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Letting LIFE in!

London, UK

We all have our individual struggles in life and my personal, long term challenge has been the relationship I have with myself. I'm so self-critical and at times it can consume me and cloud my perspective, taking away from all the positive things in my life. I've touched on this in the past and it's an issue I've consistently worked on over the last few years. 

When Herbal Essences asked me to be an ambassador for their new bio:renew range I was not only incredibly honoured to have the opportunity of working with a brand I love and have known since I was young but I was even more excited to spread the message behind the campaign - ‘Let Life In’. It's something I hold close to my heart and something I want to share with my readers, old and new - I want you all to embrace life and be the best versions of yourself. I say this not only to you all but to my younger self who at times didn't quite feel adequate enough to fully embrace many moments of life. I am now nearing 30 and have enough experience and understanding to really work through whatever life throws at me and I want to be able to share this with whomever I can. I now try my best to approach life with a positive mindset and I wanted to share 3 key things that have helped me move forward to a better place, a positive place and whenever I'm feeling a little low these are the things that get me through. 


I know I’m not the only one who spends a little too long scrolling through the explore page of Instagram and while social media can be positive it also has it's negative side. Personally, I can get too wrapped up watching others live life that in actual fact I stop myself from doing just that - living life. I urge you all to step away from your phone, no seriously. Put it down. Go out, make memories, live in the moment and let life take you to anywhere and everywhere. Adventure doesn’t have to be travelling to exciting destinations (although who wouldn’t love a little bit of that!) everyday can be an adventure if you allow it to be. Make plans, spend time with people whose company you enjoy and even spend a little time alone - trust me it works wonders for your soul. Visit that exhibition you’ve been meaning to, go and have a coffee in the new place round the corner, talk to a stranger and let the little moments that shape your day be part of your daily adventures. We all have the capability to live an exciting life and at times I know other issues may stand in the way (money being a major one) but what I’m trying to say is there is so much of the world that is free and so much of that can be part of an adventure you just have to chose to let life in. When I was at my lowest and struggled to leave the house, incorporating these little things into life made me experience real gratitude for the things we often take for granted. 


I mean if you don’t look after yourself who’s going to? Self care is such a crucial step to generally feeling good. We live in such a fast paced world that taking time out to stop has become a rarity. If I’m having a bad day nothing cheers me up more than putting on a bit of red lipstick it gives me the confidence to tackle whatever the day throws at me. A good hair day always puts a smile on my face and lately I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my hair thanks to the Herbal Essences bio:renew Hydrate Coconut Milk range. It really smells like coconut so gives me that holiday, feel good feeling and has definitely helped restore the shine and moisture back into my hair. Let’s not forget the unwind element of self care - run a bath, listen to some music, put a face mask on and really stop and relax. Not only has this helped with my insomnia, it helps to calm my often over active mind. I always find the following day after an evening of unwinding is a more positive and productive one. 


The last thing I found has helped me over the years is learning to challenge myself. I am generally a creative person and I never made time to practice the things that I actually enjoyed. When I was in a bad place a few years back I took up a pottery class, it was completely new to me but so much fun. It took my mind off distracting thoughts and gave me a focus. I had forgotten how enjoyable it can be to learn new things. I now have a ceramic penguin with a bent nose who lives in my front room to show for it. Again it could be as simple as learning a new recipe - by the way for years I hated cooking, now I’m pleased to report the kitchen is my new favourite place. I even bought a book to fill with all my recipes. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you set your mind to it and more importantly it’s incredible how much fulfilment these little things can bring you.
What I want you all to take from this blog post is that YOU have the capability of letting life in. I hope someone, somewhere takes something from this and I hope it can help positively impact your day, week, month, year or even life as a whole. I’m no expert but I’m trying, I’ve also been through some seriously tough times but I’m here telling you that you can live an amazing life, you just have to practice gratitude for what you have and find positives in even the smallest of things. 

Now put your phone down, close your laptop and get out there..

Let life in! 

Lots of Love 

This post is sponsored as part of my ongoing partnership with Herbal Essences.  

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