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How to be FABULOUS when you don't feel it!


You know those days when you just aren’t in the mood but somehow making yourself look and feel fabulous can change everything.. 
I don’t know about you guys, but when I feel like my best self, everything else seems to just fall into place. I’ve struggled a lot with self confidence and it’s made me realise one thing. If you don’t feel good within yourself this can impact everything. I want to talk about things that help me feel fabulous, especially on those days when I’m not feeling my greatest.  

It’s true what they say about good hair days they can literally change everything. For me it comes first and foremost when it comes to physically making myself feel better. I mean, let’s think about it - You could have a face full of fabulous make up but if your hair’s not cooperating it’s almost pointless. I’ve rocked a bob for years now and I love my hair shoulder length, it’s easy to style and I think it gives me a few ‘cool’ points because let’s face it I’m for from that. I recently went back to black - I know I’m such a nightmare when it comes to hair, I put it under so much strain with colour changes and constant heat styling that hair care is key. If you guys didn’t know by now I’m honoured to be an ambassador for Herbal Essences and their new bio renew range of shampoos and conditioners, not only is the message behind the campaign (#LetLifeIn) great but the products themselves are pretty amazing. I adore the Hydrate Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner, on a daily basis my hair is relatively dry, these two have helped keep my hair hydrated and feeling soft. Most recently I’ve switched things up to the Argan Oil of Morocco duo, this is a super rich shampoo and conditioner but has really helped to repair damage and restore the goodness back into my hair since my recent colour change. What I love about the whole bio renew range is that the products are packed with antioxidants, I’m sure many of you are aware how this benefits in skin care and it works the same with hair care. Antioxidants protect you against day to day damages, pollution and free radicals. Another great thing about the bio renew range is that all of the shampoos and conditioners are colour safe so you still get maximum protection for your colour while also tending to your specific hair care requirements. 

Make up is always a bit of fun, it enhances your natural beauty and is also something that can really brighten your mood. When I’m having a bad day I love to sit at my make up table and have a play with new products. I take time to fully enjoy my products and work on my application skills. I may try a new lip colour, or a new eyeshadow to switch things up a little. Once my hair and make up is on point, I’m ready to work on feeling fabulous from within

While I’ve discussed the superficial things that can make you feel great it’s also important to look beyond physical beauty and start from within. If there are certain things you enjoy doing, whether it’s as simple as reading a book, seeing a friend or going for a walk; ensure you make time for the things you love, especially on the days when you’re struggling. Personally when I’m not feeling 100% I like to get out and about and grab brunch with friends. I mean why waste a good hair day? 

Check out the Herbal Essences bio renew range HERE

Here are some of the beauty products I’m loving right now.

And lastly that EPIC brunch was at a cafe called Pantry in Dubai, if you’re ever in town it’s worth a visit. 

Lots of Love  

This post is sponsored as part of my ambassadorship with Herbal Essences 

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  1. I've been humming and aching over this range...don't know why really. I agree good hair makes such a difference x


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