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Lighter Locks by Kennaland London


It's that time of year again where I have the urge to go lighter.. so I did!

If you've been following me for a while you will know how much I love my jet black hair - the darker the better! For years I've continuously thrown in a black box dye every few months to keep my hair looking as black and as bold as possible. This naturally makes me a hairdressers worst nightmare especially when I suddenly decide I want soft, lighter locks just in time for the Summer months. 

If we throwback to last year, I did just that - I went lighter but after a few months I felt my hair was damaged, dry and part of me missed my dark hair. So I went back to black - usually the moment I dye it dark again I feel like my former self - this time however, I just didn't love it as much, I missed my lighter hair and well that brings me to today's transformation. 

A soft, caramel brown balyaged bob done by the incredible Barry at Kennaland London. He used Olaplex on my hair and I can see how much this has benefit the condition. My hair feels healthy, it doesn't feel as dry and it looks good. Barry knew exactly what I want and with a few months between the first session, I finally feel like my Summer colour is coming out to play. The issue I face with my hair is that with the amount of black that's previously been on my hair it can be quite hard to lift and when it does, it can look quite brassy, although the pics might look this way (blame the sun!) the tone of my hair is really spot on to my liking. I know the colour will lighten and brighten with sun exposure and I'm quite looking forward to it. 

Also can we talk about the cut please? It is so incredibly hard to find a hairdresser who knows how to cut short hair - Trust me. It sounds simple but I've had my fair share of short hair disasters. I must give huge appreciation to Ash at Kennaland who is amazing! He knows exactly how it should be and I have to say so little, yet I leave feeling super satisfied. 

If you're looking for a hair transformation or simply a badass colour and cut I can't recommend Kennaland enough.

Check Barry for the colour and Ash for the cut, tell them Mouldy sent you. 

Click HERE for the Kennaland site or call to book on 02072541499.

What do you think of the lighter locks? 

Lots of Love 

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  1. I always have the urge to go lighter this time of the year as well! I love these subtle highlights x


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