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Thursday, 17 February 2011

[018] Duty Free Purchases

Hey lovelies I am back from my holiday, I had a fab time in sunny Sharm El Sheik. It was my second time visiting and this time was even more relaxed and chilled out. Me and my friend had such an amazing time filled with lots of laughs. I thought I'd do a quick post on some of the bits I picked up in duty free.


I was wandering in the book section of wh smiths and saw these models own nail polishes on the counter reduces from £5 to an amazing £1!!! I was super excited and grabbed these 3, I thought these were perfect holiday colours. I love models own nail polishes and funnily enough my friend had recently recommended fuzzy peach and antique jade so I was glad that I managed to get these two for a fraction of the usual price.



No duty free purchase is complete without a fragrance! I took to twitter for some advice thank you to all of you who tweeted me back. If I'm honest the scent I most wanted was Paco Rabanne 'One Million' but the mens one! I just think it smells incredible a few of my guy friends wear it and it is super sexy. I would have bought it and wore it but I wish it just didn't smell too manly if you catch my drift. So after much spraying and smelling I settled for 'One Million' the woman version. I do really like it and have wanted it for a while and considering how much I wanted the mens one I thought id have to have the lady one in my collection. Obviously this scent is much sweeter but just as sexy, I am suprised as to how long it lasts on the skin! I sprayed it about two hours before my flight and then when I arrived in Egypt 5hours later I could still smell it, I think it actually smells nicer as the fragrance develops.I also love the packaging of this perfume it's just so glam you know I love a bit of tacky bling and this is defo what this is!


The last purchase was these gorgeous sunnies. I spent about an hour trying on sunglasses with my friend and these were defo my favourite. I love D&G aviators because the shape suits me so much more than any other brand. I also love the tortoise shell detail, I think it compliments my skin tone more than black frames, if that makes any sense? I think these are classy and will be great for spring/summer.. I just hope it hurrys up here in London.

How has your week been? Lots of Love