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The Summer Slacks

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

I picked them up, I put them down, I picked them up again and finally I bought them..

I stumbled across these trousers in H&M a few weeks ago, they were on the mannequin and even though part of me liked them, I figured being 5'2 they would just drown me. Firstly let's talk comfort because that's key - these are honestly like wearing PJs. Despite the fact they accentuate my waist I felt the baggy leg would emphasise my chunky thighs, which I'm so conscious of. I also figured they were quite boyish and I was so sure my other half would hate them so naturally I'd be put off wearing them. Result - he loves them! I teamed them with a fitted crop top and my beloved blocked heel booties to add a little femininity back into the look.  

I wore these the other day in Dubai and I honestly didn't want to get out of them, even though temperatures are reaching 40 something degrees these still kept me feeling cool. Thesentrousers make the perfect Summer slacks and if my Instagram likes are anything to go by then you guys loved them too. 

NOTE : I had to get mine taken up a tad because they weren't sitting where I wanted them to, thanks nan! 

What have you lot been loving wearing lately?
Lots of Love 

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