I'm doing GREAT!

I have been wanting to write this blogpost for about a week now. I had this sudden urge to open my laptop and let my fingers do the typing..

Sometimes in life we overwhelm ourselves with having too much on our plate and last year I felt like I couldn’t commit to this blog, who am I kidding even at the start of this year I wasn't able to. It upset me to be honest because for so long this space on the internet has been my little haven. I started 2019 feeling really positive but once the novelty of New Year wore off I found myself back on a low, battling my demons. 

BUT Hey, Hi - I’m here.. 

Here to say..I’m doing GREAT. I never thought I’d be writing a post like this but I’m really feeling really good in myself and about myself. I genuinely feel like I’m not haunted or held back by my past experiences anymore. I’m going through a self acceptance stage of life and I’m enjoying where I am currently at because for the first time in life I’m really learning to love myself for no one but myself. I have had so many messages on Instagram from people who have noticed this shift, I wish I could tell you the remedy but I honestly don’t know how it happened. I’m in a good place where I feel as if I have renewed energies andI feel really ready to move forward. 

I want to reclaim this blog, I want to write, I want to share.. anything and everything. 

I want us to be friends again, you know how I used to banter with you lot about make up. I want to do that again but I also want to keep it real and talk about things that matter to me. I started this blog when I was 21 - I am now 31, life has taught me a lot and sometimes writing about lipstick just isn’t enough for me. I’m a deep soul and I want to be able to empower and inspire you women (maybe men) to be your best, true authentic self. Let’s face it.. we are all on a lifelong journey of self love and acceptance, so let’s do it together. 

Sending you all my love 

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  1. Glad you’re in this place, it looks so good on you



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