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Saturday, 9 June 2012

(112) YOGI - Hello New Hairdryer


I was contacted a while back by Yogi hair to see if I wanted to review a hairdryer, my instant reply YES! I have a bit of a bad relationship with hair appliances and my last hairdryer went up in flames - No lie! It seriously just started spazzing out and caught alight EEEK.

My initial hairdryer was a Parlux Professional and I loved it but I don't think I'd pay all that money for it to go up in smoke again. So I was delighted to try the Yogi hairdryer, when it arrived and I opened it my first thoughts were OMG it's PINK! (Win!)

I love the soft touch design it makes it pleasant to hold and I have to say it's pretty lightweight which is something I am always looking for. It also dries my hair really quickly which is fab, I feel like I have good control when it comes to this hairdryer and it makes blow drying a lot easier. My hairdresser has always advised me that blowdrying is better for the hair than straightening so I'm trying to master the art.


The Yogi hair dryer is 1800W and has two speeds and three temperature controls. It comes with two nozzles ideal for blowdrying and a diffuser. I am so glad this comes with a diffuser as my hair is naturally curly and sometimes I like to diffuse it dry. 


The Yogi hairdryer is available to buy HERE, they also do some fab hair wands. 

How pretty and PINK is this hairdryer? Do any of you guys blow-dry your hair? I need to get better at it, I love the look of hair when its blow-dried. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has a bad relationship with hair appliances I have probably been through around 10 pairs of straighteners. EEK.

Lots of Love