Saying goodbye to summer..

I can’t believe autumn is upon us, forget autumn.. I fully wore a teddy bear coat the other day - it's winter! 

I’m not prepared - I still feel like I’m holding onto the sunshine of Seville and the idyllic views of Ibiza. Before I fill you in on my last trip I need to begin this post with something else. 

MouldyFruit turned 10 last month.. a whole decade?! Like what?! Insane I know! While this website is no longer a place I update daily like I once did it’s still my little corner of the internet. The reality is some of you have been with me from the get go. I miss writing but the reality is how many people still read? We have become so consumed with fast paced, instant information that as a result we spend less time really slowing down and taking in information. Don’t get me wrong I’m the same but as a ‘blogger’ (Eww I hate that term) it becomes highly frustrating spending your time perfecting a piece of content for it to be skim read or not even read at all. Even though I love putting together pictures that are aestehically pleasing and I enjoy the editing process, it’s sometime the depths of my words I wish people would invest in, like they once used to. Regardless this blog has given me so many incredible opportunites over the last 10 years - I have made incredible friends, met amazing industry experts and I’ve experienced things I would never have dreamed of. I would like to take this opportunity to thank anyone who has read this blog or supported me in any way over the last decade, it honestly means the world to me. 

Talking of the world - I’m still trying to hatch a plan as to how I can live on a beach, in the sunshine FOREVER. I honestly had the best end to Summer 19 with some seriously amazing friends in Spain. First up was Seville, it’s my second time visiting and I must say it is by far my favourite city in Spain. I wanted to share some outfits I wore whilst away. 

I love this co-ord it's so easy to dress up and to wear dressed down with sliders or sandals. These outfits are from Femmeluxe Finery. It comes in a few different colours but you know me, I'll take black any time of the year. The top is cropped with a drawstring which you can pull in at the waist, which I adore - I will totally be wearing the top with high waisted jeans this winter. It has such a flattering neck line, I really loved it on.

We stayed at Sol House in Ibiza, I say we like you know who I'm talking about haha. If you follow me on IG you will know I was in Ibiza with my good friend Chloe aka @chloehollywood - Shout out to her for being my daily photographer haha. Here's another outfit I wore.. 

I love denim shorts and these are some extreme ripped denim shorts, I would never really wear these out in London but for holiday they're perfect. The shorts are a lot longer in the back and cut quite high at the front. I teamed it with this one shoulder bodysuit which is such a staple. I was so obsessed with one shoulder anything as a young twenty-year old and here I am 10 years later still (attempting) to rock it.  

Seems I had a thing for co-ords this trip - Just so easy to throw on and require minimal thinking. This is the ultimate beach/pool co-ords. The material is so lightweight it's perfect to wear in the heat. I threw this over my bikini to go to the pool and ended up staying in it all day. 

Looking at these pictures honestly makes me feel like this trip was forever ago. I have to admit I'm maybe just a little bit looking forward to teddy coats and boots weather.. I didn't think I was but the other day I felt so cosy and it was honestly nice to wear layers and cosy jumpers. 

How have you guys been what have you been up to? What have you been watching. OMG if any of you watch Suits please tell me what you made of the final episode - I cried. No exaggeration. I've also watched loads of things on Netflix - Unbreakable, Top Boy, Designated Survivor - Wow I really have no life. 

Hope you guys are all well, sending lots of love to you, please come say hi on Instagram where you can find me most of the time. 

Lots of Love 

Shout out to Femmeluxe Finery for having me covered this trip and thank you for sponsoring this post. 

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