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New Sunnies, My GO-TO Red Lip & My 3 Day Juice Detox!

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

This is the time of year I really love Dubai.. 
The temperatures are so much more manageable than the scorching Summer months, it makes the days and evenings out so much more enjoyable. You can officially leave the house without your make up melting and your hair frizzing within 30 seconds. So it was FLAG day, an official holiday here and we went on down to Kite Beach - Which FYI is my fave place to be. They currently have a flag garden up, which is made up of 3000 flags, it's pretty impressive and it's up until December so if you're in town have a walk through the isles and isles of UAE flags (Great photo backdrop for sure)

I'm currently living in and loving my new Dior sunglasses from SmartBuyGlasses They were on clearance which is a great place to find some real discounted gems. You guys know I'm utterly obsessed with sunglasses and these are no exception. 

Believe it or not? They're mens sunglasses but I adored the shape too much to care. I often shop in the men section for clothes and accessories, I mean why not!? The shape of these is gorgeous and unlike anything I own. I have cat eye and I have round, these however are somewhere in the middle and i love that. I also adore the hint of rose gold around the rim. I'm fussy when it comes to sunnies they have to sit comfortably otherwise I get awful headaches and these are perfect. I would recommend checking out SmartBuyGlasses because they have the latest designs and prices are the best I've found. In addition to that the delivery is super prompt and the customer service is spot on. Check them out HERE

I've got lots of messages on Insta about this red lip and I think most of my recent red lip pics on the gram I've been using this one. It's the HudaBeauty Liquid Lipstick in Cheerleader  I'm going to be real and say, I'm not mad about her liquid lipsticks but I do really love the colour. I find them to be too heavily scented and they don't last on my lips for as long as some others I own. 

I have finally come to the end of my Jason Vale 3 Day Juice Detox and I wanted to fill you guys in, in case any of you were considering it. Personally I'd never heard of the guy until my best friend told me about the plan. I've had a terrible cold for the last 2 weeks and because I've had zero energy to cook we've been relying heavily on ordering food. By the end of last weekend I felt crap, so I took myself to the app store and spent £4 on the app. I then went to Carrefour here in Dubai and bought a juicer and a blender NOTE these are different things HAHA! I always thought my Nutribullet was a juicer (Nope, what a mistake!) A juicer technically extracts all the goodness and gets rid of the bulk, a blender then helps to smooth the juice. 

The 3 day plan consists of herbal tea ONLY (No coffee or tea which for me was the hardest!) and day 1 & 2 is 4 juices and day 3 is 5. You're also meant to drink a hella lot of water which I also find challenging. I didn't weigh myself before and after merely because we have no scales BUT this detox was more about flushing out the toxins. I have to say despite being tired and a little moody, I feel good from within! I didn't really miss the food and rarely was I hungry but I found the 3 days to be super anti-social. I couldn't have dinner with my hubby or pop out for a coffee with him and that part is pretty lame BUT it's only 3 days. I will definitely be doing it again because I've noticed such a difference with bloating, my stomach feels flatter and now on the end of the 3rd day my skin has improved massively. If you're thinking about doing a juice detox then give it a go - It's in the app store and I found the videos on the app really motivating and super helpful. 

So there you have it, another update from me and oh so soon?! I guess I really enjoyed writing the last post so here I am again - Saying hello to any of you out there that are still reading. 

Sending you all much love, 
let's talk again soon 

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