Self-isolation and Self-care

This post is quite different to the last time I spoke to you, it was the beginning of the year and I was feeling somewhat hopeful. It’s sad to be writing this at such an uneasy time, with that being said I’m still trying to keep this period of uncertainty as positive as possible. 

Before we talk about the elephant in the room, I mean it's in every room (Self-isolation). I wanted to talk about this GORGEOUS top that I'm wearing above, it's from FemmeLuxe and I threw it on in atempt to make myself feel a little better - Yes it totally worked. It's relatively structured but then has this gorgeous sheer oversized sleeve - which lowkey gives me Princess Jasmine vibes, I honestly can't wait to wear this out. I got a size 8 and the strap on the sheer shoulder is adjustable which is great, check it out HERE it's currently 50% off. 

OK back to life in quarantine.. 

At times I’d say I live quite a low key, somewhat self-isolated life - I think my experiences especially over the last few years have shaped me into a self sufficient individual who is trying to develop the best relationship with herself. I have tried to understand my mind, my heart and my mental health to the best of my ability. I have practiced self love and self care consistently over the last two years that during this rocky unknown period, I feel somewhat prepared. Don’t get me wrong I am not finding this at all easy, it’s hard to be separated from loved ones and not knowing when life will resume is challenging however I’m trying to do the best with my time. 

I try to have routine in my day and I’ve noticed the little things like getting dressed and putting make up on can turn a bad day into a good one. 

I wanted to share some of these pictures because let’s face it, this time is rather monumental and will be remembered in history. 

This is another Femme Luxe fave - I mean who doesn't love a comfy casual outfit you can wear around the house. I don't know about you lot but wearing camo reminds me of teenage years, they're just so nostalgic for me. I like that these are quite high waisted and slimmer than most of my usual man repelling bottoms. I teamed it with a cropped black sweatshirt which is so perfect to wear with all my high waisted bottoms. Not going to lie half way through the day I'll switch the bottoms for PJs! 

I also wanted to share some of the other little parts of my day that I’m stopping to acknowledge like

• The sunshine and the clear blue skies (also being fortunate to sit in a garden)
• The taste of coffee without rushing out the door
• Cooking and fuelling my body with healthy, enjoyable food
• Exercising, taking time to improve my form and strength
• Interacting with friends and family (I’ve never been so active on WhatsApp!)
• Reading, slowing down and actually getting round to books that have been collecting dust
• Fully enjoying a leisurely, lengthy skin care regime and feel heaps better for it!

Most importantly I’ve been making a conscious effort to practice gratitude. 

Hope the little things that are helping me may give you some perspective at this uneasy time. 

Before I end this post I wanted to share the last outfit from my Femme Luxe haul and it's this navy shirt dress, firstly I don't think I EVER wear navy - it's just not my kind of colour. This however, I LOVE it's a deeper, darker almost inky navy and the fit of this insane. Its designed to emphasise the waist and boy it does. The material has a slight stretch to it and honestly it fits like a glove. Check it out HERE - I'm so tempted by it in other colours now. I must say Femme Luxe do shirts really well, I have a white waist tied one and I adore that too. 

Why not treat yourself to a little Femme Luxe self isolation, self care package - I need loungewear, if we are going to be indoors for the foreseeable future might as well try make it cute!

I hope you and your families are all keeping well, healthy and positive.. 

Sending you all love at this time 

This post was sponsored by Femme Luxe as part of my ongoing relationship with the brand. 

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