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Hope you guys have been enjoying the Summer so far, I always love this time of year - Everyone's so much more relaxed and the vibe is much more positive. I've had a few mini breaks this Summer - Istanbul, South of France and Berlin. I love escaping London even if it's only for a few days - I might try and squeeze in a few more. Have you lot been away? If so, where have you visited? I have been talking about it for years but I really want to share more on travel and all the hidden gems I discover along the way. 

Let's talk clothing, I recently picked up some pieces from Femme Luxe (All pictured). You guys know I’m all about that smart casual life  and I love how I can dress these pieces up and down. Their clothing is affordable and of course on trend. I know fashion can be quite fast paced but I always try to pick the pieces that I know I can wear in years to come. This satin shirt dress - is such a wardrobe staple, this can easily be dressed up with heels, worn with sneakers or even in the winter with knee high boots and a jumper on top! I mean how cute and such an essential. 

I'm obsessed with mom jeans at the moment, I don't know what it is but I've stepped away from skinny and I've been rocking straight/mom jeans for months now. I like these ones because they have a good amount of stretch to them. I also like that the rips are in all the right places. They're called 'Cora' and are currently 50% off!  The frilly bodysuit 'Jaylah' is the item which is least me but oh wow I love it so much - I want it in all the other colours. I adore the sleeves and how feminine it is. 

I love a t-shirt dress and anything monochrome so you know this one is a bit of me! Check out more from Femme Luxe HERE.  

Make up wise - I've opened a new Instagram account @makeupbymouldy which is my latest space to talk about make up products I'm loving, things I'm trying & buying. So keep up with me over there. 

What have you lot been up to lately? I went to see Lion King this weekend, I don’t really know how I feel about it tbh - It was pretty incredible but nothing beats the original. I mean don’t get me wrong I still cried when Mufasa died, do you even have a heart if you don’t cry at that moment. I've also just started the latest season of Orange is the new black. What you lot currently watching? Netflix recommendations please. 

Hope you're well 
Lots of Love 

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