OH WOW how I’ve missed talking about beauty..

I suppose having such a break from the blog and online in general made me realise how truly passionate I am about it. I did a mini update on my Instagram with the latest of the things I’ve been loving, yet somehow it wasn’t enough. I want to be able to blabber on and give you the real low down on some of these products. 

Let me just start by saying, for the first 5 months of the year beauty and self care was far from a priority. I was in such a bad place, getting out of bed alone was a struggle let alone brushing my hair or putting on a face of make up. I have since re-established my love for for make up and buying and trying new things is back. With that said I wanted to tell you about some products that are mainly new (ish) to me and have been making me feel good about myself again.

Let’s gooo.. 

I have definitely made the most of basking in the glorious sunshine we have been blessed with in London over the last few months, as a result I’ve caught quite the tan. When I’m tanned I don’t like no super-duper full coverage foundation and instead I opt for a dewy, fresh faced base. I rediscovered my love for the Touche Eclat Foundation by YSL which is just dreamy, it’s lightweight but can be built to a medium coverage and quite frankly looks great on the skin. If my dark circles were bad before, I have no idea what it makes them now *cries* I’m more accepting of them to be honest, I feel like each line on our face tells a story and right now while my eyes may be sunken I feel like it’s sharing the current chapter of my life. OK deep shit aside, Tarte's shape tape - Holy grail, I think so! I use this in tan, it covers, it’s creamy, it doesn’t cake and I’d be lost without it.

Usually I prefer to keep the cheeks golden but lately I’ve been reaching for the Cloud Paint in Haze by Glossier - It’s minimal fuss, it’s the right amount of colour and I really like the formula. A lot of my old school followers will know I don’t usually enjoy wearing creams or liquids on my cheeks but somehow this one’s different. Got to keep it golden and when Summer comes around I dig out this little highlight gem from Laura Gellar - Gilded Honey, it compliments warm skin so well and gives a girl the glow she needs! 

Mascara has been a tricky one for me this year, can I just say trauma affects the body in ways I had never imagined. Lashes? They’ve literally disappeared - I don’t know if it’s to do with tears I’ve cried or the fact I have had such a wack diet this year? Meh.. so yeh mascara ain’t my BFF no more. The from Urban Decay Troublemaker has been a pretty good one though, it has a plastic spiky comb like brush which gives you great seperation and length. I feel like it’s a fluttery mascara, not to thick or spidery but kind of effortlessly natural. 

MAC Whirl is still my go-to, I mean if it’s not broken don’t fix it. If I had to pick one lipstick it would probably be this. The colour is just right, I don’t know why I spend so much time trying to fight the mauve/brown lipstick addiction when to be honest they rock my world - especially this one. 

I can’t stray away from white nails, I mean ok maybe a day or two but before you know it I’m having white nail withdrawals. This one is that new fancy formula by Essie, do I like it YES, do I love it - I’m undecided. It’s a standard white polish with a hint of pink and right now it’s the one I gravitate towards. 

Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamon has been the feel good fragrance for me lately, it’s warm, it’s sweet but not overpowering. I spray this and somehow my mood is uplifted - such a nice feeling I tell you! 

I feel like I typed this post on speed, I was so eager to talk about things I'm loving, I’d forgotten how much I truly enjoy it. Ahh.. 

I hope someone, somewhere reads this. I know blogs are old news these days but hey over the last 7 months I have enjoyed reading so much that maybe people out there do still love a good read. 

Sending you all much love

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  1. Welcome back! Love your picks! You also "sound" different, much more relaxed! Hope things continue to improve for you! Keep up with the lovely posts!


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