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I’m constantly questioned about my nails..
 (L-R Lily Road, Whitehall & Swan Street

Whether it’s on YouTube, Snapchat or the Gram it’s definitely a frequently asked question. I’m a lover of white nails - Yep white or any variation of white. Lately there has been one brand and 3 nail polishes that have dominated my nail choices. They are the Nails inc ‘The New White’ collection, they’re not really new, but they're new to me and I realise it’s been a while since I’ve done a nail post. To all my long time readers, you remember when I would do nail posts weekly? 

..Anyways, I’ve been wearing ‘Lily Road’ a lot recently, it’s a gorgeous lilac based white - I say lilac but the tone is ever so discreet. I love the brush of these polishes, they’re the good kind that fit your nails perfectly. Another thing I love is how chip resistant these polishes are, I’m a complete klutz and I usually chip my nails within minutes of painting them but these, thankfully are really long lasting on the nails. 

There’s also a new top coat in town, Revlon’s ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond TopCoat - I very rarely stray away from Seche Vite, I’ve kind of accepted it and all it’s flaws but I have to say this top coat comes pretty close. It’s a fabulous consistency, which can easily last for 6 days on the nails! Best of all it doesn’t do that annoying shrinkage that Seche does. It leaves your nails looking uber glossy with that ultimate salon finish. 

What have you been loving on your nails lately? This post is like a proper MouldyFruit throwback!

Lots of Love 

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  1. Whitehall is a beautiful shade! x


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