included!]

You must also be a follower and the prize will be a MAC lipstick of your choice, whatever you prefer. It may be a few weeks till the winner recieves their prize as I'm travelling on Wednesday and have no idea if I will be able to make it down to MAC beforehand.. I will try, but won't be back till the end of the month!

I am looking forward to hearing your comments..

OOPS.. I forgot to add.. the giveaway finishes on Tuesday 14th at 7pm (GMT) Sorry it's short.. but I'm travelling the following morning!


Lots of Love.. and THANK YOU..



// Happy Birthday MouldyFruit!



Yesterday I was fortunate to be invited to Illamasqua's blogger event. It was a great afternoon, the new flagship store is amazing and the Autumn/Winter 'Art of Darkness' collection is absolutely mesmerising, it is described as..

"A place in which the lines between the real and mythical, the past and the future, the living and the dead are never clear. A twisted world where anything can happen."

The visuals for this collection are stunning. Here's a few of my favourite!





I got to meet lots of fabulous people including the gorgeous and mega talented Alex Box herself. She is such an inspiration and so passionate about her art it honestly excites you. The products in the collection are gorgeous the colours, the textures, the payoff.. I was seriously blown away. One thing that Alex mentioned in the presentation is that all the products in this collection can be layered and and they work beautifully together.

Alex working her magic



Alex's creation


Me and Alex

The new collection



I also really like the packaging of this collection, so dark and mysterious.


My gorgeous glossy playing with the pigments


Swatches of the liquid metals, modelled beautifully on Tali's arm.


[L-R.. Resolute, Superior, Stoic]

At the end of the day we were given a goody bag which was very kind of Illamasqua with two of the products from the new collection. I was given 'Viridian' the deep metallic green nail polish. It is so intense and has a gorgeous blue shimmer shot through it. I can't wait to try it as metallic nails have me very curious this fall.



I was also given the liquid metal in 'Resolute' a rich rust/burgundy colour. I saw Alex using this on the models lips and it looked amazing, I never thought of using the liquid metal on the lips, it looked as if it glided on so well.. so I will be trying that for sure.


The other product that I loved which I can't wait to get my hands on is the Pure pigment in 'Ore' it is almost like fairy dust, its so sparkly yet such a rich golden bronze.

I had such a fantastic day and after the event ended up at the pub with lots of fellow bloggers/vloggers. It was such a nice end to the day, getting to meet people in real life, especially the lovely Pixiwoo girls Sam and Nic who had us all in stitches with their stories.. still laughing thinking about it! Just wanted to say thank you to Illamasqua for a real treat. I came home and was so amazed by it all, I made myself a cuppa and looked through my Alex Box Rankin book.. I really want to be more creative in make up and I really will be taking a closer look at some of the classes Illamasqua will be holding at their make up academy.

What do you think of the new collection? What products do you enjoy from Illamsqua? Do you own any of the line?

Lots of Love..


// Illamasqua - 'Art of Darkness'

To say I'm in LOVE is an understatement..



I was so excited for Chanel's launch of the 'Les Khakis' collection and at first I wanted all 3 colours. Then I calmed down. The collection as I'm sure most of you have seen consists of 3 colours. Khaki Brun, Khaki Rose and Khaki Vert. I have to admit the Brun and the Rose are just too similar to the nude/taupe colours that everyone has been crazy about since the launch of Chanel's Particuliere and I own too many similar ones.


Khaki Vert is just on another level, I usually dislike green on the nails.. This, however is gorgeous. I applied two coats and I can't explain how much I love it. This collection was released yesterday exclusively to Selfridges, so bright and early I made a phone call and got the ladies at Chanel to hold one for me. It really is just the perfect khaki green. I have put a base coat on, two coats of the khaki and a top coat because I want it to last FOREVER! At £19 it's not cheap, actually one of the more expensive of Chanel's nail polishes BUT in my eyes.. TOTALLY worth it!


This is a great addition to my autumn/winter collection as I'm pretty sure my wardrobe will revolve around.. Nudes, Camels and Khakis.


I wonder what the dupes will be like!? Does any of the Chanel Khaki collection tempt you? LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! [Sort of puts the NARS to shame.. oops!]


// Chanel - Khaki Vert [I'm in LOVE]



This week at work we received the new collection of NARS nail polishes, the colours are intense, gorgeous and super metallic. I am not usually too keen on shimmery/two toned nail polishes but somehow Chanel's Paradoxal changed that.


Today whilst at work I painted my nails this Metallic khaki colour, this is probably my favourite from the collection. 'Mash' comes out exactly how you see it in the bottle (Unlike Paradoxal!!), unfortunately these pictures aren't too great as I took them on my iPhone4. I did find that with all of the colours they needed two coats.



I took this picture when I go home and I have to say after just a few hours this nail polish chipped. I know it's probably my own fault for not applying a top coat but hey! Still not overly impressed with that. I loved this colour at first but now I'm not too sure. The picture above is taken with my Nikon and is probably a more realistic portarayal. The pictures on my iPhone were taken without flash and the lighting at work wasn't too great! I do like it, I guess I'm just not used to metallic nails on myself! Although I LOVE the KHAKI!

Eye Eye


I still feel as if my camera hates me.. I haven't had much time to spend any quality time with Mr.Nikon, so have no idea what I'm doing. I pretty much hate how I look in almost every picture. I have to say though the colours/finishes of my make up are so much more apparent and true to life with this camera..which I think is fantastic, especially when it comes to swatches and reviews. I will really have to get playing over the weekend so I can be as prepared as possible for my travels!


In case people were wondering..


MAC Studio sculpt NC45

MAC Studio sculpt concealer NC42

MAC Prep and Prime translucent powder

NARS 'Lovejoy' blush


MAC Paint pot in 'Quite Natural'

MAC 'Satin Taupe' e/s all over the lid

MAC '100 strokes' e/s in the crease [LE]

Shu Uemura Painting liner in Black

Maxfactor flase lash effect mascara


MAC Warm me up lipstick [LE]

MAC Soar lip liner

The highlight of my day has to be, reuniting with Freddo! Who used to eat these when they were younger? I never knew these still existed.. I picked him up in Sainsburys for 17p I'm sure he used to be 10p! TUT TUT..


What do you ladies think of this NARS Mash polish? Do you like metallic looking nail polishes? What's your favourite chocolate.. I have eaten so much chocolate today.. it's awful!!


// NARS - 'Mash'

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