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Sunday Six | Becca


Apologies I’ve been a bit behind on uploading, I missed out on Friday Five so today I wanted to do a Sunday Six.. 

To be honest it’s was quite a struggle narrowing Becca down to five favourites anyway so six was definitely more fitting. Becca has fastly become one of my favourite make up brands, everything I try I love and today I'm sharing my ultimate must haves. 

From the minute I received this eyeshadow palette there have been very few days that I've not worn it. I don't know what it is, the shades are relatively simple but I wear them almost daily. The warm terracotta, based brown is my everyday transition eyeshadow, I wear this in my crease regardless of what colours I wear on my eyes it's just the perfect tone to blend into. The palette is beautiful and it works so well with my complexion, the eyeshadows are incredibly smooth and amazingly pigmented. I've got so much use from this palette and I know I will continue to. 

By far one of the best primers I have EVER used. Period. I can't express my love for this product, I actually had to slow down using it because I was only use this and all my other priming products missed out. From the smell, to the texture everything about this primer is incredible. It leaves the skin looking radiant, dewy and grips my foundation throughout the day. I can't recommend this enough, if you haven't tried this I urge you to. 

This colour corrector has been holy grail in my everyday make up bag for the last 3/4 months. I must admit the texture is tricky to get the hang of but once it's warmed up and patted on to the dark areas of your skin it's amazing. I use this under my eyes as it cancels out dullness and allows you to neutralise the area before applying concealer. This has really helped me feel less conscious of my panda eyes over the last few months by adding the right amount of brightness to my face. 

Sometimes I simply love a creamy pot concealer and this is one I always, always have with me. I find the consistency is perfect over the colour corrector and this product it wonderful at hiding my dark circles.  Again this is a product I find best to warm up with my fingers and then pat onto my skin for seamless application. I feel like this product is quite underrated and it needs a little more loving on the blog circuit because it works wonder

Becca has always been ahead of the game when it comes to highlighters and I have always adored them. The colours, the consistency and the application is just so spot on. For years my favourite has been rose gold, it's so stunning against warmer complexions and I love the beautiful shimmer this adds to my cheek bones. Every time I look at this I'm mesmerised, it really does give you the ultimate goddess glow

This has been my favourite full coverage foundation for the last few years, it's flawless - There are no words but flawless, it smooths out the skin so perfectly and covers everything. The consistency is more gel/cream based and can be quite thick so I almost always apply this with a beauty blender for an even, blended base. I've spoke about this on my YouTube channel on numerous occasions and even now it still remains my favourite. 

There you have it my Sunday Six! I hope you all had a great weekend, it's been a bit crazy on my end but I'm hoping this week is a little calmer. 

Lots of Love 

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