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Worth The Hype? | Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar & Bronze


It really is worth the hype!

Charlotte Tilbury’s Fimlstar and Bronze is a product I’ve been using on a daily basis for months now. I was actually sent this product but put it aside because I didn’t think the light to medium shade would suit my complexion. Then there was the day I decided to give it a go - I have these days where I usually sit on the floor of my office surrounding myself by all new products and just play - trust me it sounds a lot more fun than it actually is. Too often it’s me trying to dig out the real gems that are worth sharing with you lot. That being said this is certainly one of them and guess what the ‘Light to Medium’ works wonders against my complexion and Ima tell you why. The bronze of the duo is an almost perfect tone to sculpt my face, because I am little warmer in complexion this appears natural but subtly apparent against my skin. It’s a soft golden tone which not only adds definition but a touch of warmth to my face and eliminates any harsh contour lines that I can sometimes get from bronzers. The highlight is BOMB! yes, it’s amazing - I didn’t think I would ever find anything to take over my love for The Balm’s Mary-Lou but you know what this is now my go-to, daily highligher -I apply this to the high points of my cheekbones, the arch of my brow, the inner coners of my eyes and of course the tip of my nose (Because I love a little nose highlight!) 

Another thing I’ve found with this powder is the way it sits so well on the skin without being too cakey, I've really gone off that super matte, doll like finish. This blends in beautifully and gives you an extremely natural finish. I’m definitely picking up the darker tone for the Summer. 

It’s a little pricey as far as products go, but y’all know I love a little luxury and if this is something you have your eye on, I’m going to be that annoying voice to tell you to get it, treat yourself.. life's too short at least you’ll be glowing like a goddess

Have any of you tried this? Charlotte Tilbury's make up line is so luxurious and always a special treat. 

Lots of Love


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